“le meilleur câble d’usb de commutateur de nintendo -meilleur multijoueur en ligne de commutateur de nintendo”

Lorsque vient le temps de sortir pour rencontrer vos amis, retirez simplement la console Switch du socle et amenez-la avec vous. Si vous voulez affronter votre ami à votre jeu préféré, placez la Switch sur une table et détachez les manettes sans fil Joy-Con de chaque côté pour commencer votre partie multijoueur!

There are three gameplay modes that can be used with the Switch; “TV Mode” with the Console docked within the Dock to support play on a large television, “Tabletop Mode” with the Console placed on a table or other surface using its kickstand for shared gaming away from a dedicated screen, or in “Handheld Mode” as a standard portable tablet device.[79][76][72] Users can switch between these modes simply by placing the Console in the Dock or removing it, extending or retracting the kickstand, and detaching or connecting the Joy-Con.[72] Games may be designed to play only in specific modes; for example, Voez, which relies on touch-screen controls, initially could not be played in TV Mode.[80]

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild : préparez-vous pour la plus grande aventure The Legend of Zelda qui soit, avec un monde ouvert qui vient repousser les limites du jeu tout en reprenant les concepts à l’origine de la série à succès.

L’expérience visuelle offerte par la Switch dépend évidemment de la façon d’y jouer. Sur un TV, la console sort un signal en Full HD (1 920 x 1 080 px), mais passe en 1 280 x 720 px en mode “portable”. Dans les deux cas, le niveau de détails graphiques est bien entendu loin de ce que peuvent proposer une PS4 ou une Xbox One, mais nous avons cependant clairement affaire à la console portable la plus puissante du marché. Un jeu comme The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild est ainsi particulièrement impressionnant lorsque l’on y joue en mode “portable”.

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La critique principale qu’on peut faire à la Nintendo Switch est la pauvreté de son catalogue de lancement, que ce soit sur support physique (de toutes petites cartouches) ou via la boutique en ligne.

Si le jeu a pu laisser dubitatif lors de son annonce, il a vite mis tout le monde d’accord lorsqu’il est sorti. Pourtant, tout paraît improbable ici, de l’association de Mario avec les Lapins Crétins au style de jeu choisi : le tactical-RPG. Pourtant, Ubisoft signe ici un coup de maître, en parvenant à mêler une vraie dose de tactique dans un univers absurde et décalé. Les deux univers se combinent avec un certain génie, la progression est agréable, constante et la durée de vie conséquente. Bref, ce jeu représente au final une vraie bonne surprise, ainsi que l’un des meilleurs titres de la Switch.

« Il y aura Bayonetta 1 et 2 [initialement sortis sur Wii U] dès le mois prochain, et la logique c’est un grand jeu par mois, en reprenant la recette de ceux qui ont bien fonctionné en 2017 : Kirby Star Allies, Fire Emblem, Yoshi… », énumère Philippe Lavoué.

In Nintendo’s year-end report for its 2016 fiscal year (ended March 31, 2017), the company stated that they had sold 2.74 million Switch units worldwide.[253] Distribution of shipments included 1.2 million units in North and South America, 600,000 in Japan, and 940,000 in all other regions including Europe and Australia.[254] To meet unexpected demand during March, Nintendo used air freight to ship Switch units, approximately costing an additional $45 per console, rather than the less-costly overseas shipment.[255] Retailer GameStop reported that initial sales of the Switch were “phenomenal” and on track to surpass the Wii U based on their historical sales data, with merchandising director Eric Bright saying the Switch has had “one of the highest attach rates of software and accessories to a device that we’ve seen in a long time”.[256] Due to the strong sales, Nintendo has expanded its production capacity for the Switch,[257] with anticipation of selling at least 10 million Switch consoles during the 2017 fiscal year.[253] Kimishima stated that having a Switch user base of 10 million “will give publishers and the rest of our business partners a sense that the future of Nintendo Switch is more promising” and spur further games development for the platform.[258] Kimishima said that a key goal in their production ramp up will be to make sure they have enough Switch inventory near the end of 2017 for holiday sales, as to avoid the issue with Wii shortages that occurred during its first holiday-season period, while balancing the near-term high demand.[124] According to Kimishima, Nintendo now believes that if they can realize 10 million in Switch sales in 2017, they expect that the Switch will have lifetime sales that are comparable to the Wii, which had sold over 100 million units in its lifetime.[258][124]

Finally, when it comes to multiplayer gaming, the screen is just a little small for more than two players. Four player Mario Kart is almost impossible due to the size and resolution of the screen, and we found ourselves trying to put our face mere inches from the console to be able to make out more distant details in the game’s tracks. 

It’s a surprisingly well built machine, it’s the first tablet I’ve seen with screws that would allow you to open it up to change the battery if it were to fail. The joycons feel really well built, and it’s nice that you can sit back with your hands not together with normal controllers, especially if you’re like me and have wide shoulders and a barreled chest. My hands are medium sized with sausages for fingers and over all I have little issue with the joycons. The biggest issue I have is the minus button on the left joycon, I cannot for the life of me reach to hit it with my thumb, I gotta use my other hand. The “dpad”, is as a I thought not great. For all the Nintendo fanatics insisting “you need to try it to know” no, I didn’t, it’s 4 face buttons and not a pivoting dpad. It works fine for menus but it’s functionality is minimal at best for platformers.

It appears to be a valid alternative to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and while its power can’t currently be directly compared with those systems, it certainly works well as a home game console if Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and ARMS are any indication. The PS4 and Xbox One have been around for a few years and have very large libraries, including many cross-platform AAA titles, and for the time being the Switch appears to be getting few direct ports of major games available elsewhere. We’ll see how the selections compare as the Switch library expands over the coming months.

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Slt ! J’ai une petite info ! Quand la NINTENDO SWITCH est en charge sur le support télé, la chaleur ne sort pas, ce qu’il fait que la console chauffe. Et quand elle charge avec les chargeur, jsp. Et pour le bug du bouton power, moi sa ne me la pas encore fait. Sinon, tres bonne vidéo!

Sonic Mania est un jeu d’action plateforme sur Switch. Il s’agit d’une aventure inédite du hérisson et de ses amis qui comprend des boss uniques, des paysages en 2D et un mode classique. Le jeu tourne à 60 images par secondes.

Nintendo hasn’t done a great job making the Switch’s parental and online settings easy to use, especially when it comes to a complete pack of cloud storage for game saves, game libraries or any sort of family account for purchases. But, I’ve come to let my kids play with Nintendo games more than any other hardware — iPhone and iPad included — because the whole experience feels more curated and safely contained. It’s a good experience, and it’s easy to set up and use. It’s not pandering, but it works for everyone. It’s a rare thing in the tech world.

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