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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was one of the first games available for the Switch, and it’s still the best reason to pick up Nintendo’s new console. With its lush woodlands and sun-soaked mountains, the scenery alone is enough to impress.The best part of this game is that you can actually explore all of it — and you absolutely should. Where Breath of the Wild differs from most Zelda games is that it’s about survival just as much as it’s about completing puzzles and defeating Ganon. When your health runs low, you have to hunt and cook meals to replenish it. If Link enters an area that’s too cold or warm, he’ll have to concoct an elixir or find the right clothing to stop his health from dropping. Of course, the crux of the storyline hinges on stopping Ganon, but in order to do so you must free all of the Divine Beasts while scouting out towers and solving puzzle-ridden shrines along the way. Breath of the Wild takes the strategy and puzzle-solving skills that were always necessary for success in Zelda games to an entirely new level.

Console is great, durable and extremely easy to set up. Feels like a Nintendo product and the quality expectations of it. Only downside is no Netflix or other third party app support yet. If you are not into Zelda at the moment I would suggest waiting a little for more content to be released.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a beautiful epic Japanese role-playing game with a cinematic presentation. Its cut-scenes feel larger than life (often like watching a well-written anime movie) and include an optional original Japanese voiceover dub, giving the players the game’s original authentic form.

Nicely, the whole game can also be played with more traditional buttons rather than control schemes so you don’t have to get caught flailing your arms around on the bus when you play it as a portable game. 

You can now get the Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey bundle with the other versions of the console too. There’s not much  of a discount, but seeing as the Switch is selling out again, this might be your last chance anyways. Amazon has the best price today.

Very happy with this console-handheld hybrid. Have not experienced any of the issues I’ve read online like left joycon syncing issues or the dock scratching. The hardware feels very good, solid and nice texture. The IU is very responsive and had very little to no friction going back to the games. Not a lot of games, but Breath of the Wild and the promise of MK8 Deluxe, Splatoon and Mario makes it very exciting.

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It’s a tablet, a console and a portable multiplayer tabletop game system all in one… and it’s pretty darn awesome. The Nintendo Switch ($295.00 at Amazon.com) console follows the NES Classic and Super Mario Run in a line of products from the Japanese giant that have titillated gamers over the past year.

When Nintendo Switch launches in March 2017, it’ll be backed by some of the biggest names in the gaming industry. A wide selection of AAA publishers have pledged their support for Nintendo Switch, including Activision, Capcom, Electronic Arts, SEGA, Square Enix, Ubisoft, and many more. And, of course, Nintendo will release new titles starring their popular characters, like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and some new Mario games. It’s a great time to be a gaming fan.

The Nintendo Switch officially went on sale this past March for $299.99. But it’s been difficult, if not impossible, for gamers to get their hands on the hot new console—especially at the regular price.

Looking back, the Switch costs just as much as the Wii U did when it was released in 2012. It’s also $50 more expensive than the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, both of which are currently available for around $250. So is the Switch really worth it? The answer largely depends on your preferences and priorities, but here’s a look at what you should consider before buying.

Finally, not having any kind of backward compatibility with Wii U was a tough hit for the few of us that actually supported Nintendo during their hard times and had a Wii U. I would love to be able to import my digital games and saves from the last console (like the Wii U allowed to do from the Wii) but they completely ignored us. Considering that 2 of the best games of Switch are available on Wii U (Zelda and Mario Kart) and that another one is barely an expansion on a Wii U one (Splatoon 2 doesn’t add that much from Splatoon 1) you would think that it wouldn’t be that hard for them to at least give us Wii U players a discount for a digital version upgrade from a Wii U to Switch game.

The coolest thing about the Switch is how you can take it anywhere. It differentiates itself from other home gaming consoles this way. Unlike the Wii U, the previous system by the same company, you can take the tablet console anywhere you want without having to be within the proximity of the charging station, since the entire system is this tablet. It’s a nice option for those like me who have more time to play on a handheld rather than consoles. If you do plan on taking it to places, I recommend investing on a screen protector and a carry case to protect the system. The two controllers that come included are the joy-cons, which can be used in a variety of ways depending on the game. Simple games will let you use a single controller and attach a wrist wrap which serves as a grip for the otherwise small controller, while more complicated games allow you to combine both controllers and use them as one. When using the two controllers, you can play with them on the sides of the Switch as well, although I find the Switch to be a bit heavy to hold for long periods of time, and the controllers on their own are too small to grip properly if you have big hands. Not to mention, the battery life of the Switch depletes faster when the joy-cons are connected to it, because they are being charged as they are connected. I recommend everyone to play with the joy-con grip, which is basically like using a standard controller, and also saves more battery. The Switch’s online service is offered for free until Fall, which then requires a paid subscription long-term, much like Microsoft’s Xbox Live service. Once games like Splatoon 2 start using the online component, the quality will determine whether it is worth paying the price for the subscription. The console doesn’t offer much more beyond playing games. There’s a news section to keep you updated on games or other Nintendo products, and there’s an e-shop for buying digital games that live right on your Switch’s internal storage. You can’t watch Youtube, Netflix, or even browse the net in it like you could with the Wii U or Nintendo 3DS. At the time of this review, other great games that have been announced have yet to be released. The device only comes with 32GB of internal storage, the same as their previous console despite being a newer product. Long term, you’ll have to invest on a Micro SD card if you plan on taking screenshots or buying lots of games. I quite enjoy the Switch; it is a neat concept and is well built. It is clear that the system focuses on letting you play games wherever you want, sacrificing other features for the games. There are a few things about it that are lacking; good games will eventually come, but there’s also the online service which will cost and the low internal storage. I recommend other gamers to invest on a Switch mostly for its unique handheld advantage.

Included in the Nintendo Switch Console are a left and right Joy-Con control w/ wrist straps and grip. The Switch features a 6.2″, multi-touch capacitive screen w/ resolution of 1280×720. It has a 32GB internal storage w/ WiFi and USB type C connector and supports up to eight Nintendo Switch players.

With the Nintendo Switch, where you play Super Mario and Splatoon 2 is up to you. That freedom puts your console at risk. The more you carry it, the more opportunities you have to drop it and break its screen. Even if you don’t break its display, expect scratches to appear if you don’t cover your device in the best Nintendo Switch cases and the best Nintendo Switch screen protectors you can buy. Even the Joy-Cons need protection. The motion sensors in these $49.99 controllers could break after one drop without any protection.  

When you open the Switch box, it feels you are about to start playing with Lego, because of all the parts that come with it. It has a door on the back which lets you slide in an HDMI cable and the power cord, both included, and some USB ports on the sides and on the back probably for future addons. I guess because it’s half portable, the Switch does not have a network adapter, and you instead have to connect wirelessly and hope your network connection isn’t bad. Or you could just buy a Nintendo Wii (U) USB network adapter to plug it in one of the back USB ports. It’s not the base that is the console; the base is basically a piece of plastic with a small part of it to display graphics on your TV and to charge your Switch. It is the tablet that is the console. There’s a flap thingy that pops open on the back of the console; it lets you place it upright, except it covers the micro-SD card slot to protect your storage. Rather unfortunate that it doesn’t come with one. The Switch can’t handle more than 25 GB of internal storage either, so long-term, you might want to invest in one of these. There is also a little spot to click game cards in, which are small enough to be swallowed by children and pets. But Nintendo coated the game cards with a non-toxic substance that makes them taste quite bitter. There are two controllers called “joy cons” with four face buttons, two shoulder buttons, two side buttons and an analog stick each. Although technically you can combine both by sliding them in the tablet or the controller grip to make it one controller with 8 face buttons and two analog sticks, as well as 4 shoulder buttons, with the side buttons covered by the rails where you slide them in. If you have big hands like me, sliding them in and out of the wrist straps in particular is quite the challenge, because the joy-cons are pretty small and will slip off your hands while you attempt this for the first time, making it difficult to get a grip and pushing multiple buttons on the controller besides the release ones. The Switch lets you jump right in to start playing games instead of wasting your time installing things. Well, if you have games then that’s nice. Sadly, that’s where the fun ends if you don’t. The Switch includes no games, not even something pre-installed. If you want a game, then Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is about the only one worth getting right now. You could’ve also bought Zelda on Wii U if you had one though. Big titles like Splatoon 2 are coming sometime, as well as remakes of golden games like Skyrim if you’ve never played them and want a chance to do so while on the go. That’s what made me get one; being able to play large single player games besides anywhere. The Switch does this well, the console is cool. It is fun to learn how to use it, and begins to click once you start using it, and actually the clicks that you hear from the controller and the console is probably the best hardware design. A good audio cue that lets you know you did something right without breaking the console. That’s essentially what best describes the Switch when you first get it; you’re pushing things, sliding things, clicking things, and putting them in from wherever you find you can. But the games, aside from Zelda, are lacking. Pros: – Small gamecards taste bad, making them child and pet-proof – Great parental controls allow for time tracking of playtime – Fun and intuitive to learn how to use, great introductory tutorial and built-in help topics – Synchronization of your Nintendo Account with your friends list across different Nintendo apps. – Easy to use interface, easy to set up, easy to plug in – Two controllers included, can be combined and be used as one, or split into two to play with a friend. A bit annoying but not the end of the world: – Tablet gets dirty quickly, no screen protector included – No network plug included, requires a

Another good one from Nintendo Switch! The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ is a randomly generated action-shooter that features rogue-like elements and heavy RPG. In this game, all you need to do is to follow Isaac on his journey to find bizarre treasures that change his form and give him supernatural powers for fighting off droves of mysterious creatures. As a player, you need to discover these secrets and fight the Isaac way to safety.

The central conceit of Arms is ineffably bizarre—one day people suddenly have springs for arms, so they start to punch each other a lot. And yet it’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect from a Nintendo fighting game: it’s cute, charming, relentlessly upbeat, and relatively simple to understand but almost torturously difficult to truly excel at. It makes better use of the Joy-Con’s motion controls than any other Switch game, to boot. It might feel a little slight—something that might be rectified by upcoming updates—but for the first big new Nintendo idea on the Switch, Arms is a hit.

Nintendo has partnered with the industry’s biggest names, such as Activision, EA, Capcom, Sega and Konami. The highly anticipated Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was the biggest launch title, greeted with near-universal acclaim. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, a version of the Wii U hit, was also enthusiastically received. Super Mario Odyssey will be released toward the end of 2017.

If you’ve been playing a lot of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with friends, you’ve probably already discovered that using a single Joy-Con horizontally starts to hurt your hands pretty fast. Myriann makes a cover for your Joy-Con controllers that make them more like a mini version of the Grip for each side. The horizontal design make it easy for you to access the L and R buttons, which is important for drifting and throwing items in Mario Kart Deluxe 8.

The grand old first person shooter arrives confidently on Nintendo Switch, with the hyper violence, lightning fast combat, and awesome heavy metal soundtrack from the well-received PC, PS4 and Xbox One title firmly in tact. Resolution and texture fidelity is slightly down in comparison, however, it makes literally no difference to the gameplay and superb art style, which combine to produce an exhilarating, monster-filled adrenaline rush like nothing else on the system. Plus, the fact that you can go portable with the Switch, slaying daemons while on the go, makes this edition of DOOM unique.

A retro-styled action-platformer inspired by the Nintendo games of its makers’ childhood, Shovel Knight is nostalgia done right. It looks and feels authentic to the period that it reveres, but it’s creative with the source material. The result is a game that feels like a forgotten classic from the early 90s, rather than one of umpteen derivative retro knock-offs.

The only downside to the Switch at this point, would be the lack of extra features. There are many great launch titles like Zelda and Mario Kart to enjoy, but the Nintendo eShop is pretty limited with downloadable content. Many times I found myself wishing that there was a YouTube app or Netflix, much like what the Wii U had, but there is nothing to offer at this point. I also miss the social aspect that was included in the Wii U. The MiiVerse for example, was a great way to meet other people to game with, share posts and clips of gameplay, but these are mysteriously absent from the Switch. There is a basic friends list to add people on, but not much more.

It didn’t work when I tried to turn it on. Turns out there is something wrong with the audio and the system shuts down unless headphones are plugged in. I had to send it to Nintendo to get repaired. At least its covered under warranty, but I was offered no compensation from Nintendo for the faulty product. Very disappointed.

Even with the Switch being a relatively new gadget, there are plenty of excellent add-ons that enhance and supplement the experience. Here are some of the best accessories you can get right now to elevate your Switch experience.

The Hori Tough Pouch for Nintendo Switch protects your device between gaming sessions without much effort. A flap inside shields the console’s touchscreen. Its shell is reinforced to handle impacts from other things in your bag,

Gritty and rough, Battle Chasers: Nightwar is a role-playing game that’s straightforward in its turned based combat, taking elements from former JRPGS of the past and modernizing it into a solid RPG experience. For anyone who wants to understand the familiarities of how role-playing games work, Battle Chasers: Nightwar is a good starting point for any beginner.

TOKYO — Nintendo Co Ltd on Friday priced its first console in about four years above market expectations, disappointing investors and clouding its prospects of winning back gamers who have shifted from consoles to smartphones.

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就在绝大多数厂商苟苟蝇利时只有任天堂悄然进行着硬件的革命。[5]  任天堂在三菱的技术提携下独力完成了特制IC设计,[5]  性能都远远凌驾于同时期的主机。为了取得价格优势,山内溥亲自拜访了生产IC晶片的理光(RICON)。为压低价格他向对方提出了“两年订购三百万片”的承诺,[5]  当时业界共识是游戏机市场极限容量也不过三百万台。在社内外人士的一片惊呼声中山内溥和理光达成了每枚IC晶片2000日元的低价使得主机以14800日元的价格发售。[5]  在1983年5月召开的初心会组织新商品说明会上,广大问屋代表都对主机14800日元这个几 乎无利可图的定价表示质疑,山内溥向他们表示软件销售将会带来更大的利益。[4] 


我见过VR、AR、iphone、智能手表、笔记本电脑和机器人。但最让我印象深刻的是任天堂的开关。这是一个熟悉的故事。任天堂有一个奇怪的、疯狂的想法。可拆卸的平板电脑控制。将手持设备变成控制台的码头。即使是小的无线小遥控器的名字也很奇怪:玩笑。任天堂的这样做过。极简主义,运动控制驱动的任天堂Wii及其解构的遥控器。这是一款怪异的双屏任天堂DS游戏机。不过,这次我做了一些准备。事实上,雷蛇在几年前就有一个非常类似于Windows电脑的想法,叫做“瑞泽边缘”(Razer Edge)。当我回顾它时,我认为它是未来的标志:它可以从手持设备转换到控制台,改变它的形式。然后是Nvidia Shield,这个开关的真正的前身,最初是一个时髦的安卓游戏,手持一个翻转屏幕,成为一个可停靠的可切换的平板电脑。我觉得那也很酷。



Needs separate settings for different kids. An hour per kid is better than three total hours. If the oldest kid does not share, he will take away the other kids’ play time. Also, a default setting for new accounts should be introduced. And a distribution of play time over the day would be an improvement (as Microsoft has for the Windows platform). It makes no sense to allow a kid to resume playing at 06:00h, if you want it to only play in the afternoon.

任天堂在4月27日的财务说明会中透露Konami社的首发游戏《超级炸弹人R》仅一个月便达成全球50万出货,这个低成本作品能取得如此佳绩实在是意外之喜[32]  。随即SNK也宣布陈年冷饭《SNK街机怀旧合集》欧美地区销量突破20万。日本一SOFT同样发表了《魔界战记5》NS版在欧美地区仅预订数便突破11万。[32]  那些独立开发游戏,许多参入者纷纷发声表示销售超出预期。[32]  许多原本冷眼作壁上观的大手厂商也竞相发声准备加大参入力度,CAPCOM在3DS版《MHXX》发售仅三个月便迫不及待地宣布了NS平台的高清版。[32]  NS中文游戏NBA2K18本地联机演示

尽管Switch掌机主机一体定位不算是个新的理念,但不可否认在Switch之前没有任何一家厂商很好地实现过。我们的确应该为Switch鼓掌叫好,它在货源紧缺的情况下完成了与PS4同期几乎一致的销售规模,为任天堂打出了气势。WiiU纵然值得惋惜,但它确实不具备留在这个市场上的实力。或许有一天,任天堂会再度推出一台坐镇客厅的主机设备,重新践行以往过于超前的理念。笔者的小小心愿是让读过这本文的人重新看待WiiU所背负的理念,而不是像如今今们嘲笑Virtual Boy一般地以黑历史称之。

任天堂Switch采用叫做“Nintendo Switch Online Services”的新网络服务。2017年3月3日发售时为免费服务,于2018年9月开始进行收费。[37][38][39][40]届时只有付费用户可以通过任天堂Switch在线服务进行网络联机游戏和语音聊天,获得每月免费Virtual Console游戏和限定优惠折扣,此外亦有免费用户也可使用的基础功能。这种线上服务有点类似于微软推出的Xbox Live。[41][42]

Nintendo Switch主机上市之后,陆续传出玩家反应左手的Joy-Con控制器感应不良,有一定机率与主机配对产生错误。根据海外媒体Polygon向北美任天堂客服中心询问[119],官方证实的确有发生上述的错误,今后生产的Joy-Con控制器将修正这个问题。根据任天堂的说法,这个错误来自于硬体面,并非程式面的问题,无法透过线上更新除错。同时,配对错误并非Joy-Con控制器设计层面上的问题,是因分装工厂的离散,以致发生少数组装上的错误,目前并无进行大规模的修理和换货计画。另外,根据北美任天堂的回复,如果发生Joy-Con控制器配对错误的玩家,将可连络北美任天堂客服中心判断是否需要送修,任天堂将会免费调整,在一周内将控制器送回玩家手中。但关于日本及亚洲是否在服务范围内尚未明朗。海外媒体CNET也揭露[120],经过拆解,送修的Joy-Con控制器在送回后,控制器的右下角增设了导电泡棉(此应为普通海绵或其他绝缘体,用作隔离zl开关排线与印刷电路天线,若用导电体则完全失去隔离作用),修正后的Joy-Con控制器确认可正常与主机配对。而从Amazon新购入的Joy-Con拆解后并无看到增设的导电泡棉,但内部制造编号从“Q-1 16402”变更为“0-4 16342”,根据推测制造流程已经变更,目前新一批的Joy-Con并无发生过配对错误的问题。

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La Switch est un bonheur à utiliser au quotidien. J’ai cinq consoles chez moi : la PS4, la Switch, la Xbox One, la NES Classic et la SNES Classic. La Switch est incontestablement la console avec laquelle je joue le plus. Et de loin. Je la transporte partout : dans le bus, le métro, dans le train, en voiture (quand je ne conduis pas évidemment), en avion, partout. Commencer à jouer à Zelda dans mon salon et poursuivre dans le bus ou le métro sans aucun problème est vraiment jouissif.

^ Jump up to: a b c d e f Peckham, Matt (February 6, 2017). “The 8 Most Interesting Things Nintendo Told Us About Switch”. Time. Archived from the original on February 6, 2017. Retrieved February 6, 2017.

The new “Yoshi” game doesn’t even have an official title yet — it’s just known as “Yoshi” thus far, like the original game— nor does it have a launch date beyond 2018. It looks like a sequel to the Wii U game “Yoshi’s Wooly World” (which itself was a sort-of sequel to “Yoshi’s Island”). That means you’re controlling Yoshi in a 2D world that has 3D depth, taking out enemies with flying eggs and floating awkwardly over dangerous drops.

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On a testé trois jeux sur la console pour le moment, le tout nouveau Zelda Breath Of The Wild, Arms et Mario Kart 8 ! On en retient une plutôt bonne expérience de jeu, les graphismes sont agréables et la taille de l’écran, 6,2 pouces, nous permet d’avoir une bonne visibilité, si on joue seul. On peut tout de même reprocher à Nintendo la taille de son écran pour le multijoueur, bien que la console nous permet d’avoir une très bonne expérience de jeu sur Zelda, ce n’est pas vraiment le cas avec Arms et Mario Kart en multijoueur. La Nintendo Switch est console portable, mais si l’on se retrouve à quatre dessus, on ne distingue plus grand chose sur l’écran, qui est désormais divisé en quatre. Il est donc préférable de jouer sur la télévision dans ce genre de cas.

Après avoir sous estimé le succès monstrueux de sa Nes Mini, Nintendo semble avoir douté une fois de plus de sa réelle popularité auprès des joueurs en 2017. Alors oui, bien entendu que certaines ruptures de stocks sont provoquées de manière volontaire afin de maintenir un intérêt autour de son produit et d’étaler les ventes tout au long de l’année jusqu’aux fêtes de fin d’année mais quand même, quand je vois la tonne de MP que j’ai reçu depuis le début de l’année 2017 sur la Nes Mini, je ne peux m’empêcher de penser que Nintendo a quand même perdu pas mal d’argent dans sa stratégie commerciale. 

What you need to know – This product has a serial number that uniquely identifies the item. When your order ships, Amazon will scan the serial number and add it to the history of this order. Should the item go missing before it arrives, Amazon may register the serial number with loss and theft databases, preventing fraudulent use or reselling of the item. There is no action required from you and the serial number will only be used to prevent fraudulent activity of the missing item.

Players will find that Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes will take place seven years after the events of No More Heroes 2 where Badman seeks to take down Travis for murdering his daughter, Bad Girl. During the scuffle, the duo finds themselves trapped in a canceled video game console crated by Dr. Juvenile called the Death Drive MK-II.

-Cartridges have load times, they are not special magical storage devices. There’s many misinformed weirdos who assume this still since…I don’t know the PS/N64 days. Games have to load into memory and even Zelda sports some decent load times upon death. However they are not nearly as bad as many PS4 titles (Bloodborne and it’s 30-40 second load times). I would say if you have played a 3DS game that’s had to load, it’s like that. (Resident Evil Revelations, Monster Hunter Generations, 7th Dragon 3: Code VFD<=please play this game if you like RPGS) The screen is lovely, it's 720p but obviously when the game is scaled to match the device's screen it works nicely. Seeing the game at 900p on my 1080p TV isn't as bad as everyone makes it to be, maybe it's just Breath of the Wild's cell shaded art style (no other games to really try this with either) but it certainly isn't ugly as I've heard. Maybe on a 4k TV it's harder to swallow, I don't know. Speaking of which, the transition is pretty swift, put it into the dock, it's instantly on the TV, something I've wanted for YEARS. I bought the system waiting for it's full potential to bloom, and I've been a good boy about it. But I'm done waiting and have found better alternatives. The switch is a wii-U 2...in the wii-u there was room in the console for a larger battery, for maybe a wifi reciever. The wii-u wasn't done developing yet...they just burnt the bridge before it was finished and gave it a new name. Bayonetta sur PC est un beat'em all au rythme effréné. L'héroïne éponyme est une sorcière aussi gracieuse que surpuissante. Elle lutte contre des hordes d'ennemis angéliques de taille parfois impressionnante. Ce portage sur Steam inclut des options graphiques plus poussées ainsi qu'un support de l'affichage 4K. On the back panel, there's a pair of speakers that get surprisingly loud, along with a small plastic kickstand that flips out of the left side. The kickstand lets you stand the Switch up on a table, and reveals the microSD card slot behind it. Unfortunately, the kickstand feels flimsy, and is both thin and positioned near the edge of the system, so it doesn't stand up with much stability; Nyko offers a replacement kickstand made of metal for $4.99 if you don't mind experimenting with aftermarket parts, though we've yet to test it out. You get 32GB of internal storage, with support for microSD cards up to 2TB (though 256GB are the largest cards currently available). Les deux joy cons peuvent être indépendants, car on peut les séparer s’il nous vient le désir de partager le jeu avec un ami. Les manettes offrent également une possibilité d’assemblage pour ne former qu’une seule si vous souhaitez passer en mode solo, il n’y a aucun problème J'espère que Nintendo ou des éditeurs tiers sortiront d'autres jeux qui donneront la même envie de toujours avoir la switch près de soit d'autant que l'on peut la recharger avec tout et n'importe quoi, prise, pc, batterie portable etc.. Lancée en mars dernier, la Nintendo Switch pouvait compter dans son line-up sur un certain Zelda : Breath of the Wild assez monumental, mais également quelques petites perles indépendantes, à récupérer généralement sur l’eShop. C’était le cas de Snipperclips, un jeu axé sur la coopération, doté d’un gameplay atypique et taillé sur mesure pour convenir aux joy-con de la machine de Nintendo. The Switch’s central premise, meanwhile, is something that can benefit literally every game. After all, who hasn’t wanted to take their console with them in the past to enjoy full home gaming experiences on the go? En poursuivant votre navigation sur ce site, vous acceptez l’utilisation de Cookies pour réaliser, par exemple, des statistiques de visites, vous proposer une navigation personnalisée et afficher des publicités adaptées à vos centres d’intérêts. The Switch did not initially launch with many multimedia-oriented features, such as a web browser or support for video streaming services.[155] Fils-Aimé said that because the Switch is geared as a gaming console that is far different from what their competitors offer, they had focused on achieving that goal first and foremost, and did not see media support as a differentiator from their competitors.[156] Nintendo did not rule out providing a full web browser or apps for services in the future,[157][106][15] and Fils-Aimé said that they are in discussions with providers like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon for such support.[156] The grip itself is just a plastic shell, and doesn't provide power to the Joy-Cons; if you want to charge while playing, you need to get the optional $30 charging grip, which looks very similar to the Joy-Con grip, but has a power pass-through to keep the controllers charged when in use. You can't charge the Joy-Cons in the included Joy-Con grip, so you need to remove them and attach them to the Switch itself when they run out of power. Third-party accessory makers like Bionik and Nyko also provide alternatives with dedicated Joy-Con chargers and power grips. Nintendo Switch, la dernière console de jeu a reçu une réponse très positive. Le commutateur a attiré beaucoup d’attention, grâce à sa conception hybride innovante. Cependant, Nintendo n’a jamais eu de consoles aussi puissantes que la concurrence, et qui peut être vrai pour le commutateur aussi bien mais, Nintendo brille dans ses exclusivités de première partie. Il y a beaucoup de jeux qui sont disponibles uniquement sur le commutateur et il y a d’autres jeux tiers que vous pouvez maintenant jouer sur la route en raison de la portabilité du Switch. Donc, si vous venez d’ acheter le Switch, voici une liste des 10 meilleurs jeux Nintendo Switch vous devez jouer: Précisions toutefois que Mario Kart n'est pas un jeu qui va franchement souffrir de la latence contrairement à d'autres tel que Super Smash Bros ou la réactivité est particulièrement importante. Le jeu de combat de Nintendo n'est pour le moment pas officiellement annoncé par la firme, mais il ne fait guère de doute que nous aurons droit à une édition du jeu à moyen terme. En attendant, le prochain jeu qui exploitera intensivement les services en ligne sera Splatoon 2, cet été.   Esthétiquement, le jeu est relativement épuré, tout en proposant un petit côté « Shadok » très agréable à l’oeil. Certes, on pourra toujours pester face à un rendu un peu « Flash », mais c’est évidemment le fun qui est mis à l’honneur ici, avec, on l’a dit, un aspect coopération assez génialissime. Outre les niveaux « classiques, » Snipperclips propose également quelques mini-jeux, jouables jusqu’à 4 en simultané. Le « souci » de l’opus original résidait finalement dans la durée de vie du titre, assez rachitique, avec un jeu qui peut se boucler en une seule et unique (grosse) session de jeu. The Switch has games parents want to play and feel comfortable letting kids play, and those that kids want to play and double as a fun distraction on long car rides. Plenty of parents use these as excuses to get a toy they want to play with, and I don’t blame them. Nintendo has mastered the art of making hardware and games that work with your family. Les plus La configuration hybride polyvalente qui permet de passer d’un écran de téléviseur à une console portable, les manettes Joy-Con modulaires innovantes, l’ensemble bien pensé. Breath of the Wild est l’un des meilleurs jeux jamais proposés par Nintendo pour un lancement In August 2017, the Los Angeles-based tablet peripheral manufacturer Gamevice filed a lawsuit against Nintendo in the United States District Court for the Central District of California, alleging that the design of the Switch conflicts with its patent on the design for the Wikipad, an Android-based gaming device that also features a tablet with a detachable controller. The lawsuit sought damages on existing Switch sales and banning further sales of the console.[295] The lawsuit was voluntarily dismissed by Gamevice in October of that same year.[296] Déjà disponible sur Wii U, Mario Kart 8 revient encore meilleur sur la Nintendo Switch avec cette édition Deluxe. Le célèbre jeu de course familial reprend la recette déjà bien connue des précédents épisodes en apportant de nouveaux bonus. Ce n'est pas moins de 41 personnages et 48 circuits qui vous attendent. Les carapaces vont voler bas ! Un nouveau bon plan Cdiscount à volonté. Actuellement et pour une période indéterminée, il est possible de se procurer la Nvidia Shield TV 16 Go (box de streaming la plus puissante du marché) avec une manette Shield Controller et une… Ce jeu est de ceux qui divisent les foules. Certains y verront une énième tentative de l’éditeur Capcom pour nous resservir l’une de ses vaches à lait favorites. Il faut bien avouer que ce titre n’apporte pas grand-chose de nouveau par rapport au premier Ultra Street Fighter. Néanmoins, si vous n’avez acheté aucune des rééditions récentes du mythique jeu, vous pouvez sans problème vous laisser tenter par celle-ci. Elle propose essentiellement des graphismes remis au goût du jour, ainsi qu’un art book (virtuel) de toute beauté. La jouabilité n’a pas pris une ride et se révèle toujours aussi efficace. Notez qu’il est possible de jouer avec les graphismes et bruitages d’époques, et qu’un nouveau mode – néanmoins très dispensable – permet de faire appel aux Joy-Con. Mais les vrais puristes préféreront jouer avec la manette Pro, nettement plus efficace pour les sortir les boules de feu et autres dragon punch. [redirect url='https://ssnintendo.com/bump' sec='7']

“top nintendo switch games under 30 -top nintendo switch games multiplayer”

Nobody imagined Mario and Rayman’s Raving Rabbids would make such a wonderful match. We especially didn’t expect the pairing to translate into a deep, compelling and unbelievably charming strategy title.

Why should you buy it? If you’re looking for something to play after Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you need to consider Ittle Dew 2. It follows the same gameplay format as old school Zelda titles, with a series of dungeons to conquer, puzzles to solve and people to help. But it’s got a beautifully cartoonish art style that makes colours pop from your Switch’s screen. And what’s more, the characters all talk and have brilliantly witty personalities that will have you chuckling all the way to the castle. 

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Some have dinged this one a bit (including our own review) for sticking too closely to the formula established by the Wii U original. It’s true that, at first, it can feel more like a remake than a sequel. In time though its unique attributes become more apparent, from the variety of weapons, to the new maps, to the various multiplayer modes that supplement the standard Turf War. Splatoon 2 might not break a lot of ground but it’s one of the most purely fun games to come out for any system this year.

Screen protectors add a glossy surface to the Switch display, which is not ideal for a portable gaming system. Keeping the display safe when this tablet is not in its dock should be handled the same way we handle any other tablet — with a good folio case.

Gritty and rough, Battle Chasers: Nightwar is a role-playing game that’s straightforward in its turned based combat, taking elements from former JRPGS of the past and modernizing it into a solid RPG experience. For anyone who wants to understand the familiarities of how role-playing games work, Battle Chasers: Nightwar is a good starting point for any beginner.

This has caused some retailers to try new things when selling the system. Amazon briefly had the systems but only for Prime subscribers. There are also many new accounts in the third-party seller section with no feedback that are selling the system for far below market cost. Stay far away from these. The price seems to start around $400 for legit third-party offerings; look for sellers with a long history of positive feedback.

Very happy with this console-handheld hybrid. Have not experienced any of the issues I’ve read online like left joycon syncing issues or the dock scratching. The hardware feels very good, solid and nice texture. The IU is very responsive and had very little to no friction going back to the games. Not a lot of games, but Breath of the Wild and the promise of MK8 Deluxe, Splatoon and Mario makes it very exciting.

I realize this is still early in the consoles life cycle but so far besides Zelda there is almost no reason to own one. No apps like Netflix, Youtube, or even a Web Browser and only a handful of games. If Zelda alone doesn’t sell you on the console you might as well wait.

The “good” news is that there aren’t many games worth buying at the launch of the Switch. The one game everyone will be talking about, “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” is a true delight. It’s also $60.

No matter the platform, Minecraft still stands tall as one of the best games around. Years of updates, free DLC, and oodles of community feedback has polished it into a deep and infinitely replayable sandbox game that we’ll almost certainly still be playing for years to come. Even better, the Switch version of Minecraft can be played multiplayer cross-platform with many other versions, making it a great bridge between playing on the go and on your couch with friends. – Tom Marks

If you were lucky enough to snag one as a stocking filler over Xmas, here are the games you should be playing on your shiny new gaming machine. And make sure to check back for new additions to this regularly updated list.

The Joy-Con is more than just a fancy controller. In addition to the amazing configurability, the Joy-Con boasts IR sensors that detect shape, motion, and distance of objects the player. The HD rumble technology takes vibration feedback to the next level. All told, the Joy-Con produces an immersive experience that is remarkable for the relatively low cost.

The Nintendo Switch is a monster unto itself. There’s no backwards compatibility to WiiU or 3DS games. That means you’ll need to buy games specifically made for the Switch. Also, the lack of a virtual console (for now) means there’s no access to your favorite Nintendo games from the past.

Shovel Knight is easily one of the best platformers of the last decade. For four years and counting, Yacht Club has put so much care into making every pixel of Shovel Knight into a perfect tribute to classic games, and every new expansion manages to bring new and exciting mechanics that keep things interesting. With Treasure Trove, you get not only the original game and the expansions released so far, but also everything that will come out in the future. On top of Switch’s portability, what more could you ask for? – Andrew Goldfarb

Super Mario Odyssey was more than worth the wait and is another fine addition to the growing collection of quality Nintendo Switch exclusives. Savings are at a minimum here, but seeing as this game should amongst your most wanted, this bundle is a great place to start.

As much as we love Rayman, we imagine many gamers have already played it or one of the multiple remasters over the years, so perhaps some of the other Nintendo Switch deals would be a better match. This is £10 cheaper than it was last week though. You can also get the same Nintendo Switch deal with the grey version.

Fast RMX’s gimmick is that at any point your craft has either an orange or a blue polarity, which match with speed power-ups that are spread around the track. By switching your polarity as you race, you can maximize the benefits these power-ups bring. 

Despite being out for months now, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is still $60 at most stores, so this Nintendo Switch bundle isn’t as overpriced as it looks. And let’s face it, with stock continuing to sell out, there’s not much incentive for stores like GameStop to knock any money off a deal like this.

The Nintendo Switch is now officially the fastest selling console of all time. After a sellout first year, it’s still on wishlists the world over, but it’s gradually finding its way back into the shops. Whether you’ve had yours since launch or you’re about to click in those iconic Joy-Cons for the first time, we’re here to help you find the best Switch games on the market right now. 

What makes you think only “our enemies” are involved in the drug trade? The US has often found it convenient and expedient to ally with drug lords, your doubts notwithstanding. If there’s actually any eradication going on it’s not having much effect, as Afghanistan’s share of the world opium supply shot up pretty dramatically after the US invasion, just like it did after the US invasion of Vietnam.

This could be the biggest Samsung Galaxy S9 leak yet The best free blogging site of 2018 New York to DC Hyperloop could happen as Elon Musk reportedly gets green light Best set-top box: the top six streaming media players for 4K and HD TV reviewed

When DOOM was first announced for Nintendo Switch we were genuinely blown away. We never imagined such a bloody, demanding shooter would makes its way onto Nintendo’s console. But here it is, and despite some visual compromises, it’s a great experience.

You can now get the Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey bundle with the other versions of the console too. There’s not much  of a discount, but seeing as the Switch is selling out again, this might be your last chance anyways. Amazon has the best price today.

The Nintendo Switch is approaching a year of existence and, what was once an incredibly underserved console is now overflowing with games to pick up and play. Trying to find titles on the eShop can be an absolute farce, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back with our guide to the best Nintendo Switch games around.

For families with young children, the Switch comes equipped with parental controls. Parents can choose which games the kids have access to, keep track of what they play, and monitor the amount of time their kids play. An alarm can be set to signify the end of screen time, and there is even a game-suspension feature that can be activated remotely.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a turn-based tactical role-playing video game where kids are encouraged to rely on their critical thinking skills. The game features both single and multiplayer modes and features characters from the beloved Mario and Raving Rabbids series.

With nearly 50 industry-leading video game publishers already putting their support behind Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo’s own much-anticipated The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild heading to their new platform, expect a breadth of exciting new gameplay experiences when the console launches in March 2017, and the coming years.

Our “Quarterly Reports” provide a handy list of the 25 best games for each platform, both for the current year so far and for all time. There’s a separate report for each platform, and they will be updated again during the first week in April.

“顶级任天堂切换配件 _最好的任天堂切换游戏的所有时间”

  双Titan Z与三GTX 980显卡,这样的配置听着就很“过瘾”,当然ALIENWARE Area-51在价格方面也没有令人“失望”。处理器方面它共有两个版本,分别是i7-5820K与i7-5960X;其他方面它最高可标配32GB内存(最低16GB),需要特别注意的是,内存规格为2133MHz的DDR4;硬盘方面它共设有4个硬盘位,其中三个为3.5英寸,一个为2.5英寸,前者可以安置台式机硬盘,后者可以安置笔记本硬盘与固态硬盘。

任天堂Switch的游戏载体采用了任天堂掌上游戏机系列上一直使用的卡带而非自任天堂GameCube以来家用主机一直使用的光盘;值得一提的是,为了防止婴幼儿误吞卡带,任天堂在生产卡带时加入了无毒的苦味剂苯甲地那铵。[27]任天堂Switch继续支持自家的有近场通信的玩偶Amiibo。[28]任天堂Switch主机本体内置了4310mAh的锂电池,但电池不可更换;而根据游戏的不同,主机续航时间从2.5小时至6小时不等,例如玩《塞尔达传说 旷野之息》电量最多能持续3小时。[29]

长期以来 ,除了任天堂贯彻掌机与家用机分而治之的思路,其它公司大抵都是将家用机的产品进行劣化或隔代移植的作法,从SEGA的Game Gear开始,到索尼的PSP。SEGA的GG上也有《忍》《索尼克》甚至《VR战士》等作品,但无一例外劣化严重,只得其形不得其神。玩家以为自己会买到家用机一样品质的游戏,但上手几分钟后便发现,这恶劣的体验还不如去玩家用机。再反观PSP平台的劣化版 《使命召唤》《实况足球》等游戏,情况又何其相似。

我见过VR、AR、iphone、智能手表、笔记本电脑和机器人。但最让我印象深刻的是任天堂的开关。这是一个熟悉的故事。任天堂有一个奇怪的、疯狂的想法。可拆卸的平板电脑控制。将手持设备变成控制台的码头。即使是小的无线小遥控器的名字也很奇怪:玩笑。任天堂的这样做过。极简主义,运动控制驱动的任天堂Wii及其解构的遥控器。这是一款怪异的双屏任天堂DS游戏机。不过,这次我做了一些准备。事实上,雷蛇在几年前就有一个非常类似于Windows电脑的想法,叫做“瑞泽边缘”(Razer Edge)。当我回顾它时,我认为它是未来的标志:它可以从手持设备转换到控制台,改变它的形式。然后是Nvidia Shield,这个开关的真正的前身,最初是一个时髦的安卓游戏,手持一个翻转屏幕,成为一个可停靠的可切换的平板电脑。我觉得那也很酷。

为此,任天堂在WiiU上除了延续Wii后期对Hulu, Youtube, Netflix的支持,还为WiiU GamePad加入了视频聊天的功能,甚至制作了一款专门的卡拉OK应用SiNG,它利用GamePad显示歌词,在电视上播放MV。按照岩田聪的说法:“当你把GamePad和电视视作一个整体时,电视本身也会变得更具吸引力”。任天堂希望WiiU的GamePad成为非核心玩家收看电视之外的一个必要补充,并为此强化了浏览器功能。这一点上,你可以把GamePad直接视作一台iPad,因为这不涉及到GamePad上进行的游戏交互,只是这台iPad的运算本体在主机上。同时这也是它最大的问题点,因为iPad已经在2011年发售。

如果一直关注任天堂,就会发现他们在如今这个网络时代到来之后,依然非常努力地推广线下Coop。对于他们来说,线上游戏的普及意味着游戏变得越来越个人化。而他们将让所有年龄群活跃起来,必须打造“现充”的使用环境。这并非我空穴来风(Anyway,我知道这个成语的用法很含糊,请不要攻击此处……谢谢), 在PS4上我们几乎找不到使用四个手柄的机会,仅有一些附视视角的小游戏可以如此游玩,而任天堂则提供了各种全价的派对游戏,甚至《马里奥3D世界》都可四人线下游玩,可见支持力度。


This is a decent app but it could do with a bit more development to make it great. It would be good if when the days play time was up they had 5 mins to save and exit their game then it would prevent any further play rather than just running an annoying alarm. Also a manual button to stop today’s play would be good. Something’s a play ban makes for a good punishment when your child is being naughty and ignoring your warnings.

以日区目前发售的21款游戏来看,首发游戏我会推荐:《塞尔达:荒野之息》、《1,2,Switch》、音乐游戏《VOEZ》、最多支持8人游戏的《超级炸弹人R》、RPG 类《勇者斗恶龙HEROS 1&2》,如果你是《Just Dance》系列爱好者的话,《Just Dance》也为Switch开发了一款首发游戏,可以拿下。另外我个人还要特别推荐一下任天堂第一方此次为Switch单独订制的《SnipperClips》原创小游戏,双人配合完成各种益智闯关游戏既烧脑,又对你和2P的沟通配合有较高的要求,算是首发游戏中我个人最喜欢的一款清流了!

1) the screen has never gotten a scratch after hundreds of hours of use. Even with some fairly casual handling a couple of drops. Not a scratch. Maybe I’m lucky, but IMO, the plastic seems sufficiently durable.



完美风暴:价格,硬件设计,软件支持开关的想法已经存在:Nvidia盾片是一个测试运行,但是开关做的更好。任天堂的游戏,从第一到第三,都是一流的。它的新塞尔达和马里奥游戏是一个时代的游戏。任天堂还完成了一项伟大的工作:围捕独立游戏开发商,制作一系列价格高昂的软件,如火箭联盟、Stardew Valley、Thumper和Steamworld等。与此同时,在冲动购买和挥霍之间,切换的价格徘徊在边界附近。不,售价300美元、280美元或470美元的价格并不便宜,但对于手持和控制台的两个控制器来说,这是一个完全公平的价格。玩了一年之后,我比以前更爱它了。

然而,马里奥党的核心是显而易见的,一直是多人游戏,在这里,即使在这里,马里奥党也在一个基本的方面犯罪: 缺乏游戏板,几乎所有事情都发生在那里。 由于在此之上100面对上面提到的,只有迷你游戏,一个接一个,只有一种模式,具有挑战性的迷你游戏,我们有一个单板所有的非常小的发生,应采取的研究恒星和货币是他们将在板上的各个点随机产生。 太糟糕了,这是如此之小,无论它发生在哪里, 明星将永远太靠近其中一名球员 在一个回合中或者最多两个回合就能够到达他们并占有他们,而不会让他人有机会希望在迷你游戏中取得和发起挑战。 无论如何 这绝对是最有趣的模式,因为董事会打破了这个行动,虽然很小,但为了某些(少量)的策略,使用一些奖励或琐碎的物品,使我们处于有利的地位,有时会推翻游戏的命运。

虽然 1989 年确实很早,但是这样的结构严格来说也并不是真正的无线手柄控制,因为手柄到发射器之间也还是需要用线连接的。[20]  2002 年,任天堂发布了真正的无线手柄,它就是 2002 E3 大展上的最佳外设奖得主 WaveBird。[20]  WaveBird 手柄通过无线频率配对的方式与 NGC 主机进行连接,这是真正意义上的无线手柄。[20]  任天堂的做法引发了其它各家厂商的纷纷跟风,第二年几乎各家都推出了自己的无线手柄。[20]  到现在,我们几乎看不到哪家主机产品还强制需要使用有线手柄的了。[20] 

第一款确认在制作的任天堂Switch游戏是史克威尔艾尼克斯的《勇者斗恶龙XI 追寻逝去的时光》,游戏在2015年7月28日正式公布,并称将计划登陆当时还被称作NX的任天堂Switch。[46]而任天堂本社第一款确认登陆新主机的游戏是《塞尔达传说 旷野之息》,游戏原先是Wii U平台独占。[47]在任天堂Switch正式公布后,育碧宣布旗下的《舞力全开2017》将会登陆任天堂Switch。[48]任天堂Switch的首部宣传片中出现了《上古卷轴V:天际》的画面,贝塞斯达表示很乐于与任天堂展开合作,但当时公司还没有确认哪款作品会登陆任天堂Switch,直到2017年1月13日的发表会才正式确认该游戏会在2017年秋季发售,这也是贝塞斯达首次在任天堂硬件平台上制作游戏。[49][50]而世嘉也确定将在2017年发售开发代号为“Project Sonic 2017”的《刺猬索尼克》系列新作也将会登陆任天堂Switch。[51]2017年5月,卡普空宣布《魔物猎人XX》正式登陆任天堂Switch平台。该作可几乎完整继承3DS版的存档。除了任天堂Switch版玩家可面连/网连之外,不同平台玩家也可以透过网连一同合作狩猎。[52][53]


  Switch 最为人所称道的,当然是它的多种玩法了。你可以将 Switch 的本体看成一部 6.2 英寸的平板电脑,但却又可以连接手柄当成掌机游玩。将“平板电脑”塞入底座,Switch 又实时变身成了一台 1080p 分辨率的家用机。两个小手柄 Joy-Con 本身也妙趣横生,你可以将它们插在握把上玩,插在 Switch 本体上玩,也可以一手一个,还能直接将它们中的一只当成独立手柄,而另一只递给朋友一起众乐乐。

第26条   外置充电问题    千万不要用乱七八糟的国产充电宝,来历不明的充电宝,没有任天堂认证的充电宝使用,最近发现有些玩家使用国产充电宝造成了NS进入假死状态,无论什么方法都无法充电,怀疑是非任天堂认证的那种设计电压或者电流某方面不合格导致故障,而且维修是没办法的哦,只能返厂,这就很致命了,3ds之类主机都没见过这种情况,毕竟NS的电压不再是掌机那种低压电路了。    如果非得要使用充电宝,建议去日本亚马逊搜索switch之后,看下跟NS认证有关的充电宝充电器充电线之类再选择日淘或者国内电商购买,暂时比较多的就是hori认证的手柄充电底座之类比较安全。 第27条   TF卡游戏转移    已经下载了游戏的旧TF卡,想要更换新的大内存TF卡该如何操作,如同以前的3ds一样,一个新卡在机器里面会产生配置列表等文件,最保险的方法是关机拔掉下载了游戏的旧TF卡,插上准备更换的新TF卡开机,然后关机拔掉新TF卡,用电脑将旧TF卡的所有文件复制到新TF卡(记得打开隐藏文件显示选项以防万一),然后插上新TF卡开机,撸吧! 第28条   双人游戏问题    通过早期日亚1-2switch的评论发现,日本死宅评分如此低是有原因的,切身体会下他们买到1-2switch发现所有游戏全部需要两人来玩,这还不给差评!    所以还是找个可爱有趣的小女朋友吧,这样会大大提高1-2switch,马里奥,arms,justdance等等游戏的乐趣


    本次来到评测室的并非79999元顶配,而是搭载了NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 SLi系统的29999元版本。顶配搭载的是NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Z SLi系统,21999元版本搭载的是AMD Radeon R9 270显卡版本,至于两款49999则是分别搭载了NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980三显卡与AMD Radeon R9 290X三显卡系统。



QC3.0 (382)Type-C (306)USB PD (247)无线充电 (158)QC2.0 (135)FCP (132)快充 (118)ORICO (115)小米 (112)lightning (104)10000mAh (89)MFi (88)ANKER (81)公牛 (79)华为 (78)三星 (74)魅族 (73)移动电源 (72)bc1.2 (67)紫米 (59)iPhone 8 (58)USB-C (55)JDB (55)POWER-Z (52)ROMOSS (49)Qi (46)momax (44)罗马仕 (43)RAVpower (43)iPhone (42)


  那么,从PC“移植”过去,就意味着主机环境与PC越接近,这项工作的就越容易。越容易成本就越低,开发商通过这种做法增加用户的积极性就越高。PS4和Xbox One都采用了和PC一样的x86结构,唯独Wii U没有。再加上Wii U的机能相对很孱弱,就导致了整体的第三方把先行开发的游戏“搬运”到任天堂的平台上过于困难。再加上Wii U的硬件特殊性不是很容易让开发商诞生创意积极原创,结果大家都知道了——“三坟”(编者注:即“第三方坟场”)。你买一台主机就等于拒绝了太多你喜欢的游戏:《巫师3》《合金装备5》《刺客信条》系列……对核心玩家而言,买与否这个选择,相信就不难做了。




“best nintendo switch games on sale |best nintendo switch games kids”

It’s easy to get hooked by Graceful Explosion Machine’s powerfully addictive loop of chaining together enemy kills and chasing high-scores. This intense 2D shoot ‘em up taps into the spirit of great games like Geometry Wars and Resogun, and it sets up tense encounters in small looping hallways where your quad weapons can chew through lots of enemies. But be careful! Mismanaging your power meter can leave you vulnerable to deadly enemies. GEM is an early Switch game that makes great use of HD to amplify enemy explosions and create interesting effects in the middle of a heated play session.

Expanded Assortment – Online Only Video Gaming, Entertainment & Electronics Claire’s Autism Awareness Holiday Gift Shop Mattel On the Go – Stay-cation On the Go – Vacations Starlight Bear 2016 See All >>

Jet has the Switch for varying prices, depending on how many you buy, and free shipping. You can also find it at Chunk Toys. Its prices change from week to week, but typically the console goes for around $450 to $500. Chuck offers various shipping options.

It’s not everyone that would have had the chance to enjoy Bayonetta 2 when it was first released back in 2014 thanks to its Wii U exclusivity. Fortunately, the game has finally come to Nintendo Switch alongside its fantastic predecessor, giving it the reach it deserves. 

Shovel Knight is not a new game. It saw its first release way back in 2014 on the PC after it was funded on Kickstarter, and since then versions have appeared on everything from the Vita to the PS4, the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U. 

Have you played all of your Nintendo Switch games and you’re looking for a bit more fun? I know how pricey they can be, especially if you’re on a budget. Sixty dollars on a game seems a bit high, but I have found some great games currently on sale for your pleasure!

The only downside to the Switch at this point, would be the lack of extra features. There are many great launch titles like Zelda and Mario Kart to enjoy, but the Nintendo eShop is pretty limited with downloadable content. Many times I found myself wishing that there was a YouTube app or Netflix, much like what the Wii U had, but there is nothing to offer at this point. I also miss the social aspect that was included in the Wii U. The MiiVerse for example, was a great way to meet other people to game with, share posts and clips of gameplay, but these are mysteriously absent from the Switch. There is a basic friends list to add people on, but not much more.

You need the best Nintendo Switch cases or covers you can buy. Don’t count on your Switch looking new for very long without one. Your Joy-Con controllers won’t look nice after a few weeks without a case either.

The Nintendo Switch released to a ton of hype, both good and bad, but I’ve been very happy with it since getting mine. It’s solid at what it does; convenient, portable gaming that still lets you relax in front of your big screen. This isn’t you mainstream console competitor, it isn’t going to have all the AAA titles that the Xbox and PlayStation get, but it will have the unique appeal that Nintendo always manages to bring to its brand. I bought it so that my kids could share in multiplayer games like SnipperClips and Mario Kart wherever we are, from the living room to the car, and it’s great at that.

Once you have the console, there’s no problem getting hold of games. You can order several of them through Walmart’s website, and GameStop, for example, has a wide range of Switch games and accessories you can purchase online.

Looking for a cheap Nintendo Switch with at least one game? We’ve seen this bundle for less, but if the other bundles sell out, then this is a decent alternative, especially as Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is still quite new. This is available with the red/blue edition of the Nintendo Switch at Currys.

Nintendo Switch cases come in different flavors. Joy-Con protectors keep your Nintendo Switch’s controllers from getting damaged in a fall. Nintendo Switch carry cases and travel cases are ideal ways to transport your console without covering it in something you will need to remove every time you drop it into the Nintendo Switch Dock. A Nintendo Switch case with a cover will protect your console’s display and double as an adjustable kickstand.

The Switch Pro Controller is a fantastic traditional controller – any gamer that plays a lot of docked Switch games on their TV should strongly consider picking one up. Like the pack-in Joy-Con controller, it includes an NFC chip to use with Nintendo’s Amiibo as well as a share button, so there’s no lost functionality. At $70 it’s on the expensive side for a standard controller, but it’s an excellent pick for anyone looking for a reliable second controller.

Runner3 is an upcoming rhythm platform video game which is also attached to the Bit.Trip series. Within the game, players will take the role of Commander Video as gamers fly through pathways, jumping, sliding or kicking obstacles that will come their way.

Dozens of retro-inspired 2D platforming games will likely come to Switch in its lifespan, but Slime-San’s unique blend of early Amiga game graphics, time-bending mechanics, and wet, slimy protagonist will continue to set it apart. With over 200 levels, tons of hidden collectibles, unlockable costumes and secret areas, hardcore platforming game players will find a ton to love in Slime-San. – Brian Altano

Like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Nintendo has given the original Splatoon a new lick of paint for the Switch. That means the addition of new stages, game modes (including a new solo campaign), weapons, and quirky clothes to the ink-splatting shooter.

“mejores calcomanías de cambio de nintendo _los mejores juegos de interruptor de nintendo para niños de 6 años”

En cuanto a los puertos y el cableado, debéis seleccionar el cobre, transmite en alta calidad. Aquí debéis mirar el costo, la calidad suele siempre costar un poco más. Basta que hagáis una comparativa de lo disponible para que notéis lo que os digo.

Comprar 14,99€ Accesorio iAmer 11 en 1 Accesorios para Nintendo Switch, con Funda Switch+Funda Transparente+3 Protector de pantalla+Funda de Silicona para Joy-Con+Joy-Con Pulgar Grips+2 Estuche De Juegos+Paño de limpieza

Parece que la Nintendo Switch tendrá que enfrentarse a un público muy exigente y lanzar unos buenos títulos que convenzan a los más pequeños de que ésta es su consola. Sobre todo porque hay una característica que no les va a gustar: posee control parental avanzado, que permitirá a los padres desde un teléfono móvil poder tomar mayores previsiones sobre lo que los niños están haciendo.

Lo primero que captura a los jugadores son los niveles que se crearon para Super Mario Odyssey , descritos  por Chris Kohler de Kotaku como “increíblemente hermosos, intrincados y variados”. Los mundos, sin embargo, no solo se ven bien, ya que Kyle Orland, de Ars Technica, notó lo apretados que están  los niveles con los secretos que simplemente piden ser descubiertos.

Una de las mejores noticias para Nintendo, ha sido la confirmación del apoyo de Electronic Arts, una compañía que hizo muchos juegos para Wii pero que dejó de lado a Wii U rápidamente tras lanzar juegos de la talla de FIFA o Mass Effect 3 en el lanzamiento de aquella máquina. Para Switch no han anunciado más juegos que FIFA, que los jugadores podrán disfrutar a finales de 2017, lo que quiere decir que es FIFA 18.

En casa, esta consola ir dentro de la base que irá conectada a la televisor donde a la vez se cargará y podremos jugar con amigos y familia. Si la retiramos de la base, se iniciará el modo portátil en su pantalla de alta definición y jugar donde con la posibilidad de separar los mando Joy-Con que nos permite múltiples posibilidades de juego.

Para utilizar Project64 tan solo debemos dirigirnos a su web oficial y descargar la versión más actual tras hacernos con las roms de nuestros juegos favoritos. Cabe avisaros de que puede que al tratar de descargarla vuestro navegador os reporte un error de seguridad, debido a que la versión 2.2 contiene cierto adware… Si este es vuestro caso podéis descargar la versión 1.6 desde Jabosoft.

Recuerda que la consola sale a la venta el 3 de Marzo de 2017, pero que ya se puede comprar en preventa en todos lados. Hemos repasado los precios en España y hemos encontrado dos sitios donde la venden con un ligero descuento.

Es todavía demasiado pronto para decir si el interruptor será un éxito, y una variedad de factores pueden afectar el rendimiento de ventas del sistema, pero último en hardware de Nintendo parece estar apagado a un comienzo fuerte.

Ahora bien, si algún problema ha habido históricamente para los emuladores de las últimas consolas de Nintendo ha sido el tema de las dos pantallas. Citra permite resolver este problema de varias formas diferentes, dependiendo del juego al que estés jugando.

–En su dock  o modo TV– Instala la consola Nintendo Switch en la base de Nintendo Switch, conecta el cable HDMI a tu televisor y juega en la pantalla grande como harías con cualquier otra consola doméstica. Así toda la familia puede unirse a la diversión.

Funda para Nintendo Switch – Younik versión mejorada de estuche dura para transporte con gran espacio de almacenamiento para 19 cartuchos de juegos, Adaptador de corriente u otros accesorios de Nintendo Switch

Musou® – [Switcher HDMI ] | Conmutador / Divisor HDMI | 3D/Full HD 1080p Splitter HDMI | 3 Puertos de Conmutación HDMI | Switch inteligente – conmutación automática y manual | 3 Enter 1 Exportación | Con el control remoto | 3 x 1 HUB 3 entradas 1 salida| Con amplificador | para Portátiles, Blue-ray, TV, HD-DVD, PS3 y Xbox 360 | etc. (Negro)

Otro secreto a voces desde el primer vídeo de presentación de la consola, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim llegará a Switch presumiblemente muy cerca de la fecha de lanzamiento. Será el primer juego de Bethesda para una consola de Nintendo, y también la primera adaptación portátil de uno de los grandes juegos de rol de los últimos años.

Volver arriba ↑ Craddock, David (13 de enero de 2017). «Nintendo Switch has a 720p screen, 32 GB of storage, and expandable storage vía microSDXC cardos». Shacknews. Consultado el 13 de enero de 2017.

Entre ellas destacan nombres como Bethesda, Atlus, From Software, Activision, PlatinumGames, Electronic Arts, Square Enix, Ubisoft, (quienes están entusiasmados con esta plataforma), Bandai Namco y Warner Bros, por mencionar tan solo unos pocos ejemplos, por lo que todo apunta a que se va a subsanar una de las grandes carencias de Wii U. Podéis consultar la lista completa de compañías que darán apoyo justo a continuación:

“dónde comprar juegos de conmutador de nintendo -el mejor conmutador nintendo para niños de 6 años”

Periféricos son bastante caros:  ¿Quieres un juego extra de Joy-Cons? Eso $ 8 0. ¿Qué hay de un controlador profesional para evitar que la incómoda sensación de la empuñadura de la Alegría-Con? Otro $ 80. Es posible que desee una tarjeta SD para ampliar la memoria interna insignificante, y que no se encontrará libre tampoco. Hay costos ocultos asociados con el conmutador de Nintendo que se sienten por encima de lo que hemos visto con algunas otras consolas, y también lo hacen ni por un momento cree que está saliendo de la tienda sólo pasar el $ 300 para la propia consola. Siendo uno de los primeros siempre es caro, y el interruptor es una proposición más caro que el PS4 bien establecida y Xbox One. Si desea obtener más provecho de la cosa, estar dispuestos a pagar.

En este videojuego podrás crear tus propios Skylanders y combatir en la aventura definitiva junto a los todopoderosos Senseis para salvar Skylands. Tendrás que ponerte en la piel del Maestro del Portal y defender a Skylands de Kaos, quién está empleando la magia mental para dirigir a un ejército de Doomlanders. ¿Podrás lograrlo?

El  bombo de Super Mario Odyssey se  ha estado acumulando desde que se anunció formalmente junto con el conmutador de Nintendo a principios de este año. Parece que el bombo se ha justificado, ya que la aventura del mundo abierto está en camino de ser el mejor  juego de Super Mario jamás creado.

El agarre de Pupper no solo tiene un aspecto excelente, sino que también carga los controles Joy-Con. El agarre Joy-Con normal que viene con la consola no carga los Joy-Cons, y el agarre de carga oficial cuesta alrededor de $ 10 más que el Pupper.

El precio oficial de la Nintendo Switch se ha fijado en 329,95€, pero que seguro que si la bajan de precio en algún momento, es amazon, el que inicia esa bajada o el que igualará los mejores precios como siempre hacen. Ya que es una consola que tiene mucha expectación y que tiene muchos seguidores. Además es una de las consolas más baratas en la fecha de su lanzamiento, ya que normalmente en los lanzamientos iniciales, suben bastante los precios.

Debes ver al Nintendo Switch no tanto como una compra, sino como una inversión ¿Cuánto beneficio te va a dar a corto, mediano y largo plazo? ¿Tienes otras consolas de Nintendo? ¿Cuántos de tus amigos, familiares o conocidos van a adquirir la consola? ¿Es importante que te compres la consola en sus primeros meses?

Todo eso puede convencer fácilmente a cualquier amante de los videojuegos, pero también hay que tener en cuenta que según el pack que compres y dónde lo compres, la PS Vita puede fácilmente convertirse en la consola portátil más cara.

Lo primero que captura a los jugadores son los niveles que se crearon para Super Mario Odyssey , descritos  por Chris Kohler de Kotaku como “increíblemente hermosos, intrincados y variados”. Los mundos, sin embargo, no solo se ven bien, ya que Kyle Orland, de Ars Technica, notó lo apretados que están  los niveles con los secretos que simplemente piden ser descubiertos.

La Nintendo Switch viene con dos mandos llamados Joy-Con, en concreto los Joy-Con L y Joy-Con R. Miden 10.2 x 3.6 x 2.8 cm, y pesan 49 g y 52 g respectivamente. Los mandos se pueden utilizar de cuatro maneras diferentes: enganchados a la consola Switch por los lados, retirados y utilizados por separado por un solo jugador en cada mano (parecido al Wii Remote y al Nunchuk), enganchado al apoyo de los Joy-Con para ofrecer una forma parecida a los mandos clásicos habituales o utilizado individualmente por dos jugadores. Una sola Switch puede permitir hasta ocho Joy-Con a la vez.66​

En su mayoría funciona: El interruptor es un ambicioso esfuerzo. La mayoría de las consolas se contentan con ser sólo una caja que juega juegos, pero el interruptor tiene mucho más en su placa, y por lo tanto mucho más oportunidades para fallar. ¿Las buenas noticias? No se necesita la mayoría de esas oportunidades. El conmutador maneja sus transiciones de marcas con la gracia, de alegría-Cons romperse satisfactoriamente en su lugar a cada lado de la consola y volver de nuevo, la imagen apareciendo en su lugar en cualquiera de las pantallas. Medios de memoria flash que se trata en forma más rápida y simplemente como un iPhone, lo cual es algo satisfactorio ver que en el mundo de los juegos de consola. El interruptor, en general, es un producto limpio y eficaz, que hace lo que se propone hacer.

En el caso de aparatos tecnológicos, es muy probable que lo retengan para revisarlo, sobre todo si el precio es superior a 50 dólares y si el empaque es grande. Aduana puede consultar cuánto cuesta el aparato que quieres traer, y a partir de ahí cobrarte impuestos, que pueden aumentar el precio del producto en más de 100%.

“les meilleurs jeux de commutateur Nintendo Black Friday Friday |le meilleur verre de protecteur d’écran d’interrupteur de nintendo”

Après une futur console rétro, est possible mais pas tout de suite, car Nintendo va lancer sa console virtuelle sur Switch. Et vue l’engouement pour la NES Mini, Nintendo aura comme argument pour la Switch de jouer au jeux NES et SuperNes partout. Et vendre encore plus de Switch.

Le Joy-Con droit incorpore une zone NFC qui permet d’interagir avec les amiibo, ainsi qu’une caméra infrarouge à détecteur de mouvements pouvant détecter la distance, la forme et le mouvement des objets à proximité dans les jeux conçus pour utiliser cette fonctionnalité.

I played Breath of the Wild on the Switch both in a handheld configuration and on a 65-inch 4K TV, and the game nicely shows off the system’s power in both cases. While Nintendo has made no claims about the Switch’s graphical capabilities in comparison with the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One, it’s clearly more powerful than the Wii U. Connected to a TV and outputting at 1080p, the game’s stylized graphics look sharp and eye-catching. They’re just as good on the smaller 720p screen of the Switch itself.

That’s a huge deal. Main-series “Pokémon” games have only ever come to Nintendo’s handheld game consoles. But with the Switch, Nintendo’s main game console is also its main handheld console. And that means there’s only one place for Pokémon to go: the Switch!

In August 2017, the Los Angeles-based tablet peripheral manufacturer Gamevice filed a lawsuit against Nintendo in the United States District Court for the Central District of California, alleging that the design of the Switch conflicts with its patent on the design for the Wikipad, an Android-based gaming device that also features a tablet with a detachable controller. The lawsuit sought damages on existing Switch sales and banning further sales of the console.[295] The lawsuit was voluntarily dismissed by Gamevice in October of that same year.[296]

Mais voilà, en y regardant de plus près, quelque chose ne semble pas juste : le fait de profiter d’avoir tant de fans pour leur proposer une console, des accessoires et des jeux à un prix franchement exagéré. Proposer la Nintendo Switch à 249 euros avec un jeu eût été plus sage que de la vendre à 330 euros, avec seulement 32 Go de mémoire.

But now that Mario, Zelda and the sheer buzz of the Switch’s launch are behind us, can the Big N keep up the momentum? Here’s what to expect from Nintendo’s hot new console in 2018, from new features and services to the system’s next crop of must-have games.

Initial conception for the Switch started shortly after the release of the Wii U in 2012.[8] Kimishima stated that when Nintendo was evaluating what new hardware they wanted to produce, they “didn’t just want a successor” to either the Nintendo 3DS or Wii U, but instead asked “what kind of new experience can we create?”[5] In an interview with Asahi Shimbun, Kimishima stated that the Switch was designed to provide a “new way to play” that would “have a larger impact than the Wii U”.[9][10][11] Nintendo of America president and COO Reggie Fils-Aimé emphasized the console’s appeal as a device that would provide gamers the option to play at home or on the go, and noted that it would enable developers to create new types of games.[12]

If you want to play games on your TV you’ll need to plug the dock into the TV via HDMI, and hook it up to some power via the included USB Type-C power lead. The console then easily slips into the dock. 

Le design de la partie “tablette” s’avère donc très simple et ne fait pas vraiment le poids face à une tablette ou un smartphone de 2017, mais ce n’est de toute façon pas son objectif. On regrette quand même un très large cadre autour de l’écran — 1,5 cm sur les côtés, 1 cm dessous et dessus — et l’on se dit que Nintendo aurait pu largement agrandir la diagonale de sa dalle en rognant sur ces marges.

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Fire Emblem has been a beloved series since its first installment which launched all the way back in 1990.The series has seen a number of installments since then and one of the upcoming titles to launch next year will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

Vous hésitez sur quel smartphone choisir cette année, et le budget n’est pas un problème ? Vous souhaitez uniquement le meilleur du meilleur ? Voici la sélection des meilleurs smartphones disponibles cette année.

The Nintendo Switch has had an absolutely incredible first eight months and has amassed an impressive library of AAA first party games and indie darlings. As year one is winding down, we thought now would be a perfect time to create our first (of many) Top 25 lists for Nintendo’s hybrid console.

Fast RMX peut être joué dans toute configuration du commutateur, et dispose d’un bon système de multijoueur en ligne aussi bien. La ligue principale commence comme facile, mais devient extrêmement difficile, grâce à implacable AI du jeu; avec le jeu de lancer des araignées robots et autres dangers à vous. Cela pourrait ne pas avoir un vaste complot, mais fait un jeu parfait pour le jeu de go.

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Ce type il achète des télés à 3.000€ des Téléphones à 1000€ et il achète des tee-shirts à 100€ Parce qu’il y a un logo Apple et là il va dire qu’une console à 300€ c’est cher , mec tu dépasses les bornes

It was a familiar story. Nintendo has a weird, wild idea. Detachable controls on a tablet. A dock that turns a handheld into a console. Even the name of the little wireless, button-studded mini-remotes was weird: Joy-Cons.

MAJ 28/04 avec le test de la Switch. La Switch de Nintendo est une console bien aboutie qui offre une jouabilité impressionnante dans un format compact. Mais la pauvreté du catalogue de titres au-delà du nouveau Zelda et la pénurie de fonctionnalités en font pour le moment une ardoise vierge au potentiel encore inexploité.

Après 9 mois d’utilisation, la Nintendo Switch me séduit toujours autant. Les nouveaux jeux rassurent même de l’avoir achetée dès le jour de sa sortie. Aux vues du carton commercial, je ne suis pas le seul à m’être laissé tenter. Pour ma part, aucun regret. C’est la console que j’utilise le plus au quotidien, celle qui me procure un vrai plaisir de jeu. Les univers sont magiques, les jeux sont ludiques, je suis chaque fois émerveillé et nostalgique.

Protection écran pour Nintendo Switch en Verre Trempé par Orzly – PACK DE 2 FILMS – Premium Ultra Résistant en Verre Trempé – Revêtement Oléophobe 100% Transparent pour protéger l’écran 6.2 pouces de la console Nintendo Switch (Modèle 2017)

The way the console transfers the viewing experience from its own screen to the television is as seamless as it could possibly be. You don’t even have to pause your current game – it happens completely in real time. 

Depuis la sortie de Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, ce raisonnement est un peu moins vrai, car la ludothèque comprend désormais 40 jeux. La console a donc un argument de plus, même si Mario Kart 8 Deluxe n’est qu’une réédition de la version sortie sur Wii  U, avec quelques contenus additionnels et l’ensemble de DLC sortis au fil des ans. Le jeu reste toutefois toujours aussi amusant. C’est un immanquable de console. Nous avons déjà passé plusieurs heures dessus, nous sommes toujours aussi conquis. Nos collègues de Gamekult sont d’ailleurs du même avis. 

This upcoming title will retain the classic turn-based battle system with an added ability of a Boost system. The boost system will allow players to attack an enemy multiple times during a turn if enough Boost Points are acquired.

What you will probably see, however, are new colors, bundles and possibly even new types of controllers. Nintendo has already released special themed Joy-Cons inspired by Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2 and Arms, and it’s easy imagine the company doing something similar for major releases such as Yoshi and Kirby.

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“los mejores juegos del interruptor de Nintendo skyrim |la mejor caja de conmutador nintendo con dock”

Incluye giroscopio, control de movimiento de la ayuda, retumbar de HD, funciones de Turbo. Botones del hombro del disparador de la Rápida-acción, palillos analógicos del desplazamiento de la precisión.

Hace años que no compraba una consola, no me llamaban mucho la atencion, pues soy jugador de pc, sin embargo, en estos años empece a viajar bastante y me era imposible jugar a gusto en los viajes, por eso decidi comprar el switch, y a decir verdad fue una muy buena compra, vale bastante la pena, me ha recordado la epoca en donde jugaba al NES, y sobre todo por su portabilidad pues jugar donde sea.

Mandos Joy-Con y Grip: en la caja, vienen incluídos los mandos con los que controlaremos la videoconsola, y que pueden desacoplarse de la misma, gracias a una tecnología de raíles. Además también encontraremos el “Grip”, un accesorio para sujetarlos como si se tratase de un Joystick tradicional. En caso de que no nos gusten estos nuevos controles, Nintendo ha puesto a la venta por separado, el Pro-Switch Controller, un pad con un diseño clásico para jugar cómodamente, y que además es totalmente compatible con el PC.

La consola tiene apoyo con el inalámbrico Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, que tiene un diseño más clásico que recuerda al Wii Classic Controller Pro y al Wii U Pro Controller.71​ El Pro Controller tiene un precio recomendado de $70.72​

Una de las grandes novedades que incluyen los mandos Joy-Con es algo que Nintendo ha bautizado como “vibración HD” un sistema de vibración súper avanzado que permite notar hasta los movimientos más sensibles y precisos del juego, trasladandolos al mando.

Por otra parte, la Nintendo Switch se conecta a Internet mediante WiFi 802-11 a/b/g/n/ac y ofrece opciones de conectividad mediante Bluetooth 4.1, permitiendo conectar hasta 8 videoconsolas de manera simultánea para online.

Nintendo Switch se puso a la venta a comienzos del pasado mes de marzo y ha sido un éxito en todo el mundo. La nueva consola consiguió vender casi 46.000 unidades en su estreno en España, transformándose en el lanzamiento de hardware de entretenimiento más exitoso de todos los tiempos en el país y confirmándose como un objeto de deseo para los jugadores de videojuegos.

La primera aparición pública del hardware de la Switch fue junto con el anuncio de la alianza entre Nintendo y DeNA el 17 de marzo de 2015. En este momento, Nintendo se refirió a la consola con el nombre en clave NX, y lo describió como un “nuevo concepto de marca”.25​ En una reunión con inversores en abril de 2016, Nintendo anunció sus planes de lanzar la NX en todo el mundo en marzo de 2017.26​27​ Mientras Nintendo no enseñó el hardware de la NX en la E³ 2016 de junio, sí dijo que The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, originalmente anunciado como exclusivo de Wii U, también saldría para la NX. En una reunión con accionistas posterior a la conferencia, Miyamoto dijo que la compañía tenía preocupaciones sobre si los competidores intentaban copiar ideas de la NX si la revelaban demasiado pronto.28​ En el siguiente mes empezaron a aparecer rumores sobre la naturaleza de la consola, incluyendo su uso del procesador Tegra X1 de Nvidia y que es un dispositivo híbrido enfocado en el uso de sobremesa y portátil a la vez.29​30​31​

Hace poco se filtró que Nintendo había ordenado doblar la producción de la Switch, con lo que pretendía fabricar 16 millones de consolas a lo largo de los próximos 12 meses. La compañía japonesa llegó a asegurar que nadie se quedaría sin una Switch en el lanzamiento, así que está claro que sus previsiones de ventas se han desbordado, y el stock de la consola no resultaba suficiente.

Estuve pensando mucho tiempo si comprar esta consola o no pero después de escuchar tanto sobre la calidad de los últimos juegos de nintendo me avente a comprarla y… no me arrepiento para nada, al contrario estoy muy feliz con mi decisión, creo que nintendo nuevamente logro hacer una consola de excelente calidad y sus juegos que tienen ese sello característico son prácticamente imposibles de igualar.

Nintendo sufrió en 2014 una de las peores pérdidas económicas de su historia actual, atribuidas a las pocas ventas de hardware contra la industria de los móviles.12​ Anteriormente, la compañía se mostraba hostil contra este mercado, puesto que el entonces presidente Satoru Iwata decía que “Nintendo tendría que cerrar” y perder su identidad si intentaban entrar en él.13​ Tres años antes al anuncio de la Switch, Iwata, Tatsumi Kimishima (entonces, director), Genyo Takeda (asesor de tecnología) y Shigeru Miyamoto (entonces, ejecutivo sénior) diseñaron una estrategia para revitalizar el modelo de industria de Nintendo, y esto incluía entrar en el mercado de los móviles, crear nuevo software y “maximizar su propiedad intelectual”14​15​ Poco antes de su muerte, Iwata hizo una alianza de mercado con la proveedora de servicios para móviles japonesa DeNA para desarrollar aplicaciones de móviles basadas en las primeras marcas de Nintendo, creyendo que esta aproximación no pondría en un compromiso su integridad. Después de la muerte de Iwata en julio de 2015, Kimishima fue nombrado presidente de Nintendo, mientras que Miyamoto recibió el nombre de asesor creativo.

Compara las decenas de changelogs de Project64 con la versión 2.5 de Mupen64Plus (que salió en Abril), la cual modificó el recompilador dinámico haciéndolo bastante más rápido. Casi el mismo nivel de cambios.

En el momento de su presentación oficial, se esperaba que Nintendo anunciase alguna sorpresa secreta como decían algunas especulaciones y las numerosas patentes innovadoras registradas por la compañía, Sin embargo, no fue así, y en vez de hablar de hardware y teraflops, los mandos Joycon asumieron el mayor protagonismo: estos mandos de quita y pon a ambos lados de la consola tienen muchas más funciones de las que pensábamos y dan lugar a nuevas posibilidades. De hecho, se anunciaron dos nuevos juegos que harán uso exhaustivo de sus funciones. También se confirmó que la consola no tendrá protección regional, es decir, es region-free.

En primer lugar destaca el mando Pro de Nintendo Switch, un control alámbrico con la misma forma que un mando tradicional y que es idóneo para jugar durante periodos prolongados en los modos televisor y sobremesa o simplemente para ser usado por aquellos a los que no les acaben de gustar los nuevos controles.  Con un tamaño de 106 mm x 152 mm x 60 mm está equipado con un acelerómetro, un giroscopio, un sistema de vibraciones HD, una batería de litio de aproximadamente 40 horas de duración así como con un punto de contacto NFC para Amiibo entre otros muchos elementos. Si vas a comprar Nintendo Switch pero eres fan de esta clase de mandos, es mejor que también adquieras uno de ellos.

El concepto de la Switch surgió como reacción de Nintendo a varios trimestres de pérdidas financieras en 2014, atribuidas a las malas ventas de su consola anterior, la Wii U, así como una mayor competencia en el mercado de los juegos para dispositivos móviles. Posteriormente, el presidente de Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, empujó a la compañía en la dirección de los juegos móviles y la creación de un hardware totalmente nuevo.

Para utilizar Project64 tan solo debemos dirigirnos a su web oficial y descargar la versión más actual tras hacernos con las roms de nuestros juegos favoritos. Cabe avisaros de que puede que al tratar de descargarla vuestro navegador os reporte un error de seguridad, debido a que la versión 2.2 contiene cierto adware… Si este es vuestro caso podéis descargar la versión 1.6 desde Jabosoft.

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Choosing between the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons and Pro Controller ultimately comes down to personal comfort. If your hands feel cramped on the Joy-Con layout, the Pro Controller is going to be what you want. If you plan to be portable with your Switch more often than not, and can’t guarantee a convenient place to use the included kickstand, the Joy-Con layout is going to be a great deal more convenient.

A Harry le gustan algunos videojuegos de toda la vida, títulos buenos que parece que no pasan de moda como Sports Island — originalmente lanzado en 2008 — y Beyblade: Metal Fusion 4 — de 2009. ¿El Motivo? “No me gusta demasiado Nintendo”, me aseguró.

Puede hacer clic aquí para obtener más información sobre todos los programas y programas que llegan a Nintendo Switch a partir de hoy. Solo espero que Hulu sea solo el comienzo y otros servicios de transmisión como Netflix, Amazon Prime y HBO Go también lanzan sus aplicaciones para Nintendo Switch en el futuro. Háganos saber si está entusiasmado con este desarrollo o no dejando caer sus pensamientos en la sección de comentarios a continuación.

Este paquete incluye la consola Nintendo Switch, la base de Nintendo Switch de color negro y los controles Joy-Con izquierdo y derecho de color azul y rojo respectivamente. También incluye todo lo que necesitas para empezar.

De manera que tendrás la posibilidad de elegir en todo momento dónde, cuándo y cómo jugar con tu videoconsola, eliminando la necesidad de adquirir un modelo para el hogar y otro para viajes y pudiendo aprovechar cualquier tiempo libre que tengas para jugar a tu videojuego favorito. Suena bien, ¿verdad?

Entra la tableta de la Nintendo Switch y 2 x Mandos Joy-Con. Tiene además de un bolsillo interior para guardar los cables, juegos, y otros accesorios pequeños pero esenciales (Por favor, dese cuenta de que accesorios grandes como el dock o mandos pro-controller no entran dentro de esta funda)

Nintendo describe que con la consola y la base hay tres métodos de jugabilidad que se pueden utilizar con la Switch; el modo TV con la consola dentro de la base para jugar con un televisor grande, el modo sobremesa con la consola apoyada sobre una superficie con su apoyo para jugar lejos de una pantalla, o en modo portátil como una portátil táctil tradicional.58​59​ Los jugadores pueden intercambiar entre estos modos colocando o sacando la consola de la base, sacando o escondiendo el apoyo o extrayendo o conectando los Joy-Con. Nintendo ha dicho que la Switch es una “experiencia de un jugador”, en que el jugador verá el contenido de la consola cuando está fuera de la base, o en la pantalla enganchada en la base cuando la consola está dentro. La Switch no incluirá función de dos pantallas como el que tenía la Wii U y su GamePad.60​

En la versión iPad, cosas como verificar las estadísticas de los personajes o incluso verificar los nombres de los edificios en la ciudad, son bastante difíciles. Tienes que tocar y mover el dedo sobre la pantalla táctil para hacer eso en el iPad, pero en el Switch puedes hacerlo a través del stick izquierdo y es mucho más simple.

Este juego de rol japonés comenzó en la PS4 y PC, y está llegando al conmutador también. De ello se desprende los tropos clásicos del género – se le acumula un partido, habla a los habitantes de las ciudades, aprende nuevas habilidades, y luchar contra los enemigos. I Am Setsuna se inspira en los grandes como JRPG gatillo crono, y ha recibido críticas positivas en otros sistemas.

Va a ser la consola más potente de Nintendo, donde combina la potencia de una consola doméstica y la movilidad de las consolas portátiles, donde los jugadores podremos seguir la partida donde queramos. Para que nos hagamos una idea de su potencia, es más potente que la Ps3 pero menos que la Ps4, pero gracias a su movilidad, será una consola TOP Ventas.

Logística de Amazon es un servicio que Amazon ofrece a los vendedores y que les permite almacenar sus productos en los centros logísticos de Amazon. Amazon recibe, prepara y envía los productos además de gestionar el Servicio de Atención al Cliente.

De momento The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild se postula como título más interesante para Nintendo Switch, pero además de este hay otros como 1.2 Switch, Super Bomberman R y otros títulos menos reconocidos. Y durante el próximo mes de abril llegará uno de los lanzamientos importantes, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Estamos pendientes también de que lleguen Super Mario Odyssey, ARMS, Splatoon 2 y un largo etcétera, pero si quieres la Nintendo Switch ya mismo para disfrutar de Zelda, estas son algunas de las mejores ofertas que puedes encontrar en sitios de confianza.

Hablando de juegos, el catálogo de las consolas Nintendo suele ser tildado de infantil, por su temática y sus gráficos coloridos de estilo dibujo animado. De hecho, Nintendo triunfa sobre todo entre el público más joven. Pero eso no quiere decir que no puedas encontrar juegos para todas las edades, como los clásicos de Super Mario, la saga del Profesor Layton o las aventuras de Zelda.

Como siempre que se lanza una nueva videoconsola, los interesados en comprar Nintendo Switch suelen tener numerosas dudas sobre su funcionamiento. En este apartado vamos a tratar de responder a las más comunes:

Parece que las compañías japonesas se están volcando en dar un gran apoyo a Switch. Sega ha anunciado Sonic Mania y Puyo Puyo Tetris, Square Enix una versión de I am Setsuna además del misterioso Project Octopath Traveller de los creadores de Bravely Default y de las adaptaciones de Dragon Quest Heroes I y II (que se suman a los ya confirmados Dragon Quest X y Dragon Quest XI). El creador japonés SUDA 51 ha confirmado por sorpresa que No More Heroes volverá con una secuela para Switch (el original fue uno de los juegos más llamativos de Wii). Bandai Namco ha confirmado que Switch recibirá una versión de Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Konami que Super Bomberman R tendrá una versión exclusiva para Switch.

A la elección de cada uno queda qué juego adquirir con la Nintendo Switch, aunque la elección de la mayoría de los aficionados será The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. A continuación te dejamos nuestro listado de 7 tiendas donde comprar la Nintendo Switch barata y de forma fiable, todas ellas disponibles en Internet, pero otras también con locales físicos.

La Switch se vende dentro de un paquete que tiene un precio recomendado de 329,99 €, ¥29 980 (Japón), $299,99 (EE. UU.), £279,99 (Reino Unido) o AU$469,95 (Australia).55​56​ El paquete incluye la consola Switch, la base, dos Joy-Con (izquierdo y derecho), dos correas para los Joy-Con, la carcasa, un adaptador de corriente y un cable HDMI.57​ Fils-Aime ha dicho que la compañía ha intentado mantener el precio del paquete a 300 dólares en los Estados Unidos y que cualquier accesorio o juego adicional haría aumentar el precio a un nivel que desinteresaría a los consumidores y perjudicaría a las ventas.