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Included in the Nintendo Switch Console are a left and right Joy-Con control w/ wrist straps and grip. The Switch features a 6.2″, multi-touch capacitive screen w/ resolution of 1280×720. It has a 32GB internal storage w/ WiFi and USB type C connector and supports up to eight Nintendo Switch players.

Nintendo Switch cases come in different flavors. Joy-Con protectors keep your Nintendo Switch’s controllers from getting damaged in a fall. Nintendo Switch carry cases and travel cases are ideal ways to transport your console without covering it in something you will need to remove every time you drop it into the Nintendo Switch Dock. A Nintendo Switch case with a cover will protect your console’s display and double as an adjustable kickstand.

So far, all we know is that Yoshi will be back into action in a new platforming title exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Visually, the video game looks to take some cues from the Paper Mario franchise but instead is focused on more construction-grade paper. For now, we’ll simply have to wait and see just what Nintendo has in-store.

With the Nintendo Switch, where you play Super Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2 is up to you. That freedom puts your console at risk. The more you carry it, the more opportunities you have to drop it and break its screen. Even if you don’t break its display, expect scratches to appear if you don’t cover your device in the best Nintendo Switch cases and the best Nintendo Switch screen protectors you can buy. Even the Joy-Cons need protection. The motion sensors in these $49.99 controllers could break after one drop without any protection.  

The glory days of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion hold fond memories for millions of people, and now the duo behind both those games, Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, have brought us Thimbleweed Park, a return to the point-and-click adventures of the early 90s. With the same sarcastic, surreal and self-referential sense of humour that the very best Lucasfilm Games adventures were known for, Thimbleweed Park is the perfect love letter to a much-loved era.

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Ideal for all ages The game takes a long time to load from when you start up the game to the start menu. But this can be avoided by loading the game up beforehand when you get into the game world and leaving it in sleep mode.

A great co-op title you can grab physically or download digitally from the Nintendo eShop. Up to four players can play locally on one TV to serve up tasty orders across a range of kitchens, each with its own set of obstacles. It may even inspire you to ditch the Pot Noodles in favour of some home-cooked grub IRL.

This Nintendo switch game is available in 3 languages, namely Japanese, English, and French. This is to say, there is the English version, Japanese version, and French version of the game. The Square Enix Switch I am Setsuna is great and will make you have a nostalgic feeling about the games you enjoyed when you were young. The multiple languages also make it easy to follow instructions and enjoy the “I am Setsuna” Nintendo Game.

Game all my life, Atari, nintendo(s), sega,…playstation(s). This is where Nintendo won me back. The hybrid console idea is just brilliant!! At first I was skeptical, but I absolutely love the Switch after I was able to finish Zelda Breath of the Wild (120 hours over 3 months) here, there, and everywhere. Get off work, play, cook, play, help wife, help daughter with homework, chill at in-laws and play, etc., life of a gaming dad… but the sleep mode of the Switch works flawlessly! The Switch is the only console that allows me to do that! And Zelda BOTW is the best game of its kind in years! So far I got Zelda, Arms, Splattoon2, Rabbid+Mario, and some indie games. Haven’t had so much fun since the original nintendo from 30 years ago.

Players will be treated to new weapons, stages, and more game modes. The game has also been improved upon visually. Local and online multiplayer are available, too. Difficult to get bored with the game, as it’s consistently and continually updated.

Even with the Switch being a relatively new gadget, there are plenty of excellent add-ons that enhance and supplement the experience. Here are some of the best accessories you can get right now to elevate your Switch experience.

Nintendo always brings amazing experience out of its own studios, and the Switch has already seen some of the best games of all time in its first year.  Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8: Deluxe, Splatoon 2,  ARMS, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Fire Emblem Warriors, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and the astounding Super Mario Odyssey have all wowed us.

That means you have a pretty good shot of getting one as long as you’re willing to wait in line early on Friday, although I was told multiple times that they have no idea how many units each store will receive. But this is a great place to start your hunt that morning if you decide you have to have one and don’t mind waking up early.

Honorable Mentions: Puyo Puyo Tetris, Fast RMX; Kamiko; Snake Pass; Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment; Blaster Master Zero; World of Goo; Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition; Gonner; Tumbleseed; Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap; Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment; Shantae: Half-Genie Hero; Doom; Skyrim; LA Noire; Xenoblade Chronicles 2; The Sexy Brutale.

Got a Switch? If so, you’ll need Super Mario Odyssey stat. Alongside Zelda, it’s one of the absolute best reasons to have the handheld. In fact, if you don’t have the Switch, we advise running out and buying one with both of those games right now. Go on, we’ll wait.

The Nintendo Switch is finally here and you know what that means; it is time for great games. Over the years, Nintendo has been making sure that your time is well spent with quality, innovative games that try to make you come up with witty solutions as well as enable you to make various discoveries. Nintendo also ensures that its games are handheld meaning you will be able to play anywhere with anyone.

At times it’s hard to believe something like this is running on Nintendo’s portable console as you climb vast mountains and trawl through dark industrial cities. It’s one of Monolith Soft’s finest efforts yet, and feels right at home on Switch.

Major retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and Target all have buy pages for the Nintendo Switch. (Currently, Amazon has stock of the Switch in Gray and Neon Blue/Red and is the only store that can deliver it on time for Christmas).

Possibly not! Remember how the Joy-Con controller splits in two? Turn them sideways and you get two basic controllers, each with their own analogue stick and face buttons – the d-pad acts as face functions on the left controller. So far we’ve seen 2K’s NBA series, Snipper Clips and Mario Kart being used this way for local multiplayer in both docked and tablet modes. So you get multiplayer functionality straight out of the box with no additional purchase required.

Super Mario Odyssey is Mario’s first real outing on the Nintendo Switch and he makes his debut in style. Odyssey is a 3D sandbox adventure that sees Mario travel between a wide range of worlds to save Princess Peach from the nefarious and maritally-minded Bowser. 

The Nintendo Switch is approaching a year of existence and, what was once an incredibly underserved console is now overflowing with games to pick up and play. Trying to find titles on the eShop can be an absolute farce, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back with our guide to the best Nintendo Switch games around.

Splatoon 2 is a team-based, third-person shooter where players use colored ink to attack opponents and beat goals. Players can transform into squids and navigate through the ink that splattered in order to avoid detection. Various game modes include an online and offline multiplayer Turf War battle where players must cover the entire level with ink. The game features a variety of different weapons and is just as fun and intense as the more popular shooters on the market.

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Update #2: The Nintendo Switch has been out for about two weeks now, as of March 16, and systems remain hard to find. Your best bet right now is to call local retailers and ask when they expect to get restocked and how those lines will be handled.

The biggest problem is the game’s price, which is the same as big budget triple-A games like The Legend of Zelda. For a multiplayer-only experience that’s a little bit steep, but if you see the game discounted anywhere then this is an excellent game to have on the Switch. 

The 3DS best-sellers list also doesn’t contain any surprises, as it remains largely the same as it was when Nintendo last updated it back in February. Three of the top five spots are occupied by Pokemon titles. The series’ first 3DS installments, X and Y, have sold a combined 16.20 million copies, making them the handheld’s all-time best-selling games. The newer Sun and Moon versions aren’t far behind, coming in at No. 3 with 15.91 million copies sold, while the remakes Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire have moved a combined 13.85 million units.

ThinkGeek has 10 different Switch bundles that you can preorder, starting at around $400. Eight other preorder sets have already sold out. The bundles will become available in late August and early September. 

Use voucher code: TDX-PHJ4 to save £20. Zelda is still seriously expensive on its own, so we’d advise getting it in a cheap Nintendo Switch bundle whenever possible. You’ll have to hurry though as this voucher expires February 15th.

Treasure Trove is a collection of all the Shovel Knight content developer Yacht Club games has made so far. You can start by revisiting the excellent campaigns for Shovel Knight or Plague Knight, but the best part of Treasure Trove lies in Specter of Torment, the latest Shovel Knight expansion that uses a prequel to tell the tragic story of Specter Knight. The new mechanics, levels, and bosses are some of Yacht Club’s best work in the series. And if three campaigns in the world of Shovel Knight aren’t enough for you, Treasure Trove owners will get the upcoming King Knight expansion as a free update in the future.

We don’t know how much stock Nintendo is holding back for the physical launch of the system, nor how many have been pre-sold. We’ll be updating this post as we get more information and retailers announce plans, but if you’re serious about your quest I would begin calling local retailers now to see if they have any information about how they’re handling lines or stock, and call daily until they know for sure.

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DualShockers rapporte que du côté de chez GameStop, on estime que la Switch y a signé le meilleur lancement jamais connu par une machine Nintendo, avec des ventes hardware en hausse de 14,8% par rapport à l’an passé. En ce qui concerne les taux d’attachement (nombre de jeux vendus par console), ils se veulent « constamment élevés » avec des scores de 5 pour 1 depuis mars, même s’il convient de préciser que GameStop inclut les accessoires dans leurs calculs.

1-2-Switch est un jeu immensément amusant à jouer, qui met en valeur toutes les fonctionnalités du commutateur Nintendo. Il se déguste à des fêtes avec des amis, comme il est multijoueur seulement. Il se compose de 28 mini-jeux différents, dont vous avez besoin pour déverrouiller après avoir joué 5 niveaux obligatoires. 1-2-Switch a une variété de différents niveaux allant de mini-jeux simples Samurai Katana-oscillants à des jeux complexes comme Sneaky Dice.

-La ludothèque : sorti de Zelda c’est un peu le désert et cela devrait durer au moins jusqu’à la fin du premier semestre. Au 28 avril, c’est toutefois un peu mieux, puisque la ludothèque s’est enrichie d’une quarantaine de jeu, dont Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, qui va sans doute redonner une seconde vie à la console.

The clips that snap onto the sides of the joycons are a huge problem, it’s really easy to mix them up and put them on wrong and…well just youtube how to fix it because, with a tool it’s easy to get off. Otherwise, you may be stuck till you get one.

Jump up ^ Gilbert, Ben (January 18, 2017). “I played Nintendo’s new game console, the Switch — this is what it’s like”. Business Insider. Archived from the original on January 17, 2017. Retrieved January 18, 2017.

Tabletop mode is also great for multiplayer gaming. Detaching both Joy-Cons to allow two people to play against one another is a pleasure. This makes the console perfect for whipping out at small gatherings where you’ll already have everything you need for a multiplayer session. 

The Console, with or without Joy-Con attached, can be placed into the Switch Dock, a docking station with electrical connectors to connect the Console to a power supply to charge its battery, and to a television via an HDMI connection for video/audio output.[31] The Dock also includes one USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports.[75] While docked, the unit can support resolutions up to 1080p and maximum frame rate of 60 frames per second,[76][77] though the maximum resolution varies depending on the game. As an example, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild runs at a maximum 900p and 30 frames per second while the Switch is docked.[78] The Dock measures 17.3 by 10.4 by 5.4 centimetres (6.8 in × 4.1 in × 2.1 in) and weighs 327 grams (11.5 oz).[69]

+ Qualité de fabrication infiniment meilleure que ce dont nous a habitué Nintendo par le passé. Les plastiques sont de qualité, la console chauffe peu, elle cache un ventilateur qui reste très discret, elle est vraiment petite et fine, les boutons répondent bien, l’écran tactile (720p) est d’une très bonne qualité et recouvert de verre (ce qui, après les vieux écrans en plastique de la DS/3DS fait du bien !). Rien à reprocher sur les finitions.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle est un RPG en tour par tour sur Nintendo Switch qui utilise le moteur de jeu d’Ubisoft, Snowdrop Engine. Il propose un système tour par tour, un mode co-op local, le tout sur un fond d’humour pour lequel les deux franchises sont connues. Les joueurs peuvent choisir entre 8 personnages jouables : Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, ainsi que leurs versions Lapin Crétin.

The kickstand is useless, it’s, so, useless. I have a Surface Pro 4 and had a SP2 which yes is a more expensive device but the kickstand being my point goes across the entire back flush and shouldn’t be too hard. Also, if you want to play and charge in tablet mode? You can’t because the USB-C port is on the bottom of the unit, meaning it can’t sit while you play unless you, you guessed it, buy a stand. Or if you have a 3D printer I’m sure you can swing that.

It’s not perfect, and there are a couple of issues that prevent it from being a complete success, mostly related to the fact that it’s a console that’s trying to do multiple things at once; but for the most part the console finds a good compromise between its dual personalities.

Son prix américain sera de 300 dollars, et elle semble annoncée par les sites de e-commerce en France autour de 330 euros, soit plus cher qu’attendu (les analystes tablaient sur 250 euros, le prix de la Wii). Pour convaincre les gamers de l’acheter, Nintendo veut capitaliser sur son point fort : ses commandes latérales, les « Joy-Con », qui se transforment en joysticks détachables que deux personnes peuvent utiliser pour jouer ensemble, même en version portable. Ils intègrent un système de vibration, une caméra infrarouge et un détecteur de mouvements, pour interagir avec le jeu.

en Outre, les protecteurs et les périphériques, il y a des accessoires qui garantissent un meilleur confort pour jouer sur l’ordinateur Portable de Mode et de Simulation. Ces faciliter la mobilité en voyage ou dans le transfert de la console, tout en conservant une satisfaction à toute personne. ci-dessous, nous allons vous montrer ce que sont.

Both Joy-Cons feature half the controls found on a standard gamepad, including an analog stick, four face buttons that double as a digital direction pad, and two shoulder buttons you can easily reach when holding it in one hand, plus left and right shoulder buttons, a pairing button, and four indicator lights hidden on the attachment rail. A mechanical release sits near each Joy-Con’s rail; accessories stay solidly connected once they click into place, and you can only remove them by pressing the release before sliding the Joy-Con upward.

La Société Etablissements DARTY et FILS met en œuvre des traitements de données à caractère personnel, dont elle est responsable, ayant pour principales finalités, la gestion de la relation client et les prospects, la gestion et le suivi des commandes et livraisons, la mesure de la qualité et de votre satisfaction, le marketing relationnel. Les données sont obligatoires. En leur absence, votre commande pourrait ne pas être prise en compte ou son traitement retardé.

Ce jeu est de ceux qui divisent les foules. Certains y verront une énième tentative de l’éditeur Capcom pour nous resservir l’une de ses vaches à lait favorites. Il faut bien avouer que ce titre n’apporte pas grand-chose de nouveau par rapport au premier Ultra Street Fighter. Néanmoins, si vous n’avez acheté aucune des rééditions récentes du mythique jeu, vous pouvez sans problème vous laisser tenter par celle-ci. Elle propose essentiellement des graphismes remis au goût du jour, ainsi qu’un art book (virtuel) de toute beauté. La jouabilité n’a pas pris une ride et se révèle toujours aussi efficace. Notez qu’il est possible de jouer avec les graphismes et bruitages d’époques, et qu’un nouveau mode – néanmoins très dispensable – permet de faire appel aux Joy-Con. Mais les vrais puristes préféreront jouer avec la manette Pro, nettement plus efficace pour les sortir les boules de feu et autres dragon punch.

^ Jump up to: a b Mochizuki, Takashi (October 21, 2016). “Nintendo’s New Switch Console Fails to Turn On Investors”. The Wall Street Journal. ISSN 0099-9660. Archived from the original on October 21, 2016. Retrieved October 22, 2016.

Lancée en mars dernier, la Nintendo Switch pouvait compter dans son line-up sur un certain Zelda : Breath of the Wild assez monumental, mais également quelques petites perles indépendantes, à récupérer généralement sur l’eShop. C’était le cas de Snipperclips, un jeu axé sur la coopération, doté d’un gameplay atypique et taillé sur mesure pour convenir aux joy-con de la machine de Nintendo.

pour accéder à l’un de ces magasins, c’est très simple, en réalité, il n’y a rien de compliqué. Nintendo Commutateur vous permet de créer jusqu’à comptes différents sur chaque console, vous avez juste à choisir un pour chaque région, et d’avoir ainsi la possibilité d’accéder à des boutiques.

Les Joy-Con en mode Grip ou attachées à l’écran sont globalement confortables, mais nous avons tout rencontré quelques soucis d’ergonomie en jouant à Zelda. Les boutons gâchette droit et gauche ne sont pas très gros et il est parfois difficile de les manier avec précision. Nous avons aussi eu du mal avec le bouton B situé trop près du levier analogique. En jouant à Zelda qui requiert parfois quelques combinaisons toujours il, arrive également de commettre quelques action involontaires, mais uniquement lorsque l’on y joue en mode tablette, la console dans les mains.  

Chaque Nintendo Switch contient deux Joy-Con. Ces derniers peuvent être accrochés sur un support fourni avec la console, le Joy-Con Grip, afin d’en faire une manette indépendante. Il peuvent aussi être fixés sur la tablette, pour le « mode nomade », ou encore utilisés individuellement par deux joueurs. Les Joy-Con intègrent par ailleurs un capteur infrarouge pour détecter le mouvement, à la manière des contrôleurs de la Wii. Ils sont également dotés d’un système de retour haptique (vibrations) et d’une puce NFC pour les Amiibo notamment. Sachez que depuis la mise à jour 3.0 de la console, les Joycon disposent d’une fonction permettant de les retrouver plus facilement en cas de perte, cela grâce aux vibrations.

Jump up ^ Te, Zorine (August 16, 2016). “Nintendo’s NX Controller Could Have Detachable D-Pad, According To Updated Patents”. GameSpot. Archived from the original on October 22, 2016. Retrieved October 20, 2016.

“le meilleur montage de commutateur nintendo _meilleurs jeux de commutateur de nintendo pokemon”

Si le shoot’em up est un genre que l’on qualifie aujourd’hui volontiers de niche, il reste encore capable de nous proposer de véritables petites perles vidéoludique, à l’image de Sine Mora EX. Déjà, le jeu s’avère très (très) réussi sur le plan graphique. La direction artistique est exquise et sans faute note. Le tout est parfaitement animé, même lorsque l’écran croule sous les ennemis et leur projectile. La version EX apporte plusieurs modes, dont la possibilité de jouer à deux, de se défier et des classements en ligne. Bref, si vous aimez le genre, nous vous le recommandons chaudement.

Profitez d’un gameplay exceptionnel au creux de vos mains en adoptant la console Nintendo Switch pas chère commercialisée chez Cdiscount ! Elle vous permet d’apprécier des jeux captivants à tout moment et n’importe où lors de vos déplacements. Se transformant pour s’adapter à votre situation, les consoles Nintendo Switch sont équipées des manettes Joy-Con qui fonctionnent en concordance. Connectez votre achat console Nintendo Switch disponible chez Cdiscount avec jusqu’à huit consoles en mode multijoueur.

La Switch est une console qui chauffe assez peu, et surtout de manière très localisée. Après une heure de jeu sur The Legend of Zelda : Breath of The Wild en mode “dock TV”, on relève une température maximale de 52,8°C sur la tranche supérieure, au niveau de l’évacuation de l’air chaud. Les Joy-Con restent quant à eux toujours au frais.

MAJ 22/09 : Après nous avoir donné un aperçu de sa nouvelle console le 20 octobre 2016 et l’avoir présentée officiellement le 13 janvier dernier, Nintendo a enfin lancé la Switch. Selon le magazine Famitsu, le constructeur a, en moins d’une semaine, vendu plus de 330 000 exemplaires de sa machine au Japon et réalisé le meilleur lancement d’une console en France, toutes marques confondues, avec 105 000 unités vendues en une semaine.

Part of the challenge Nintendo has set for itself with the Switch is a more regular release schedule of big games. Historically, Nintendo has been plagued with delays for major franchises. The game were always big sellers when they did out, but critics noted the gap between them was long enough to stall sales momentum for the company’s hardware.

2018 is quickly approaching and with it will come a slew of new video game titles to look forward to playing. With that said, now’s a good time to start marking down what video games to keep an eye on when they officially launch next year. Let us lend a hand, in this list, in particular, we’re going over the top upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive video games launching in 2018.

La stratégie n’est pourtant pas totalement fantaisiste : Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, deuxième plus gros succès de la Switch en 2017, n’était qu’une version améliorée de Mario Kart 8, un jeu initialement sorti sur Wii U… en 2014.

Nintendo Commutateur a eu le meilleur lancement d’une console dans des territoires comme l’Amérique du nord ou en Espagne. Il est clair que le matériel sera tous de votre succès à Zelda Souffle de la nature, comme cela a été le lancement du jeu Nintendo plus vendus en Europe. Pour cette raison, il est dit que la gloire de Nintendo Interrupteur va durer un long temps. Vous aurez de nouvelles façons de jouer, et cela est dû à la des accessoires qui ont été créés. Si vous êtes intéressé, nous allons vous montrer ce que sont.

Jump up ^ Hillier, Brenna (January 13, 2017). “Nintendo Switch Online Service only confirmed for three countries – here’s everything we know about it so far”. VG247. Archived from the original on January 13, 2017. Retrieved January 13, 2017.

By brilliantly bridging the gap between home console and handheld gaming — not to mention releasing a stellar year-one game lineup — Nintendo delivered its first must-have system in what feels like ages, selling over 10 million units of the Switch in a staggeringly short amount of time.

Il m’est arrivé un truc marrant à l’instant par rapport à l’offre Cdiscount de 40 €. J’ai voulu tester voir si cela fonctionnait et en effet le code n’était pas validé au moment de la commande. Et donc à l’instant un vendeur de Cdiscount vient de m’appeler pour me demander pourquoi je n’avais pas validé le panier. Je lui explique que son code ne marche pas et que donc je ne suis pas intéressé. Il m’apprend alors que le code ne fonctionne pas sur les produits en réservation et qu’il peut me rappeler vendredi pour me faire une meilleure offre ! J’attends maintenant vendredi avec grande impatience !

Serieux annoncer deux heures d autonomie, c est ne jamais tester cette console en condition. Je l ai depuis sa sortie, je joue tous les matin midi et soir sur mes temps de transport et je ne suis jamais tomber en rad sur plus de 3h de jeux a chaque fois…

“最好的任天堂切换案例与立场 最好的任天堂切换捆绑我们”

Nintendo Switch主机上市之后,陆续传出玩家反应左手的Joy-Con控制器感应不良,有一定机率与主机配对产生错误。根据海外媒体Polygon向北美任天堂客服中心询问[119],官方证实的确有发生上述的错误,今后生产的Joy-Con控制器将修正这个问题。根据任天堂的说法,这个错误来自于硬体面,并非程式面的问题,无法透过线上更新除错。同时,配对错误并非Joy-Con控制器设计层面上的问题,是因分装工厂的离散,以致发生少数组装上的错误,目前并无进行大规模的修理和换货计画。另外,根据北美任天堂的回复,如果发生Joy-Con控制器配对错误的玩家,将可连络北美任天堂客服中心判断是否需要送修,任天堂将会免费调整,在一周内将控制器送回玩家手中。但关于日本及亚洲是否在服务范围内尚未明朗。海外媒体CNET也揭露[120],经过拆解,送修的Joy-Con控制器在送回后,控制器的右下角增设了导电泡棉(此应为普通海绵或其他绝缘体,用作隔离zl开关排线与印刷电路天线,若用导电体则完全失去隔离作用),修正后的Joy-Con控制器确认可正常与主机配对。而从Amazon新购入的Joy-Con拆解后并无看到增设的导电泡棉,但内部制造编号从“Q-1 16402”变更为“0-4 16342”,根据推测制造流程已经变更,目前新一批的Joy-Con并无发生过配对错误的问题。

游戏虽然经历了50年的发展,本质上仍然是通过“一个屏幕”和“一个控制器”去进行模拟,这一点几乎没有任何变化。如今的VR设备也一样,他们将“一个屏幕”塞进头戴设备,将“一个控制器”也塞到头戴设备里或直接通过体感设备,玩家还是需要通过控制器去操控,通过屏幕去看。这些头戴设备,在虚拟现实的理念上,甚至还没有致幻剂走得更远。“增强现实”也被机械地固化为“摄像头+虚拟图像”这样的方式。笔者认为与其用不成熟的技术强行让玩家进入虚拟世界,不如把虚拟世界从电视里拿到玩家身边来。PokemonGo的成功,便是跳出了现有设备的禁锢,利用地理定位将虚拟世界覆盖到了玩家身边,尽管它并不是一款任天堂开发的游戏。2011年,WiiU的第一个宣传视频一直在笔者脑中挥之不去:视频中的用户进行高尔夫游戏时,将GamePad放在地板上,GamePad上会显示出高尔夫球场的草坪和相应大小的高尔夫球,玩家通过Wii Remote的体感操作进行挥杆,高尔夫球就会从地板上的GamePad飞入电视画面,就像是玩家的动作让高尔夫球从地面上飞进了电视里的球场。


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关于手柄,如果你拥有一台NS的话,还是建议购入一个Pro手柄,毕竟在主机模式时,Pro手柄的体验真的时太棒了。如果要比较一下主流手柄的话,我的感觉是Switch Pro > Xbox One > Xbox 360 > PS4。这里绝没有黑PS手柄的意思,我第一个PS4手柄用到现在出现了如下问题:R1,R2键回弹出现了问题,左摇杆的蘑菇头已经彻底磨坏;相比于我用的第二多的360手柄却没有出现如下情况。其次个人感觉Pro手柄的手感灰常不错。 


底座非常轻盈,这也和游戏主机的主要部分都在平板主机里有关系,想想看这台主机的电池、处理器等绝大部分功能性元件其实都在平板主机当中,底座相当于我们熟悉的各种扩展坞,通过将平板主机放进底座来将信号传递到电视上,从而摇身一变成为一台电视主机。这样的技术并不新鲜,在实际使用过程中,任天堂Switch的切换十分顺畅,加上底座也是给平板充电的缘故,当你使用平板模式在外游戏回到家后,你都会愿意将其插回底座进行充电。另外一个不易觉察的好处就是,其实这比我们日常使用手机等物品回到家总是要去找数据线充电的方式来说,插回底座是一个更加简便舒适的操作。值得一提的是,底座是通过USB type-C 口连接平板主机,而平板上两个磁力孔的设计也令插回底座这个动作一气呵成准确到位。如果你使用自带的电源适配器其实也是type-C 接口,直接给平板充电也未尝不可,不过一般在家都不会如此舍近求远,外出旅行带上适配器随时给平板充电倒是更为合理。在type-C 接口日渐成为主流的今天,任天堂使用该接口而没有整什么自家接口标准可以说是识时务和与时俱进的。

弹幕网站niconico动画登陆NS平台,[39]  2017年7月13日开始配信。[39]  niconico动画是日本Dwango公 司的子公司Niwango所提供的在线弹幕视频分享网站,简称为niconico或nico等,其中“niconico”在日文中为微笑之意。[39]  动画在日文中为“视频”的意思。niconico动画与YouTube等视频共享网站相似,但niconico动画提供观赏者可在视频上留言并以弹幕的形式出在视频上的功能。[39]  NS平台的niconico视频APP可支持电视、掌机以及桌面三种模式下使用。[39] 

就在绝大多数厂商苟苟蝇利时只有任天堂悄然进行着硬件的革命。[5]  任天堂在三菱的技术提携下独力完成了特制IC设计,[5]  性能都远远凌驾于同时期的主机。为了取得价格优势,山内溥亲自拜访了生产IC晶片的理光(RICON)。为压低价格他向对方提出了“两年订购三百万片”的承诺,[5]  当时业界共识是游戏机市场极限容量也不过三百万台。在社内外人士的一片惊呼声中山内溥和理光达成了每枚IC晶片2000日元的低价使得主机以14800日元的价格发售。[5]  在1983年5月召开的初心会组织新商品说明会上,广大问屋代表都对主机14800日元这个几 乎无利可图的定价表示质疑,山内溥向他们表示软件销售将会带来更大的利益。[4] 

我也试过使用市面上普通的移动电源给平板主机单独充电,使用Anker的PowerCore + 10050 QC2.0移动电源给平板充电的测试数据是:120分钟可以充入52%的电量,如果按照平板满电可以续航2个多小时的标准计算(多位玩家实际测试,日常携带游戏时间约为2-3小时)的话,相当于改款移动电源可以实现“充电两小时,游戏一小时”这样的效果,虽然算不得理想,但总归是多一个在外的充电方式。据朋友告知,网络上能够达到充电速度和平板主机耗电速度相当的移动电源都卖得很快,可见便携充电方案确实也是玩家关心的一个话题,换句话说,玩家对于任天堂Switch便携功能的需求并不小,这绝不仅仅是一台家用电视游戏主机。

These charges are the buyer’s responsibility. Please check with your country’s customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to buying. Customs fees are normally charged by the shipping company or collected when you pick the item up. These fees are not additional shipping charges. We won’t under-value merchandise or mark the item a gift on customs forms. Doing that is against Japanese and international laws.

“Switch”的英文字面解释为开关和切换,显然后者更应该是任天堂这台全新主机所想要诠释的定义。[16]  其最大 NintendoSwitch家用机+掌机形态切换 的特征就是同时具备携带和家用两种特性,同时又针对手柄控制器进行模块化设计的全新形态游戏主机。[16]  家用机和携带掌机一直是支撑任天堂经营业绩的两大支柱,NS等同于将该社过去的两条产品线合而为一。[16]  对任天堂来说,以后不再有主机和掌机两条产品线,[33]  对于开发者来说可以摆脱双线奋战的困扰,更加专注的开发游戏。主机和掌机的身份可以随时无缝切换(Switch),这正是任天堂为NS所下的定义。[33] 

进入2017年,“吃鸡”的大逃杀玩法成了源于PC平台最火热的游戏概念。在此之前,将“磁爆步兵”作为新屠夫角色的“杀鸡”游戏也曾靡一时。制作人Mathieu Cote在介绍自己的游戏时总会用“捉鬼游戏”来诠释《黎明杀机》的魅力,高端一点的说法就是“非对称游戏(Asymmetric Gameplay)”。这种游戏的魅力源头在于,如果回顾童年时后院里小伙伴们的游戏,绝大多数都是这样的“非对称游戏”,不论是“捉迷藏”还是“红灯绿灯小白灯”,玩家对多人游戏的热衷也就源于此。

戴尔PRECISION M4800就是一款可以选配Retina屏幕产品,最高分辨率可以达到3200×1800,PPI值为235,远超同尺寸1366×768分辨率下的PPI(100)。PPI越高则表面单位面积上的像素多,可以呈现出更为清晰细腻的图像,这恰好符合其专业工作站产品的定位。当然如果你担心常规使用时超高分辨率会降低图标、文字大小,影响你的正常使用,那么笔者可以说你的担心完全是多余的,Windows系统提供修改默认文字、图标分辨率设置,可以将其调节到合适的大小,还可保证观看电影、图片时的细腻程度。图中所示显示内容比例为Windows 7系统,当用户选择Windows 8系统时,最大显示比例可以提升到200%。

* 迷宫* 猫和老鼠* 冒险岛4* 猫咪小镇* 冒险岛蜜蜂* 猫捉老鼠* 冒险队* 米老鼠数字岛大冒险* 马利奥失踪记* 猫捉老鼠大陆* 冒险小子* 米老鼠字母岛大冒险* 马利奥兄弟* 猫捉老鼠少年* 美国上尉* 摩天童子* 马利奥兄弟变形版* 米老鼠* 冒险岛*梦幻战士* 魔法世界* 魔剑* 迷宫组曲* 魔界村* 魔法小红帽* 魔鬼城堡* 魔鬼克星* 魔界岛* 魔鬼克星2* 魔界战士* 魔鬼克星2NEW* 魔境铁人* 魔鬼克星幽默三人行* 魔力奇异世界* 魔鬼人* 魔力奇异世界2* 魔鬼终结者* 魔钟*魔鬼终结者2* 木偶奇遇记* 魔城传说2大魔司教* 魔法公主* 魔法师* 魔鬼猎手* 魔龙* 魔神英雄传* 毛毛虫* 马利奥街霸3* 麻将大会* 麻将大战* 麻将道场3* 麻将伙伴* 麻将俱乐部* 麻将天国* 麻将战记* 米高积逊月球

完美风暴:价格,硬件设计,软件支持开关的想法已经存在:Nvidia盾片是一个测试运行,但是开关做的更好。任天堂的游戏,从第一到第三,都是一流的。它的新塞尔达和马里奥游戏是一个时代的游戏。任天堂还完成了一项伟大的工作:围捕独立游戏开发商,制作一系列价格高昂的软件,如火箭联盟、Stardew Valley、Thumper和Steamworld等。与此同时,在冲动购买和挥霍之间,切换的价格徘徊在边界附近。不,售价300美元、280美元或470美元的价格并不便宜,但对于手持和控制台的两个控制器来说,这是一个完全公平的价格。玩了一年之后,我比以前更爱它了。

“los mejores complementos de conmutadores de nintendo -mejores juegos de conmutador de nintendo deportes”

Por ejemplo, jugar a The Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds o al Super Mario 3D Land a pantalla completa en la Xbox 360 es una experiencia completamente diferente a hacerlo a través de la propia Nintendo 3DS. Deberías probarlo si aún no lo has hecho.

En el caso de aparatos tecnológicos, es muy probable que lo retengan para revisarlo, sobre todo si el precio es superior a 50 dólares y si el empaque es grande. Aduana puede consultar cuánto cuesta el aparato que quieres traer, y a partir de ahí cobrarte impuestos, que pueden aumentar el precio del producto en más de 100%.

Es importante que leas nuestros folletos de salud y seguridad antes de usar cualquiera de nuestros productos. Si buscas por los folletos de precaución, los puedes ver o descargarlos aquí. Si prefieres una copia en papel, envíanos un mensaje de correo electrónico al hacer clic aquí, o al llamar a nuestra línea de servicio al 1-800-255-3700.

Lo que es único acerca 1-2-Switch es que la mayoría de los juegos tienen los jugadores que buscan el uno al otro, no la pantalla. Los juegos incluyen Dibujo rapido donde se espera a que un sonido para llamar su “arma” y disparar a tu oponente en primer lugar, y Maquinilla de afeitar, donde los jugadores compiten para “afeitar” sus “barbas” mediante el controlador.

A continuación os mostraremos los mejores juegos de Nintendo Switch para disfrutar de la consola desde el día de lanzamiento y durante las semanas siguientes a la puesta a la venta de esta novedosa consola.

La consola Switch tiene una batería recargable de ion de litio de 4310 mAh. La autonomía de la batería se estima que es entre 2.5 y 6.5 horas, según el juego. Nintendo da el ejemplo de The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, en el que la batería dura unas tres horas. La batería se puede cargar conectada en la base o utilizando un conector estándar USB-C en la consola. Los Joy-Con tienen su propia batería separada de la consola. Estas baterías se pueden cargar automáticamente si se enganchan a la consola mientras se está cargando ella sola o cuando se coloca en la base. Accesorios adicionales tendrán otras maneras de cargar los Joy-Con.79​ Mientras el apoyo de los Joy-Con que viene con la Switch no tiene opciones para cargar, una carcasa para los Joy-Con especial por separado incluye un puerto USB-C para utilizarse para cargar las baterías de los Joy-Con mientras están conectados en esta.80​

Oficialmente, Nintendo no ha detallado los motivos precisos de esta falta de stock en la consola, pero varias fuentes han apuntado que puede guardar relación con uno de los componentes de la máquina. Según The Wall Street Journal, el principal problema es la falta de unidades de almacenamiento que usa la consola (NAND), tecnología de Toshiba que el dispositivo de Nintendo compartiría con productos de otras empresas Apple.

¡Esperamos que esta guía para comprar Nintendo Switch haya despejado todas tus dudas sobre su funcionamiento y prestaciones! Cualquier otra pregunta que tengas no dudes en hacérnosla llegar a través de los comentarios.

La consola Nintendo Switch está diseñada para acompañarte dondequiera que vayas, transformándose de consola para el hogar a consola portátil en un instante. Así tendrás más ocasiones para disfrutar de tus juegos favoritos como más te guste.

Por otra parte, la Nintendo Switch se conecta a Internet mediante WiFi 802-11 a/b/g/n/ac y ofrece opciones de conectividad mediante Bluetooth 4.1, permitiendo conectar hasta 8 videoconsolas de manera simultánea para jugar online.

Funda para Nintendo Switch – Younik versión mejorada de estuche dura para transporte con gran espacio de almacenamiento para 19 cartuchos de juegos, Adaptador de corriente u otros accesorios de Nintendo Switch

Cada Joy-Con incluye cuatro botones de acción delanteros (el Joy-Con R tiene los botones ABXY clásicos de Nintendo, y el Joy-Con L tiene la cruz de botones), un joystick analógico que se puede pulsar como quinto botón, los botones más (+) y menos (-) y dos botones como gatillos. Por la guía hay dos botones adicionales (los botones SL y SR) que pueden funcionar como botones extra cuando el Joy-Con se coge horizontalmente.67​ Cada Joy-Con también cuenta con controles de giroscopio así como una función llamada vibración HD que pueden ofrecer una respuesta táctil al jugador; Nintendo lo ha descrito diciendo que el jugador puede percibir el choque de los cubitos dentro de un vaso, saber el número de cubitos y notar como se llena el vaso con agua.

Algunas funciones de este servicio para móviles se activaran mediante una aplicación móvil que saldrá con el estreno de la Switch. Nintendo planea promover incentivos a los subscriptores, incluyendo accesos a ofertas exclusivas y libre acceso a seleccionados juegos de la Consola Virtual de NES o SNES, con apoyo en línea adicional, cada mes. A diferencia de los programas Instant Game Collection de PlayStation y Games with Gold de Xbox, estos juegos no serán permanentes, y se tendrán que comprar si se quiere continuar jugando una vez acabe el mes. El servicio de suscripción no se estrenará hasta 2018; mientras tanto, Nintendo ofrecerá una versión de “prueba” gratuita del multijugador online de la Switch hasta que salga este servicio de pago.83​84​ En el estreno sólo estará disponible en Estados Unidos, Canadá y México, pero se espera que se extienda en otros países después de su lanzamiento.85​ La Nintendo Switch no incluirá funciones de redes sociales de Nintendo, como Miiverse o la función de StreetPass de la 3DS (argumentando que según Nintendo la Switch es básicamente una consola de sobremesa). Nintendo no ha señalado si la Switch se integrará con servicios existentes para las funciones sociales y para compartir.86​ Como la Wii U, la Nintendo Switch no utilizará el sistema de códigos de amigo presente en la Wii y en la Nintendo 3DS para los jugadores que se registren los mismos como amigos con otros. No obstante, continua desconociéndose si será compatible con el Nintendo Network. La Switch continuará utilizando el sistema de los Mii para crear avatares de los jugadores para compartirse con otros, aunque también podrán optar para escoger una imagen de una biblioteca de iconos provista por Nintendo para este propósito.87​ La Switch será compatible con una aplicación para móviles extra para acceder a funciones de la consola, como por ejemplo para manejar el control parental.88​89​

De nuevo, tenemos dos modelos para elegir, normal o XL. Suelo recomendar el XL por el mayor tamaño de pantalla (que hace las partidas infinitamente más cómodas), pero en el caso la New Nintendo 3DS, el modelo pequeño tiene también su encanto.

Tarifas de envío internacional e importación pagadas a Pitney Bowes Inc. Más información- se abre en una nueva ventana o pestaña Las tarifas de envío internacional e importación son pagadas en parte a Pitney Bowes Inc. Más información- se abre en una nueva ventana o pestaña Tarifas de envío internacional pagadas a Pitney Bowes Inc. Más información- se abre en una nueva ventana o pestaña Las tarifas de envío internacional son pagadas en parte a Pitney Bowes Inc. Más información- se abre en una nueva ventana o pestaña

La versión pequeña de la New Nintendo 3DS se puede personalizar con carcasas de diseño variado. Además, la de color blanco tiene los cuatro botones de colores (en un claro homenaje a la Super Nintendo  que los más geeks agradecerán).

Los datos publicados por el medio económico indican que la empresa de Cupertino tendría prioridad en lo que respecta a recibir las unidades de memoria, por lo que Nintendo estaría viendo cómo la producción de Nintendo Switch se ve afectada por la falta del componente, de ahí que la distribución de nuevas unidades de la máquina esté pasando por momentos complicados.

Supermercados Internacionales H-E-B, S.A. de C.V Dirección de contacto: Avenida Hidalgo 2405 Col. Obispado, Monterrey, N.L. 64060 » Teléfono: 01 (81) 81531100 Términos y CondicionesAviso de Privacidad

Ocarina of Time, Mario Kart, Star Fox, Banjo Kazooie… no, no son los los videojuegos más vendidos, pero si al leer estos títulos tu piel reacciona de forma extraña no te apures, tan solo formas parte de la enorme comunidad de apasionados amantes de una consola legendaria, la Nintendo 64.

“los mejores juegos de conmutadores de nintendo de menos de 10 dólares |los mejores conmutadores de nintendo para 2017”

En El Corte Inglés la encontramos en rojo/azul por 329,90 euros y es la única que incluye protector de pantalla para el modo portátil y limpiador, también en la versión de color gris, y en FNAC su precio es de 329,99 euros pero baja a 314,99 euros para socios, tanto en gris como en rojo y azul. De forma oficial no existe ningún pack con videojuego, como sí lo hay en PlayStation 4 y Xbox One, pero The Shop Gamer ofrece por 344,90 euros de forma promocional la Nintendo Switch gris con 1-2 Switch por 344,0 euros. Y si revisamos el precio del juego ‘suelto’, si, efectivamente nos encontraremos con que el pack tiene un precio bastante interesante.

Si tienes una tarjeta de crédito guardada, verás ya sea “Usar esta tarjeta de crédito” o “Usar otra tarjeta de crédito”. Si usas la tarjeta de crédito almacenada, no será necesario volver a ingresar la información para completar la compra.

[respuesta:90]No me conformo con nada y lo que no voy hacer es reír las gracias a los que adoran a Nintendo aunque caguen mierda infecta. Si no quieres ver la realidad no es mi problema, pero Nintendo en estos momentos esta temblando por los acontecimientos que puedan darse a corto plazo con sus productos. Pero eso ya hay que ser muy fino para verlo, no te pido que estés a la altura, sigue en tu burbuja.[/respuesta]

Personalmente considero que la época dorada de los videojuegos se vivió en a partir de 1990 con el lanzamiento de Super Nintendo Entertainment System o, más comúnmente llamado SNES. Si tú también compartes este amor por la antigua consola de Nintendo y sus videojuegos, deberías saber que hay formas de revivir esos títulos clásicos como Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country y Mortal Kombat 3 gracias a emuladores de PC de SNES.

Es una consola negra sin ninguna de las coloridas características de los controladores JoyCon, pero como la mayoría de nosotros agregamos fundas a estos mandos, vale la pena comprar esta consola sencilla y pagar un poco menos. Esta versión de la consola se ha agotado en algunas tiendas, debido a su precio más bajo, pero todavía está disponible por el precio más bajo para Nintendo Switch. Hay juegos de funda de Nintendo Switch disponibles con todos los accesorios que necesitas para agregar color a tu nueva consola. La publicación de blog de funda set también tiene códigos de descuento convenientes para accesorios para nuestra nueva Consola Nintendo Switch. Tiene todo lo que necesita para proteger su Switch, así como un estuche de transporte conveniente.

Mandos Joy-Con y Grip: en la caja, vienen incluídos los mandos con los que controlaremos la videoconsola, y que pueden desacoplarse de la misma, gracias a una tecnología de raíles. Además también encontraremos el “Grip”, un accesorio para sujetarlos como si se tratase de un Joystick tradicional. En caso de que no nos gusten estos nuevos controles, Nintendo ha puesto a la venta por separado, el Pro-Switch Controller, un pad con un diseño clásico para jugar cómodamente, y que además es totalmente compatible con el PC.

Con más de 40 temas nuevos, seis modos de juego,  acceso a más de 200 canciones a través de Just Dance Unlimited y la ventaja de poder bailar cuándo y dónde quieras con Nintendo Switch, Just Dance 2017 es el mejor videojuego para disfrutar bailando las canciones del momento como Sorry de Justin Bieber, Lean On de Major Lazer & DJ Snake Ft. MØ o Don’t Wanna Know de Maroon 5.

¿Vale la pena comprar? Si usted tiene un repuesto $ 20 después de la compra del interruptor, una tarjeta microSD para almacenar los juegos digitales, y un controlador Pro, Snipperclips parece que el mejor título de lanzamiento disponibles, aparte de Zelda.

Avanzar entre mundos se apoya en el simple hecho de que hay muchas cosas que los jugadores pueden hacer en el juego, que van desde objetivos fáciles hasta misiones locas increíblemente extrañas. Combinado con controles nítidos y excelente trabajo de cámara, Mike Minotti de VentureBeat resumió  lo que a los jugadores no les gustaría con Super Mario Odyssey  en una palabra: Nada.

Comprá ahora mismo tu juego ONLINE! quedara reservado a tu nombre y se anunciará en Facebook, Twitter y en nuestra pagina cuando el juego llegue a nuestras Sucursales para que lo retires en el Local que seleccionaste en el proceso de compra. (ATENCIÓN: una vez terminado el proceso de compra no se podra cambiar el local donde elegiste retirar tu Juego)

Por otra parte, la Nintendo Switch se conecta a Internet mediante WiFi 802-11 a/b/g/n/ac y ofrece opciones de conectividad mediante Bluetooth 4.1, permitiendo conectar hasta 8 videoconsolas de manera simultánea para jugar online.

Todavía estoy jugando con la configuración (la primera impresión exitosa fue con PLA diferente al que tengo actualmente). Hasta ahora, 220C en capas de 0,15 mm y capas superiores e inferiores de 0,9 mm parecen estar dando los mejores resultados para la velocidad.

Una de las mejores noticias para Nintendo, ha sido la confirmación del apoyo de Electronic Arts, una compañía que hizo muchos juegos para Wii pero que dejó de lado a Wii U rápidamente tras lanzar juegos de la talla de FIFA o Mass Effect 3 en el lanzamiento de aquella máquina. Para Switch no han anunciado más juegos que FIFA, que los jugadores podrán disfrutar a finales de 2017, lo que quiere decir que es FIFA 18.

El próximo el 28 de abril Mario Kart 8 Deluxe estará disponible para la Nintendo Switch, lleno de mejoras y de novedades para sus fans. Permitirá elegir personajes nuevos como Inkling chico e Inkling chica, de Splatoon, el Rey Boo; Huesitos y Bowsy e incluirá una batalla de globos y el Bob-ombardeo, y circuitos inéditos como el Parque Viaducto o el Estadio de Batalla.

· Envíos: El envío de las compras online se realizara UNICAMENTE mediante el metodo seleccionado en el momento de la compra y no puede ser cambiado, ni retirar por las sucursales si no se escogio esa opción.

Los datos publicados por el medio económico indican que la empresa de Cupertino tendría prioridad en lo que respecta a recibir las unidades de memoria, por lo que Nintendo estaría viendo cómo la producción de Nintendo Switch se ve afectada por la falta del componente, de ahí que la distribución de nuevas unidades de la máquina esté pasando por momentos complicados.

No. Se ha confirmado que la consola no será compatible con Nintendo 3DS o Wii U, o al menos no se pondrán usar ni los cartuchos de 3DS ni los discos de Wii y Wii U en la nueva consola. No se sabe si habrá retrocompatibilidad digital, es decir, que los juegos digitales que hayas comprado en Wii, Wii U y 3DS podrán usarse en Nintendo Switch.

Esta semana se ha estrenado la Nintendo Switch en el nuestro y otros mercados, y su precio oficial de lanzamiento recomendado por el fabricante es de 329,99 en un ‘pack’ que únicamente incluye la videoconsola. Ahora bien, cuando apenas hace unos días que la nueva Switch está en el mercado, ya puedes encontrar varias ofertas y promociones con un precio más reducido tanto para el ‘pack’ con sólo la videoconsola, como también con videojuegos. Te contamos cuáles son las mejores ofertas de Nintendo Switch.

¿Vale la pena comprar? World of Goo es un juego de puzzle aclamado por la crítica y vale la pena jugar si no lo ha hecho todavía. Máquina de Recursos Humanos tiene un concepto interesante, pero puede resultar tedioso si no gozan de programación. Pequeño infierno es más de una novedad y es probablemente mejor visto en YouTube.6 Señales de que usted no pretende ser un programador6 Señales de que usted no pretende ser un programadorNo todo el mundo está hecho para ser un programador. Si usted no está completamente seguro de que está destinado a ser un programador, aquí hay algunos signos que pueden apuntar en la dirección correcta.Lee mas

Dock: base para cambiar la videoconsola al modo sobremesa, con lo que aumentará su potencia. Incluye un puerto USB 3.0 y otro 2.0 y además emite las imágenes al televisor en HD gracias a su entrada de conexión HDMI.

El dispositivo incluye 32 GB de almacenamiento interno, pero se puede expandir hasta 2 TB utilizando una tarjeta microSDXC.81​ Si se utiliza la microSDXC, la Switch sólo alojará los datos de guardado en la memoria interna, dejando espacio que se puede re-conseguir a la tarjeta. La Switch no permitirá discos externos durante su lanzamiento pero Nintendo está pensando en añadir esta función en una actualización futura.

Volver arriba ↑ Reynolds, Matthew (13 de enero de 2017). «Nintendo Switch – games list confirmed sonido faro, launch titles and everything we know about the hardware». Eurogamer. Consultado el 13 de enero de 2017.

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There’s plenty to choose from on the Switch but here we’ve narrowed it down to the best. We’re constantly on the look out for the latest and greatest Switch games so keep checking back here as this list will be frequently updated. 

Shovel Knight is not a new game. It saw its first release way back in 2014 on the PC after it was funded on Kickstarter, and since then versions have appeared on everything from the Vita to the PS4, the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U. 

While the Switch port of Pokkén Tournament DX adds a few new elements into the mix, such as a daily challenge, wireless multiplayer and a handful of extra characters, it is very much the same game as ever. So that’s a surprisingly nuanced brawler that’s as much for genre veterans as it is for anyone who fancies pummeling Pikachu’s face into an adorable mush. With a proper mainline Pokémon confirmed for Switch sometime in the not too distant future, consider Pokkén Tournament DX as a fun taster of greater things to come.

Well Nintendo’s new console is here, if you are looking for the way to play Zelda this is it. Not a single problem with it so far and the joycons that come with it are fun to use, although for someone who doesn’t have giant hands they do feel rather small. The only problem is the current lack of many games, but that’s typical of any launch. If you are reading this you already know if you are going to be getting a Switch, It’s worth it just for Zelda so far.

It’s a tablet, a console and a portable multiplayer tabletop game system all in one… and it’s pretty darn awesome. The Nintendo Switch ($295.00 at Amazon.com) console follows the NES Classic and Super Mario Run in a line of products from the Japanese giant that have titillated gamers over the past year.

Honorable Mentions: Puyo Puyo Tetris, Fast RMX; Kamiko; Snake Pass; Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment; Blaster Master Zero; World of Goo; Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition; Gonner; Tumbleseed; Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap; Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment; Shantae: Half-Genie Hero; Doom; Skyrim; LA Noire; Xenoblade Chronicles 2; The Sexy Brutale.

The fact that Super Mario Odyssey manages to be so experimental while also drawing in the best parts of every Mario game to date, becoming a incredibly playable and joyous love letter to gaming’s most celebrated series in the process, is without doubt like a legendary Homeric odyssey – truly epic.”

^Discounts apply to most recent previous ticketed/advertised price. As we negotiate on price, products likely to have sold below ticketed/advertised price in stores prior to the discount offer. Prices may differ at Sydney Airport store.

The nintendo switch is awesome as a handheld and as a day-to-day home console. I have been playing Legend Of Zelda BOTW non-stop XD. Theswitch is godlike compared to the Wii U. Great decision. worth the price

We don’t know how much stock Nintendo is holding back for the physical launch of the system, nor how many have been pre-sold. We’ll be updating this post as we get more information and retailers announce plans, but if you’re serious about your quest I would begin calling local retailers now to see if they have any information about how they’re handling lines or stock, and call daily until they know for sure.

What, the three mentions in the intro weren’t enough of a giveaway? It’s true: not only is Breath of the Wild our current pick for the best game in the world right now, but it’s also the most essential game on the Switch – one that’s singlehandedly worth buying a console for.

As someone who travels a great deal, the Switch is everything I’ve ever wanted out of a home console. At first I thought the commercials were goofy, with people taking it and setting it up in just about any place, but I can honestly say that with a small backpack I am able to take everything I need to get the party started just about anywhere I go. To date Ive set it up: in an airport, in a pub, at friends houses, and even at work. The joy-cons are easy to get accustomed to, and though software available as of the date of writing this is minimal, the library of titles set to release has be excited! Pros: * Easy to pick up * Accessible learning curve * Battery lasts approx 4 hours (playing Zelda Breath of the Wild) without making use of power saver settings. * Seamlessly transitions from portable handheld to hard-wired console as advertised * Great weight to it (good hand feel). Doesn’t feel overly heavy, and not light enough to make it feel cheap. * Comfortable controllers in multiple configurations. Cons: * MUST MUST MUST use a quality screen protector before docking it even just once (otherwise you run the risk of scratching the screen). * Connecting the Joy-con wrist strap (not included in the box) is easy, disconnecting it is frustratingly difficult. In my group of friends I’m the only one able to consistently do it with moderate ease (and that took a ton of practice). * Software available at release is a little on the slim side. Huge titles are planned within the first year (waiting sucks!)

Anyone that loves classic point-and-click adventure stories such as Broken Sword and Monkey Island will certainly want to direct their attention towards this recent release from LucasArts veteran Ron Gilbert. 

I am Setsuna is a story about a perpetual winter that centers around a mercenary and a maiden named Setsuna who must sacrifice herself to save her people. The game has a heavy theme of sadness and evokes 1990s style RPG gameplay using an active time battle system similar to Chrono Trigger.

Stardew Valley isn’t just one thing; it’s a whole bunch of things at once. You can engage in crafting, fishing, cooking and even exploring procedurally-generated caves to mine for items and even take on monstrous enemies. 

“où acheter le commutateur de nintendo de +le meilleur jeu de commutateur de Nintendo multijoueur local”

Générer la liste des magasins qui vendent le produit Nintendo Switch pour vous permettre de comparer les prix est une opération complexe. Des erreurs peuvent apparaître, particulièrement dans la reconnaissance des références de la catégorie Consoles de jeu dans les différents points de vente. Si vous constatez une erreur dans cette comparaison de prix, merci de nous contacter pour nous le signaler. i-Comparateur ne saurait être tenu pour responsable de tout dommage direct ou indirect lié à l’utilisation de ce service.

N’oublions pas qu’une console sans jeu, c’est un peu comme une rédaction sans stagiaire à maltraiter, c’est sympa, mais ça manque de fun. Vous l’aurez sans doute noté : les titres de lancement de la Switch sont peu nombreux, du moins ceux disponibles en boutiques et de manière “physique”. Clairement, on peut dire que The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild sauve largement la face, le nouveau chapitre de l’histoire de Link et sa princesse étant tout bonnement exceptionnel (chronique à venir très bientôt).

Jump up ^ Carter, Chris (September 8, 2017). “L.A. Noire will have the ‘Switch tax’ that makes it $10 more expensive on Nintendo’s platform”. Destructoid. Archived from the original on December 17, 2017. Retrieved September 8, 2017.

Splatoon 2 is a multiplayer shooter unlike any other, and it’s exactly the charming outing you’d expect from Nintendo. Instead of bullets, your weapons are filled with coloured ink used to splat your enemies and cover the environment in paint.

En perte de vitesse depuis plusieurs années, le groupe est désormais au mieux de sa forme et bénéficie à plein de  l’effet Switch . Pour la première fois depuis 2008 et la  période dorée de la Wii , il anticipe une hausse de ses revenus sur un an.

You want these for one reason and one reason only. Mario Kart 8. You’ve got the need for speed and while it would be fine just to have a Joy-Con, why miss out on having an actual wheel to play with? There’s no controllers in this box. Instead you just get two adorable plastic wheels, complete with easily accessible SL and SR buttons ideal for drifting around corners. The triggers feel pleasantly bouncy and there’s a Nintendo Switch logo on the rear. Start your engines. 

La Switch propose 32 Go de stockage interne, mais seulement 26 Go sont disponibles à l’usage. Si par exemple vous téléchargez Breath of the Wild, il vous prendra la moitié de l’espace libre. On peut augmenter le stockage jusqu’à 2 To via une carte microSD. Les cartouches de jeu sont toute petites, à peine plus épaisses mais plus étroites qu’une carte SD.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Mit Nintendo Switch können Fans in der definitiven Version von „Mario Kart 8“ wann und wo sie wollen spannenden Rennen fahren – sogar mit bis zu acht Freunden im lokalen Mehrspielermodus.

moi je vais la prendre personnellement j’ais éconnomisé depuis l’année derniere en prévision de me la prendre on verras bien si c’est un bon ou mauvais achat…apres c’est que le début de la console si nintendo se debrouille bien d’ici la fin de l’année ont pourrait voir des titres interressant.

Y’en a un qui fait remarquer dans les commentaires que l’article est bourré de fautes d’orthographe. Aurait-il le droit aussi à une réponse ironique ? Mais que répondre ? Telle est le dilemme embarrant de chaque redacteur de Frandroid!

Each shipment was an event, with news stories preceding big sales deals when hardware came into stores. This may be annoying to anyone who just wants to go out and buy something, but it seems to help Nintendo keep its buzz. Nintendo is better than just about everyone else when it comes to walking the very fine line between scarcity and supply.

-No, generic USB-C hubs with video out will not allow you to bypass the dock, there’s some form of confirmation chip put in the dock to prevent this. If you want TV-out (at time of writing) this is the only way to do it.

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Vous pouvez ajouter des fonds et acheter des jeux uniquement depuis la console Nintendo Switch active associée à votre compte Nintendo. Si un message vous indique qu’une autre console est définie comme la console active pour votre compte, vous devrez désactivercette autre console OU l’utiliser pour effectuer votre achat.

Lift Nintendo Switch from the dock and instantly transition to handheld mode for on-the-go gaming. By sharing Joy-Con, players can go head-to-head while away from home. You can also enjoy the same great games in tabletop mode by using the included stand to prop the system up.

Les plus La configuration hybride polyvalente qui permet de passer d’un écran de téléviseur à une console portable, les manettes Joy-Con modulaires innovantes, l’ensemble bien pensé. Breath of the Wild est l’un des meilleurs jeux jamais proposés par Nintendo pour un lancement

Je vends le jeu Rayman Legends Definitive Edition sur Nintendo Switch. Il est Neuf, encore emballé dans sa boite. Échange possible contre : Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 / Gear Club Unlimited Switch / Puyo …

Voila faut prendre son mal en patience…Je suis pas à 30 balles près pour aller l’acheter ailleurs, mais je trouve que c’est quand même abusé de créer de la rareté de cette manière. Ma théorie est  que c’est savamment orchestré et que ce n’est pas une erreur de Nintendo…Ils clôturent leur comptes annuels fin mars, donc ils ont passé les volumes qu’ils voulaient dans leur année fiscale. La ils sont juste en train d’étaler leur chiffre d’affaire comme bon leur semble afin que les gens n’achètent pas leur hardware tous en simshop avec Zelda…

Bref vous l’aurez compris cette console me plait beaucoup, le mode salon et portable m’ont offert des moments de jeu en solo et multijoueur très agréable, grâce notamment à des jeux exclusif à Nintendo et je commente votre article car bien que cette console ne soit pas exempt de tout reproche je trouve que les points que vous soulignez sont tout à fait aberrant (jeux multijoueur), approximatif voir faux (son, autonomie et encore multijoueur).

^ Jump up to: a b Nakamura, Yuji; Amano, Takashi (October 27, 2016). “Nintendo President Hints of Bigger Hardware Plans for Switch”. Bloomberg News. Archived from the original on October 28, 2016. Retrieved October 27, 2016.

It appears to be a valid alternative to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and while its power can’t currently be directly compared with those systems, it certainly works well as a home game console if Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and ARMS are any indication. The PS4 and Xbox One have been around for a few years and have very large libraries, including many cross-platform AAA titles, and for the time being the Switch appears to be getting few direct ports of major games available elsewhere. We’ll see how the selections compare as the Switch library expands over the coming months.

^ Jump up to: a b Rad, Chloi (October 20, 2016). “Nintendo Confirms Amiibo Support for Nintendo Switch, Clarifies Additional Features”. IGN. Archived from the original on October 21, 2016. Retrieved October 20, 2016.

In addition to the form-factor design, Nintendo needed to balance the power and speed of the console’s central processing unit with battery life and the unit’s size, coupled with limited development resources and deadlines set by Nintendo’s management. One choice made by the development team was to use an existing system on a chip (SOC) rather than creating their own as they had done on previous consoles. Koizumi said that this break from tradition was done to gain more third-party support for the console by using an SOC that developers could easily port to. Nintendo was not focused on raw processing power, but were instead looking to balance the overall features of the system, including battery life and size, as well as keeping in mind their limited development resources and timeline. Koizumi said “The most difficult part was on how to take an overall balance while we were getting entangled with all of those in complexity.”[8] To achieve this balance, they did not opt to use the more powerful hardware they could have used, instead using a middle-ground approach to achieve their vision of the Switch.[21]

Jump up ^ Webster, Andrew (December 18, 2017). “Tencent is bringing China’s biggest game to the rest of the world”. The Verge. Archived from the original on December 19, 2017. Retrieved December 18, 2017.

La critique principale qu’on peut faire à la Nintendo Switch est la pauvreté de son catalogue de lancement, que ce soit sur support physique (de toutes petites cartouches) ou via la boutique en ligne.

Foncez si vous aimez les jeux Nintendo, la raison pour le catalogue c’est qu’Iwata a vu très juste pour cette console, en fusionnant le travail et la sortie de jeux d’habitude réparti sur 2 flux (portable et salon) en un seul flux, Nintendo a fait un coup de maître et la popularité de la console en sont la preuve 🙂

Du côté du « lineup » de la console, voici les principaux titres annoncés par Nintendo ou déjà disponibles à date du 14 septembre 2017 : Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild, Dragon Quest X, XI, Heroes I et II, Splatoon 2, Skyrim, 1, 2, Switch, Arms, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Rayman Legends Definitive Edition, FIFA 18, Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers (26 mai 2017), Super Bomberman R, Minecraft, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Fire Emblem Warriors, Skylanders Imaginators, Minecraft, Has Been Heroes, Just Dance 2017, Disgaea 5 Complete, Puyo Puyo Tetris, Rime, Steep, Fast RMX, Syberia 3, Sonic Mania, Project Sonic 2017, Lego City Undercover, I Am Setsuna, Snipperclips Plus, Morphies Law, Arena of Valor, Doom Wolfenstein 2 : The New Colossus, Arcade Archives, Pokkén Tournament DX, Project Octophath Traveler, Dragon Quest Builders, Kirby Star Allies, L.A. Noire, PES 18, WWE 2k18, ainsi que NBA 2K18.

Will Greenwald has been covering consumer technology for a decade, and has served on the editorial staffs of CNET.com, Sound & Vision, and PC. His work and analysis has been seen in GamePro, Tested.com, Geek.com, and several other publications. He currently covers consumer electronics in the PC Labs as the in-house home entertainment expert… See Full Bio

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Depuis la sortie de Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, ce raisonnement est un peu moins vrai, car la ludothèque comprend désormais 40 jeux. La console a donc un argument de plus, même si Mario Kart 8 Deluxe n’est qu’une réédition de la version sortie sur Wii  U, avec quelques contenus additionnels et l’ensemble de DLC sortis au fil des ans. Le jeu reste toutefois toujours aussi amusant. C’est un immanquable de console. Nous avons déjà passé plusieurs heures dessus, nous sommes toujours aussi conquis. Nos collègues de Gamekult sont d’ailleurs du même avis. 

-No, the Switch doesn’t get too hot. Your phone during a game could get more hot than this. 2+hours docked playing Breath of The Wild and it was very warm, and it won’t get that warm when in handheld mode as trying that it was even less warm.

Following the initial sales report numbers in April 2017, the Financial Times reported that the company was seeking to produce 18 million Switch units in its 2017 financial year as to avoid “customer tantrums” with poor supply levels, particularly near the 2017 holiday season and the release of Super Mario Odyssey on October 27, 2017.[127] Fils-Aimé said in September 2017 that their 2017 production target for the Switch could be hampered by bottlenecks in individual components.[128][129] DigiTimes reported in October 2017 that Nintendo had further shifted the production rate for the Switch up to 2 million per month, with plans to ship 20 million units by the end of the year and prepare for the console’s launch in Taiwan and China by early 2018; the newspaper also stated that the production rate was limited by component availability, and not by other factors of Nintendo’s production process.[1]

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I don’t think anyone could read Charlie Hall’s enthusiastic piece about returning to Magic: The Gathering without wanting to get in on the action. MTG has always been super intimidating to me, but I picked up the Mind vs. Might Duel Deck from my local shop this weekend and had a blast. To start building your own deck, grab a Deckbuilder’s Toolkit that has everything you need to get going.

Snipperclips is a hilarious, 2D physics-based puzzle game and the quintessential Nintendo Switch experience for anyone interested in couch co-op experiences. The weird audible instructions shared between you and other players as you try to solve challenges will almost always make you laugh. But Snipperclips incredibly flexible puzzle designs offer you lots of opportunities to experiment and try out different solutions.

However, if you want to play four-player games, then you’re going to need to invest in an extra pair of Joy-Con controllers or some Pro controllers. We’d buy the Joy-Cons as a pair (see our comparison chart above) as you’ll save a bit of cash over buying them separately. Better yet, if your friends own a Switch, ask them to bring their controllers to the party!

Alas, there’s a solution: Nintendo’s carrying case and screen protector, which are, of course, sold separately. You don’t need the carrying case, but if you’re planning any amount of mobility with the Switch, it’s a must-buy.

Rather than having a pre-defined order you must use to approach each major mission, Breath of the Wild opens the entire map up to you almost immediately, allowing you to approach the game in whatever order you see fit. You can spend hours just climbing trees and brewing elixirs, or you can even head straight to the game’s final boss if you’re feeling confident. 

Nope, this is a game that’s all about that multiplayer, where you can play with up to eight players locally or online. It’s here the game feels most at home, and for the most part its every bit as good as the classic Bombermans that have proceeded it. 

Born out of Harvest Moon, it makes perfect sense that Stardew Valley fits right at home on the Switch. The farming life sim is wonderfully open ended, letting you forge your own country path with fishing, fighting, farming, and falling in love. Additionally, being able to take advantage of the Switch’s sleep mode helps take some of the pressure off of not being able to save in the middle of a day, even if a few other bugs in the port are still waiting to be squashed here. – Tom Marks

The portability of this console is awesome. I can take it anywhere. I even bring it to work and we have FIFA tournaments lunch. With the announcement of Metroid Prime 4 set to launch on december 28th 2018, this console is by far the best one to come out of Nintendo. Love it. Love it.

Amazon has the Switch through third-party sellers. Most of the units are going for around $350. Third-party sellers also have units at Walmart’s site, too. Switch consoles start at around $375 with various shipping charges. Overstock.com offers free shipping on consoles.

The Nintendo Switch is by far the best gaming console for kid’s on today’s market. Nintendo has always had a brand that was loyal to families, assuring that it had more games that focused less on realism and violence, but more so on the pure fun that anyone can play.

I am Setsuna has a game time of about 25 hours, so you can finish it over a long weekend. It is perfect for anyone that wants to get cozy, plug in some headphones and utilize the Nintendo Switch’s handheld portability option. Its design is a marriage of old and new style, thanks to its gameplay battle system, music and art direction.

This bundle includes the Nintendo Switch console and Nintendo Switch dock in black, with contrasting left and right Joy‑Con controllers—one red, one blue. It also includes all the extras you need to get started.

One of the main selling points of the Switch is the inclusion in its games of beloved Nintendo characters that you can’t find on any other system. Mario and Link have already made their debuts, and fan favorite faces from Metroid, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and the rest are sure to follow. But just because you know the names doesn’t mean you’ll like the games. That’s where we come in.

It’s a tablet, a console and a portable multiplayer tabletop game system all in one… and it’s pretty darn awesome. The Nintendo Switch ($295.00 at Amazon.com) console follows the NES Classic and Super Mario Run in a line of products from the Japanese giant that have titillated gamers over the past year.

With each person only able to do one thing at a time, and most meals requiring multiple stages of preparation, this forces you to split tasks up between you. The problem is that every task proceeds at a slightly different pace, meaning you’re constantly having to change your plans to deal with problems as they arise. 

The Nintendo Switch has had an absolutely incredible first eight months and has amassed an impressive library of AAA first party games and indie darlings. As year one is winding down, we thought now would be a perfect time to create our first (of many) Top 25 lists for Nintendo’s hybrid console.

No console gaming experience is complete without a button-mashing romp through a destructible LEGO world, and LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 is the best on the market at the moment. Don’t let the fact that it’s a sequel put you off. This game stands a full head and shoulders higher than its predecessor (which is also awesome). The story is new. The level design is clever. And it’s got buckets of that classic tongue-in-cheek LEGO humour. Bash your way through hours of gameplay solo or with a friend.

If you’re a die-hard JRPG fan, then there is no better role-playing game for the Nintendo Switch out there than the Seiken Densestu Collection. The Seiken Densetsu Collection (Secret of Mana Series) is a compilation of the first three Secret of Mana games all ported to the Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch launches today, the Japanese console maker’s first new system in four years. Here’s a list of brick and mortar and online retailers selling the Nintendo Switch, which has pricing at $399.99 CAD MSRP.

If you’re tired of playing the same classics on repeat, pick up Thimbleweed Park for an excellent new addition to the point-and-click genre. You’ll travel back to 1987 for a neo-noir adventure that you won’t want to leave. 

LEGO City Undercover gives you a chance to join the chase. Here, you will take the role of Chase McCain, a police officer whose role is to go undercover in order to take down Rex Fury, a notorious and recently escaped criminal. Chase McCain is also tasked with ending Fury’s city-wide crime wave once and for all. This Nintendo game integrates witty, original storytelling in a humorous way, and it is ideal for persons of all ages.

Our “Quarterly Reports” provide a handy list of the 25 best games for each platform, both for the current year so far and for all time. There’s a separate report for each platform, and they will be updated again during the first week in April.

If you’re looking for a fun, accessible and downright hilarious multiplayer experience on Nintendo Switch, look no further than Snipperclips. With a Joy-Con in hand, you and up to four friends can work together or duke it out in a series of addictively creative puzzles.

Nintendo said more than 50 game software makers are developing 80 titles for the Switch. Of those, eight will be available at the time of launch in Japan, including “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.”

Wow! I just got mine today and it was awesome! But it didnt have a Gtx 1080 which i thought by now would be consumer standard by now… Overall its a very nice console, would buy again if I had the money. I really loved Nintendo’s version of GTA V and Fallout 6

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The switch is incredible in terms of hardware. It’s amazing how Nintendo packed such powerful hardware, into such a small device. Switching between handheld and console mode works like a charm, without any hassles at all, and the joycons are a pleasure to use. However, I suggest you wait to buy the switch. There’s only a handful of games out right now, and even less that are worth playing. The only game that I wanted to play was Zelda, once I finished it, it felt like I had no reason to keep the switch anymore. I strongly recommend you to wait until the game library is larger, before you buy Considering how the console is sold out everywhere, it’s not worth to pay extra to buy from scalpers at this point.

Super Mario Odyssey tears up the Super Mario template without throwing it into the breeze. It’s a fantastic usurpment of everything you’d expect a Super Mario game to be, without losing any of the flare and flavour the series has had since Super Mario 64. The introduction of Cappy is an excellent extension of Mario’s abilities and, with the meatiest end game since Super Mario Galaxy and Galaxy 2, Super Mario Odyssey will keep you busy for hours on end.

Despite being out for months now, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is still $60 at most stores, so this Nintendo Switch bundle isn’t as overpriced as it looks. And let’s face it, with stock continuing to sell out, there’s not much incentive for stores like GameStop to knock any money off a deal like this.

So you’re one of the lucky gamers to get your hands on a Nintendo Switch. Like any other new gaming setup, you’ll probably want to grab some accessories to go along with it. Whether it’s a case, controller, or stand, you’ll find that just the right addition can make your Switch setup more complete.

New shipments are being sent out every now and then to local stores, such as Best Buy, Walmart, GameStop and Target in the US. In fact, a GameStop rep told CNET that its more than 4,400 brick-and-mortar stores will be getting a minimum of five Nintendo Switch consoles each on Tuesday, August 15.

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid games console that you can play on your TV and also take on the go, thanks to a built-in display and a set of detachable controllers. In our full review, we praised the system’s impressively versatile design and ease of use, through we had some concerns about the system’s controllers.

One of the core benefits of the Nintendo Switch is that it’s a portable system. Of course, that means you’ll be battling against that most formidable of enemies – battery life. The Antank Portable Switch Battery case offers 6500mAh of additional charging power, which more than doubles your on-the-go play time without adding an overly significant amount of bulk or weight. It strikes the right balance between battery capacity and portability. Also, this case has enough durability that it will add in some extra protection for your Switch.

Possibly not! Remember how the Joy-Con controller splits in two? Turn them sideways and you get two basic controllers, each with their own analogue stick and face buttons – the d-pad acts as face functions on the left controller. So far we’ve seen 2K’s NBA series, Snipper Clips and Mario Kart being used this way for local multiplayer in both docked and tablet modes. So you get multiplayer functionality straight out of the box with no additional purchase required.

A tough as nails 2D platformer about living with anxiety, Celeste might not scream ‘fun’ in the same way Super Mario Odyssey does but this charming tale about climbing a mountain aboslutely ranks as a Nintendo Switch essential. The key is in its simplicity with each level being divided into bite-sized chunks that you’ll fail at over and over until finding your way across a seemingly insurmountable crevasse. The further towards the summit, the more challenging things get and the more powers you’ll amass to help you acheive the seemingly impossible.

This upcoming title will retain the classic turn-based battle system with an added ability of a Boost system. The boost system will allow players to attack an enemy multiple times during a turn if enough Boost Points are acquired.

The new game is also a great way of playing the game in multiplayer. You can play online, split-screen with up to four players or link up to eight consoles together to play multiplayer wirelessly (where you can also play with up to two players per console). 

First the bad news. No retailer has discounted the Switch whatsoever. The Switch escaped Black Friday without so much as a $5 discount (as we predicted earlier). Now the good news — in our most recent search online, Walmart, GameStop and Amazon all have stock of the Switch and are selling it at list price. However, if you want one for Christmas, your best bet is Amazon. Prime members can get it on Christmas Eve for free or on Saturday, December 23 with expedited shipping at $10.99. Otherwise, no store can guarantee delivery by Christmas, so you’ll have to go out and purchase it in person. (If you’re not a Prime member, you can always sign up for a free trial and cancel your membership it when your trial ends).

Matches are incredibly fast-paced and satisfying, offering a tense competition that always feels fun and refreshing. You’ve also got a meaty solo campaign to dig into alongside a bunch of neat customisation options for your personal squid kid.

If you are here looking for the best Nintendo games, we say you are lucky, as the next part of this article talks of the top 10 best Nintendo Switch games reviews 2018. We have also provided a guideline on how to find the best Nintendo switch games. Have a look.

Easily the oldest game on this list, the original Cave Story dates back to 2004. Essentially a homemade tribute to Metroid and Castlevania, that PC version was updated for the Wii and DS in 2010, and then enhanced for the PC and 3DS under the name Cave Story+ a year later. That’s the version that came to the Switch earlier this year. The same traits that made it so great in all its previous incarnations are present in the Switch port, but with the extra benefit of being playable on both a TV and on the go. This is the kind of long, intricate, Metroid-style game that’s incredibly tough to put down, making it a perfect fit on the portable Switch.

Featuring battery life that can last over six hours, depending on the software and usage conditions. Games like The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild can be played for approximately three hours on a single charge. If you’re away from home you can charge the console using the USB Type-C connector.

Nintendo has capitalized on the fact that many people want to play good games with real controllers on the go. You could recreate the same thing on a phone by buy some unknown brand of bluetooth controller but for the average person, that is way to complicated and frustrating. For the money, this is an extremely capable machine. People complain about the price but when you consider the cost of the controllers that are included, it’s comparable to buying a super powerful tablet with a lower resolution screen. It’s not overpriced at all really. As for overpriced, I can’t say the same about the indie games – they are good but you’ll pay way more for these types of games on the switch then you would on Steam. It really hurts to pay 33 dollars for something like Shovel Night Treasure Chest – but on the other hand, I can’t carry my gaming tower and monitor onto the train to play it. By the way, Zelda is perhaps a “perfect” game. I’m more of a fallout/GTA5 fan at home and I’ve never played a Zelda game before, but wow, Breath of the Wild is fun to play. I play it mostly in portable mode and it’s great on the small screen. So summary, the switch is totally worth the money and you won’t be disappointing with the screen (for gaming) or the build quality. You will need to be cautious about what games you buy because some of the games being peddled on the store are not worth what is being charged. Check out as many reviews online before buying anything besides Nintendo titles – for example you will discover that shovel night is worth it – others are not.

Anyone looking for a Metroidvania game to play on the Switch while they wait for Metroid Prime 4 to arrive needs to take a look at Steamworld Dig 2. While the story is connected to Steamworld Dig, Steamworld Dig 2’s adventure can be played with no prior knowledge of what came before as the only real link are the characters involved. Steamworld Dig 2 really becomes addictive as you hunt down every upgrade you can find, along with mining resources and cashing them in back in town. If you like roguelikes and Metroidvania titles, this is an essential purchase for your Switch.

bought this for myself and my for my kid, though my kid is using it almost all the time. It’s a great system when you can take it with you on the go if you want. The games are a lot more creative and interesting than those you would normally play on phones/tablets. As a dad, it really gives more time to play because of it’s portability. It would almost be impossible to sit down and be allowed to play continuously if you have a young family.

Suprise! The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild earned a spot on the best Switch games list, and it might easily be the most impressive launch game of the last decade. Simply put, Breath of the Wild redefines the open world video game in a way we didn’t think was possible. By giving players a massive world to explore, and the ability to define their journey by their own terms, Nintendo has designed one of the most widely-celebrated sandbox games of this generation. It’s quite an achievement, and a game full of mystery and delectable discoveries to uncover.

If you were lucky enough to snag one as a stocking filler over Xmas, here are the games you should be playing on your shiny new gaming machine. And make sure to check back for new additions to this regularly updated list.

This is a nice add to my video game collection. I am enjoying the different modes this console can be played in and have taken on a trip already. The Switch is very comfortable and makes for a great gaming experience on the go.

Chances are you’ve played Shovel Knight on one system or another in previous years, but if you’ve yet to take the game on the go, or better yet if you’re looking to try its newest expansion pack, ‘Specter of Torment’, then the Switch is as good a place as any to satisfy your Shovel cravings. 

If you protect your smartphone screen, think about doing the same for your Nintendo Switch. The amFilm tempered glass screen protector offers 99.9 percent screen transparency, so there should be no interference to your view while you dive into the latest Zelda quest. It’s cheap and effective.

A great co-op title you can grab physically or download digitally from the Nintendo eShop. Up to four players can play locally on one TV to serve up tasty orders across a range of kitchens, each with its own set of obstacles. It may even inspire you to ditch the Pot Noodles in favour of some home-cooked grub IRL.

Let’s face it, the Zelda series was long overdue for a major change, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild offers an unparalleled sense of freedom and scale in the palm of your hand. It tells a an epic story, as glide, cook, and battle your way across a beautifully ruined version of Hyrule. It helped reinvigorate The Legend of Zelda in a way that fans had only dreamt of, easily propelling it to the number one spot on our list and in our hearts. – Zachary Ryan

No matter the platform, Minecraft still stands tall as one of the best games around. Years of updates, free DLC, and oodles of community feedback has polished it into a deep and infinitely replayable sandbox game that we’ll almost certainly still be playing for years to come. Even better, the Switch version of Minecraft can be played multiplayer cross-platform with many other versions, making it a great bridge between playing on the go and on your couch with friends. – Tom Marks

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There’s also no bundle option for the Switch as there was with the Wii U, which Nintendo offered in a $350 package that included the console, a copy of Nintendo Land which at the time retailed for $60, and a charging cradle for the Wii U GamePad among other accessories. That means Switch buyers will have to shell out $50 for a launch game like 1,2 Switch and $30 for a cradle that charges the JoyCon controllers to get a similar experience. That brings the total price up to $380.

No matter if we’re talking about Hatchimals or Amazon Echo smart speakers, whenever there’s a consumer craze and it’s nearly impossible to find an in-demand item in stores, opportunistic resellers pop up online eager to make a buck.

Price: It is a factor to consider in almost every product including the Nintendo switch game. Well, a hugely priced Nintendo switch game may mean it has numerous features. However, this should not be a general notion, as most products do not reflect the real term of “you get what you pay for”. Try to go for a product that is neither too expensive nor too cheap.