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Nintendo is looking good going into 2018 based on these numbers, and the overall performance of the Switch should quickly eclipse the lifetime sales of the Wii U, which never really struck a chord with consumers. The game lineup for the forthcoming will be a big determining factor in terms of figuring out what kind of pace is maintained with continued console sales after the initial thrill of the Switch dies down a little.

Faut arrêter à un moment donner de dire que Nintendo, c’est les meilleurs, que leurs jeux sont les meilleurs de ses dernières années etc. Je suis désolé mais chez la concurrence, il y aura eu d’excellents jeux sur cette génération avec un excellent catalogue de jeu et c’est pas fini.

It looks great, it plays superbly and thanks to the unique functionality of the Nintendo Switch, not only can it be enjoyed at home or on the go, but also has multiplayer built into the console with the Joy-con.

The development of the Switch continued Nintendo’s blue ocean approach for the competitive console marketplace. Rather than trying to compete feature-for-feature with Microsoft or Sony’s offerings, Fils-Aimé said that Nintendo’s goal for the Switch was “creating products and experiences that are unique and really can’t be copied by our competition”.[20] Takahashi said that for Nintendo, “we feel like we’re an entertainment company rather than necessarily a games or a graphics company”, and described the Switch as “a system that really has the best balance of being able to create fun and new ways to play, but doing so with the graphic quality that’s still good enough while also being one that’s easy to develop for.”[14] Miyamoto said that some broad concepts of the Switch extend from the “lateral thinking with seasoned technology” design philosophy of Gunpei Yokoi that Nintendo has used over the last couple of decades.[19]

Rayman Legends : Definitive Edition débarque le 12 septembre sur Nintendo Switch ! Dans cette nouvelle mouture, vous retrouverez le jeu original Rayman Legends, sorti sur Wii U, ainsi que du nouveau contenu exclusif. Petit résumé des nouveautés.

Par ailleurs, afin de bien satisfaire les gamers, Nintendo offre aussi une possibilité de jeu en ligne avec des joueurs disparates dans le monde entier. Pour cela, le gamer doit s’inscrire dans les services en ligne fournis par Nintendo. Puis, s’il souhaite prendre ou organiser des rendez-vous de jeux avec ses amis virtuels, il doit tout simplement télécharger une appli pour pouvoir chatter textuellement ou vocalement et même participer à des salons de jeux en ligne.

The Joy-Con Grip in the box might be great at making your Joy-Cons look like an adorable dog when you slide them in, but what it doesn’t do is charge your precious controllers. For that you’ll need the aptly named Charging Grip so you can send precious electricity into your pads while you play. It’s definitely worth the price of admission to make sure the Joy-Cons are ready to slide onto the Switch screen and head out the door with you. 

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The dock is a cheap pile of garbage, it’s mostly hollow, really light, okay-feeling plastic. It looks nice, even hides your cables but there’s one other major flaw with this. There’s sliders to help guide the tablet into the dock, they are hard plastic and WILL SCRATCH YOUR SCREEN. How you ask? The screen isn’t glass, it’s a soft plastic that you can easily, easily scratch. Got a 3DS? It’s like that. You absolutely need a screen protector, so get your credit card ready because there’s more than that 10 bucks you’ll be spending.

The big question is whether Nintendo can deliver on some sorely needed features. Will the Switch Online service be worth paying for? Will the system get more entertainment apps beyond Hulu? The Switch’s design and game library are already superb, but a bit more fleshing out could put it on a par with PS4 and Xbox One in a big way.

Quand Nintendo Commutateur est maintenu en Mode Portable ou de Table, votre batterie est réduite lorsque vous l’utilisez et plus si il est joué avec un peu de jeu lourd, car cela nécessite une meilleure performance de la console. Pour la recharger à l’aide d’un chargeur de Type-C, mais il y a d’autres chargeurs qui vous permettent de recharger. Ici, je vais vous montrer ce qu’ils sont.

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