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Fast RMX’s gimmick is that at any point your craft has either an orange or a blue polarity, which match with speed power-ups that are spread around the track. By switching your polarity as you race, you can maximize the benefits these power-ups bring. 

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Ultra Street Fighter 2 is essentially the same Street Fighter 2 that’s been continuously re-released on every console under the sun. Technically this version is based on Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo from 1994, which added super and air combos to the base game, but unless you’re a die-hard fan this likely won’t mean too much to you. 

I Am Setsuna is Square Enix’s ode to the beloved genre that made the company famous in the first place: Japanese role-playing games (JRPGs). But unlike many RPGs, I Am Setsuna isn’t about a hero’s journey. It’s a tale with grim overtones that revolves around a mercenary tasked with accompanying the titular character to her death. But it’s this bleakness combined with a satisfying combat system that can make I Am Setsuna so moving and memorable.

Why should you buy it? If you haven’t played Night in the Woods yet, the fact it’s now on Switch means you literally have no excuse now. It’s high on the list of best indie games of 2017, and although it might look like a cutesy adventure of cats, foxes and crocodiles in a colourful world, it’s actually far darker than that. The story flows with sub-currents of mental health issues, concerns about identity and failure, death, mourning, love and all kinds of growing up pains, and it’s all utterly brilliant. You play as Mae, as she works out how to come home after dropping out of college to a town that’s not quite the same anymore, and is full of her past – both good and bad. Rhythm action, platforming and other gameplay tropes are all roped into telling Mae’s story, and thanks to the fact it comes free with the Weird Autumn DLC, the Switch port is the best way to experience her journey. Just be prepared, the scariest monster in the dark woods is you.

The huge open world provides players with endless hours of play and exploration. The graphics are gorgeous and the world is intricately designed so it never ceases to be interesting. True to the franchise, players will encounter plenty of challenging puzzles and easter eggs along their journey.

If you protect your smartphone screen, think about doing the same for your Nintendo Switch. The amFilm tempered glass screen protector offers 99.9 percent screen transparency, so there should be no interference to your view while you dive into the latest Zelda quest. It’s cheap and effective.

Out of the box, you can charge the two Joy-Con by sliding them on to the Switch tablet and then sliding the tablet into the Dock. It’s a fine solution if you’re putting away the console for the night, but it’s a pretty terrible solution if you’re in the middle of “Breath of the Wild” and your gamepad starts running out of juice.

Featuring battery life that can last over six hours, depending on the software and usage conditions. Games like The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild can be played for approximately three hours on a single charge. If you’re away from home you can charge the console using the USB Type-C connector.

ThinkGeek has 10 different Switch bundles that you can preorder, starting at around $400. Eight other preorder sets have already sold out. The bundles will become available in late August and early September. 

So you’re one of the lucky gamers to get your hands on a Nintendo Switch. Like any other new gaming setup, you’ll probably want to grab some accessories to go along with it. Whether it’s a case, controller, or stand, you’ll find that just the right addition can make your Switch setup more complete.

Don’t underestimate this Wii U classic. It’s had an upgrade for the Switch. Decidueye brings the total playable Pokemon to 21 and Litten and Popplio have been drafted in as support. The new ‘team battle’ mode lets you assemble a three-Pokemon team and the ‘group match’ feature helps you find opponents of a similar skill. Master the single player Ferrum League, get stuck in to ranked online battles, or grab a sofa and share your Joy-Cons for a local match with your mates.

It’s a tablet, a console and a portable multiplayer tabletop game system all in one… and it’s pretty darn awesome. The Nintendo Switch ($295.00 at Amazon.com) console follows the NES Classic and Super Mario Run in a line of products from the Japanese giant that have titillated gamers over the past year.

Mario is also featured prominently in the top 10. Mario Kart 7 remains 3DS’s second-best-selling game, with 15.95 million copies sold. New Super Mario Bros. 2 caps off the top five at 11.73 million, while Super Mario 3D Land trails behind it slightly at 11.40 million.

Super Mario Odyssey is near-perfect. It carried ginormous expectations, but somehow Nintendo has managed to leapfrog over the bar by a huge distance. Offering the most satisfying gameplay experience of any Mario game to date.

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Your Joy-Cons don’t have a charger outside of what you get on the actual Nintendo Switch, and that can be a problem if you’ve got multiple pairs of controllers and don’t always connect them to your console. Fortunately, Orbeet makes a nice 4-in-1 charger with 2 additional USB ports for charging Pro Controllers.

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Those waiting for a new instalment in Nintendo’s super-fast F-Zero series of racing games will find lots to like here. Developer Shin’en has a reputation for pushing Nintendo systems to their graphical limits; RMX offers silky-smooth futuristic racing at extremely high speeds. Its clever colour-shifting mechanic – you have to flip between two exhaust colours to trigger speed boosts – at times makes it feel like a racing version of cult shooter Ikaruga.

Very compact gaming system that puts the older and bulkier systems to shame. The system was easy to set up, so easy my kids did it by themselves. The portability of being able to click in the controller sliders and take the game screen with you is very clever. The only negative I have is that the battery in the portable component only lasts about 3.5 hours. Excellent video quality on my 75 inch tv and the audio is seamless. It’s too bad that Nintendo didn’t bundle this console with a game so that the consumer doesn’t need to purchase a game as well as the console separately Overall I highly recommend this product, the kids and adults in my household enjoy playing it.

If you’ve been playing Minecraft: Nintendo Edition, you may have discovered that you can’t split your Joy-Con controller to share with a friend in multiplayer mode. Looks like it’s time to invest in that second L/R Joy-Con pack. These Joy-Cons are almost as elusive as the Switch itself, especially the neon model, but they are still available at some places, and restock faster than the Switch.

Major retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and Target all have buy pages for the Nintendo Switch. (Currently, Amazon has stock of the Switch in Gray and Neon Blue/Red and is the only store that can deliver it on time for Christmas).

Use voucher code: TDX-PHJ4 to save £20. Zelda is still seriously expensive on its own, so we’d advise getting it in a cheap Nintendo Switch bundle whenever possible. You’ll have to hurry though as this voucher expires 15th.

Nintendo’s online gaming service is currently free for a trial period, but will become a subscription service in 2018. The service will cost $20 per year in the US (about £15 or AU$30). Prices for other countries have yet to be announced. Nintendo says almost all of the games will need a paid service subscription to play online.

Playstation VR bundles are $100 off through March 3 at Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy, Dell, and most other retailers. The Gran Turismo Sport bundle is down to $199.99 (not available on Amazon), Doom bundle is $299.99, and Skyrim bundle is $349.99.

Despite the swathes of changes to the Zelda template, Breath of the Wild still feels very much like a Zelda game. It’s more challenging than ever before, putting both your combat and puzzle-solving skills to the test, and every square inch of this ruined Hyrule aches to be explored. Take it from someone who’s played over 100 hours and still not finished it, there’s plenty to see and do in Breath of the Wild that makes this an absolutely essential purchase for every Switch owner.

“les jeux numériques supérieurs de commutateur de nintendo _où acheter les contrôleurs de commutateur de nintendo”

Et si son catalogue de jeux était assez risible au départ, il s’est singulièrement étoffé au fil des mois. Certes, il comporte encore beaucoup de jeux multiplatormes, pas toujours récents d’ailleurs. Mais la singularité de la Switch, à savoir son mode portable, fait que même ces anciens jeux peuvent s’avérer plaisants à (re)découvrir.

Following the initial sales report numbers in April 2017, the Financial Times reported that the company was seeking to produce 18 million Switch units in its 2017 financial year as to avoid “customer tantrums” with poor supply levels, particularly near the 2017 holiday season and the release of Super Mario Odyssey on October 27, 2017.[127] Fils-Aimé said in September 2017 that their 2017 production target for the Switch could be hampered by bottlenecks in individual components.[128][129] DigiTimes reported in October 2017 that Nintendo had further shifted the production rate for the Switch up to 2 million per month, with plans to ship 20 million units by the end of the year and prepare for the console’s launch in Taiwan and China by early 2018; the newspaper also stated that the production rate was limited by component availability, and not by other factors of Nintendo’s production process.[1]

Le nouveau service d’abonnement en ligne pourra être essayé gratuitement à son démarrage. Ce service inclut une application mobile, disponible à l’été 2017, qui permettra d’inviter ses amis à jouer en ligne, de se donner rendez-vous pour jouer et chatter ensemble dans les jeux compatibles. Le service payant complet sera disponible à l’automne 2017.

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* Le meilleur bon point à mon avis c’est vraiment la philosophie de cette console, hybride, simple (l’os est très simple, super fluide, et droit au but (les jeux)), taillée pour le coop et le jeux à plusieurs, que ce soit du jeu compétitif, ou du coop/jeu en split-screen, les jeux dessus font vraiment haut-de-gamme :), par là j’entends que pour la première fois Nintendo fait des jeux de budget console de salon sur une portable. Les équipes 3DS et wiiU ne travaillent plus que sur une console => plus de jeux et ça se voit !!

En attendant Dragon Ball FighterZ, les amateurs de l’univers créé par Akira Toriyama pourront toujours passer le temps avec Xenoverse 2. Le titre reprend les bases du premier opus, en mêlant jeu de combat et MMO puisqu’il est possible de croiser d’autres joueurs dans les vastes zones que comptent le jeu. Car dans DBX 2, on ne fait pas que se cogner. Il y a des quêtes à mener, les personnages (customisables) gagnent des niveaux, etc. Côté technique, le jeu tient également la route et n’a pas trop à rougir de la comparaison avec les versions sorties sur les autres plateformes.

Pour le moment, il est prévu que ces jeux soient 2 jeux de la Virtual Console (un jeu NES et un jeu SNES avec des fonctionnalités online en plus) et qu’ils ne soient accessibles que seulement pendant un mois.

Nintendo réfléchit par ailleurs à créer un abonnement afin de pouvoir jouer en ligne sur la Switch. Aujourd’hui, le jeu en ligne est gratuit alors qu’il est payant avec un abonnement mensuel sur PS4 ou Xbox One S et X. Aucune baisse de prix n’est envisagé pour la console qui coûte actuellement 330 euros en France. 

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe sur Switch c’est dans un petit mois seulement, et pour l’occasion Micromania vous propose une peluche offerte pour chaque précommande du jeu !     Précommander Mario Kart 8 Deluxe…

The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild est peut – être le plus grand jeu de lancement sur une console. Il est un vaste jeu en monde ouvert, et à la différence des titres Zelda précédents, cela ne doit pas être joué dans un ordre spécifique avec prologues. Au lieu de cela, le jeu vous lance dans Hyrule où vous pouvez faire ce que vous souhaitez. Tout donjon peut être joué dans un ordre quelconque. Cette version d’Hyrule est vaste et rempli de couleur. Le paysage est magnifique et éclaboussé de couleurs vives. La liberté dans ce jeu ne serait pas excitant s’il n’y avait rien à faire, mais il y a beaucoup. Il y a une centaine de sanctuaires qui sont des mini-puzzles qui vous récompense avec des articles, des écuries pour trouver des chevaux, et bien plus encore.

Jump up ^ Carter, Chris (January 23, 2017). “EA claims Nintendo is making a bigger effort for third parties with the Switch”. Destructoid. Archived from the original on January 26, 2017. Retrieved January 23, 2017.

Quid ici, en Belgique ? “Nintendo est en mesure de confirmer qu’en Europe, les ventes de la console Nintendo Switch ont été supérieures à celles de n’importe quelle autre console Nintendo lors de son week-end de lancement. C’est aussi le meilleur lancement jamais réalisé par Nintendo Benelux”, nous explique Veerle Van der Jeugt, de Nintendo Belgique.

Si la Switch a définitivement remplacé la Wii U, la 3DS, la console portable de Nintendo, a encore fait de la résistance en 2017. Cinq cent sept mille consoles et 3 millions de jeux (dont 400 000 Pokémon et 100 000 Miitopia) ont, en effet, trouvé preneurs en 2017 : une performance plus qu’honorable pour une console vieille de sept ans, bien que forcément en retrait par rapport aux 700 000 consoles et 3,3 millions de jeux vendus en 2016.

The Joy-Con grip is a plastic shell you can the two Joy-Cons into to use them as a conventional gamepad. With the Joy-Cons attached, it feels like a slightly lighter, smaller version of the standard Xbox controller. The grip has four light tunnels for each attached Joy-Con to indicate their connection status (the status lights on the rails of each Joy-Con shines through the tunnels to the front of the grip).

C’est vrai que l’annonce de la rumeurs à 250euros la console m’enchantait. Mais 60 balles de plus ? Et encore, le prix européen n’est pas encore fixé. Puis autre point important et pas négligeable, elle est dézonée. Donc c’est possible d’aller la chercher là où elle est moins cher.

Update: Nintendo announced it has sold more units of the Nintendo Switch in under a year than it was able to sell of the Wii U in the latter system’s lifetime. Some thoughts on why the sale momentum has not slowed can be found in the original article below.

That said, it would be another huge notch for Nintendo to get out such a highly anticipated game in 2018. The company has repeatedly said one of its main goals with the Switch is to keep a steady cadence of major games coming out month after month, and “Metroid Prime 4” in 2018 would be a great way to keep that up.

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La Switch est interactive et contient une fonctionnalité capture d’écran. Il suffit d’appuyer sur le bouton de capture pour sauvegarder une image ou un moment de jeu. Vous pourrez même poster vos captures sur les réseaux sociaux et partager vos expériences de jeu sur Switch.

In addition to the form-factor design, Nintendo needed to balance the power and speed of the console’s central processing unit with battery life and the unit’s size, coupled with limited development resources and deadlines set by Nintendo’s management. One choice made by the development team was to use an existing system on a chip (SOC) rather than creating their own as they had done on previous consoles. Koizumi said that this break from tradition was done to gain more third-party support for the console by using an SOC that developers could easily port to. Nintendo was not focused on raw processing power, but were instead looking to balance the overall features of the system, including battery life and size, as well as keeping in mind their limited development resources and timeline. Koizumi said “The most difficult part was on how to take an overall balance while we were getting entangled with all of those in complexity.”[8] To achieve this balance, they did not opt to use the more powerful hardware they could have used, instead using a middle-ground approach to achieve their vision of the Switch.[21]

Le design de la partie “tablette” s’avère donc très simple et ne fait pas vraiment le poids face à une tablette ou un smartphone de 2017, mais ce n’est de toute façon pas son objectif. On regrette quand même un très large cadre autour de l’écran — 1,5 cm sur les côtés, 1 cm dessous et dessus — et l’on se dit que Nintendo aurait pu largement agrandir la diagonale de sa dalle en rognant sur ces marges.

The service was initially targeted for a launch in 2017, but has since been delayed to September 2018;[145] Fils-Aimé explained that the delay in providing the subscription service was the “need to get our digital environment world class”, recognizing that they needed to be able to justify the subscription costs to consumers by making sure that both the planned features and the entertainment service support were ready to go when it launched.[146] At launch, the online service is only available in select countries, but it is expected to extend to other countries after the Switch’s launch.[147]

A charging grip is available for the Joy-Con, which provides a means to attach a USB-C cable for power.[103] Alongside that, Nintendo released a charging strap that allows players to charge an individual Joy-Con via embedded AA batteries.[87] Nintendo offers a Joy-Con Wheel, a small steering wheel-like unit that a Joy-Con can slot into, allowing it to be used for racing games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.[114] The Switch supports the wireless Pro Controller, which has a more traditional design reminiscent of the Wii Classic Controller Pro and Wii U Pro Controller.[74][115][116] As of Switch System Software 3.0.0 a setting can be turned on to use the controller in wired USB mode; however, currently[when?] this will disable the NFC touchpoint. Standalone Docks are available, which include the power adapter and HDMI cable.[114] Third parties also support the Switch with additional accessories, such as carrying cases and screen protectors.[117] The 4.0.0 system update enabled support for GameCube controllers attached via USB with the Wii U GameCube adapter.[118]

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Deux beaux arguments qui semblent porter leurs fruits, car la console se vend très bien, mais qui sont ternis par quelques défauts. Tout d’abord la pauvreté du catalogue actuel, et la déception face au jeu “maison” de la console, 1,2 Switch, pas du tout convainquant de son rôle de “jeu fun et familial à jouer en mouvement”.

Jump up ^ Grant, Christopher (February 21, 2017). “Nintendo tag teams with John Cena for living room-inspired Switch demos”. Polygon. Archived from the original on February 24, 2017. Retrieved February 24, 2017.

It appears to be a valid alternative to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and while its power can’t currently be directly compared with those systems, it certainly works well as a home game console if Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and ARMS are any indication. The PS4 and Xbox One have been around for a few years and have very large libraries, including many cross-platform AAA titles, and for the time being the Switch appears to be getting few direct ports of major games available elsewhere. We’ll see how the selections compare as the Switch library expands over the coming months.

Comme je vous l’ai écrit d’entrée de jeu, je n’ai pas passé autant de temps que je l’aurais souhaité à parcourir le royaume d’Hyrule. J’aurais pu peser sur l’accélérateur, mais je suis du type contemplatif et j’étais trop émerveillé par les différents tableaux que je visitais, par la faune que je découvrais, par les personnages que je rencontrais, par la possibilité de revisiter le Village Cocorico, etc. Et, que voulez-vous, je suis du type à pouvoir passer beaucoup de temps à me balader en tuant des sangliers et des oiseaux juste pour le plaisir de me promener et de faire des « Mouahahahahah!!! » à voix haute quand je les abats! De toute façon, nombreux sont ceux qui soutiennent qu’il faudrait plus d’une centaine d’heures de jeu pour passer à travers toutes les énigmes et tout collecter alors je ne me suis pas rendu jusque là.

Jump up ^ Falcão, Pedro (May 25, 2017). “Jogos de Nintendo Switch e 3DS serão distribuídos no Brasil”. Vice (in Portuguese). Archived from the original on September 21, 2017. Retrieved September 21, 2017.

-La ludothèque : sorti de Zelda c’est un peu le désert et cela devrait durer au moins jusqu’à la fin du premier semestre. Au 28 avril, c’est toutefois un peu mieux, puisque la ludothèque s’est enrichie d’une quarantaine de jeu, dont Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, qui va sans doute redonner une seconde vie à la console.

“最好的任天堂切换离线游戏 |从哪里购买任天堂开关”

另一个吸引我的游戏理念在《大金刚:Crash Course》中体现。这是一款2D横版的关卡游戏,也可以说是具备左右上下四方向的新型卷轴游戏。玩家使用GamePad时只能看到所操作角色近处的场景,而在电视上却可以看到整个背景关卡。记得小学时在机房里玩马里奥时有一个“向前看”的功能可将游戏的取景框向右平移,提前看到后面的一部分场景,而在这个《大金刚》内含游戏中玩家可以直接在电视上看到整个游戏场景。同样的理念也践行到了阔别多年的《皮克敏》系列中,宫本茂说:“因为皮克敏很小,所以只能把镜头拉的很近,可这样玩家又会看不到整个场景”,最后通过GamePad得到了最好的实现。

任天堂红白机(FC/NES)发行于1983年,在日本发行之后引起了不小的轰动,两年之后进军北美市场,更加奠定了任天堂的家用游戏机霸主地位。当人们正需要一个高品质的家用游戏机的时候,任天堂拿出了他们的全部家当,首发的数款游戏都赢得了玩家的赞誉,超级马里奥更成为了永远的经典。在那个年代,拥有一台红白机应该是孩子们最大的梦想了。[11]  根据外媒的数据,在1990年30%的美国家庭都拥有NES主机。[2] 



  那么,从PC“移植”过去,就意味着主机环境与PC越接近,这项工作的就越容易。越容易成本就越低,开发商通过这种做法增加用户的积极性就越高。PS4和Xbox One都采用了和PC一样的x86结构,唯独Wii U没有。再加上Wii U的机能相对很孱弱,就导致了整体的第三方把先行开发的游戏“搬运”到任天堂的平台上过于困难。再加上Wii U的硬件特殊性不是很容易让开发商诞生创意积极原创,结果大家都知道了——“三坟”(编者注:即“第三方坟场”)。你买一台主机就等于拒绝了太多你喜欢的游戏:《巫师3》《合金装备5》《刺客信条》系列……对核心玩家而言,买与否这个选择,相信就不难做了。

  游戏的载体,仍然是卡带。这个也没有问题,卡带的读取速度和承载容量,比蓝光光盘只有优势而不是劣势,成本略高,但也不是决定性因素。至于主机自身的硬盘容量和内存,反而比较关键。PS4和Xbox One都是500G起,眼下Switch要做到这一点似乎比较困难,用闪存代替硬盘?——会极大地提高成本。很多第三方游戏为了游戏体验,尤其是一些有无缝大地图的游戏,都会鼓励玩家在本地安装一些游戏文件,如果Switch不能,那么又会给第三方添堵。我再强调一遍:它的比较对象一定要是主机,而不是掌机和iPad等。

戴尔PRECISION M4800就是一款可以选配Retina屏幕产品,最高分辨率可以达到3200×1800,PPI值为235,远超同尺寸1366×768分辨率下的PPI(100)。PPI越高则表面单位面积上的像素多,可以呈现出更为清晰细腻的图像,这恰好符合其专业工作站产品的定位。当然如果你担心常规使用时超高分辨率会降低图标、文字大小,影响你的正常使用,那么笔者可以说你的担心完全是多余的,Windows系统提供修改默认文字、图标分辨率设置,可以将其调节到合适的大小,还可保证观看电影、图片时的细腻程度。图中所示显示内容比例为Windows 7系统,当用户选择Windows 8系统时,最大显示比例可以提升到200%。



GamePad的存在一直被媒体理解为岩田聪“自打脸”的行为,因为在接受采访时他曾说“ iPad不过就是一个放大版的iPhone而已”,最后自己却拿着一个任天堂版的iPad站到了台前。但根据任天堂的访谈内容,硬件团队09年就已经全面投入到这款平板控制器的设计,岩田聪本人也曾说早在08年就已经完成了WiiU的整体概念设计。“不过是放大版iPhone”这句话背后他或许真正想说的是:“我们WiiU配备的GamePad,可不只是一个放大版的3DS,我们为它赋予了新的交互形式和游戏理念”。

从体系结构上来说,FC有一个伪声音处理器(pseudo-Audio Processing Unit,pAPU),在实际硬件中,这个处理器是集成在2A03 NMOS处理器中的。pAPU内置了2个几乎一样(nearly-identical)的矩形波通道,1个三角波通道,1个噪声通道和1个音频采样回放通道(DCM,增量调制方式)。其中3个模拟声道用于演奏乐音,1个杂音声道表现特殊声效(爆炸声,枪炮声等),音频采样回放通道则可以用来表现连续的背景音。

This app would be so much better if you could have a PIN for the parents accounts and different time limits for multiple profiles. This app is kind of pointless for families with more than one child. I really need to PIN protect my account too so my kids can’t play under mine and mess with my saves.

Needs separate settings for different kids. An hour per kid is better than three total hours. If the oldest kid does not share, he will take away the other kids’ play time. Also, a default setting for new accounts should be introduced. And a distribution of play time over the day would be an improvement (as Microsoft has for the Windows platform). It makes no sense to allow a kid to resume playing at 06:00h, if you want it to only play in the afternoon.

进入2017年,“吃鸡”的大逃杀玩法成了源于PC平台最火热的游戏概念。在此之前,将“磁爆步兵”作为新屠夫角色的“杀鸡”游戏也曾靡一时。制作人Mathieu Cote在介绍自己的游戏时总会用“捉鬼游戏”来诠释《黎明杀机》的魅力,高端一点的说法就是“非对称游戏(Asymmetric Gameplay)”。这种游戏的魅力源头在于,如果回顾童年时后院里小伙伴们的游戏,绝大多数都是这样的“非对称游戏”,不论是“捉迷藏”还是“红灯绿灯小白灯”,玩家对多人游戏的热衷也就源于此。

2012年的E3展前发布会上,任天堂强调了对“新游戏理念”的重视。在Nintendo Land中的《动物之森:Sweet Days》中,操纵GamePad的玩家扮演Chaser(捕者),其余操纵手柄的玩家扮演Runner(逃者)逃跑; 在《路易的鬼屋》中,需要一个玩家扮演“鬼怪”,其余玩家扮演鬼屋中的“游客”。操作WiiRemote的“游客”是不能在电视屏幕上看到“鬼怪”的,鬼却可以在GamePad上看到其他玩家并采取行动,比如在“游客”玩家必须收集的道具“电池”旁进行伏击。

索尼,微软必须超越大黑盒PlayStation 4和Xbox One是值得尊敬的系统,但现在我觉得它们过时了。它们很大,扎根于一个地方。它们的图形功能强大(超过了开关),可以玩很多很棒的游戏。但这款手机在游戏机上的完美移动,是一个让人难以接受的时刻。并不是每个人都想要一个便携式游戏机,但如果它意味着可以在旅行中玩游戏或者更容易移动到其他房间或与他人联系,为什么不呢?我在手持模式下的切换比在控制台模式下要多。同时,我的儿子也在掌上游戏机上玩他最喜欢的游戏机Wii U。索尼和微软还没有找到一种方法来让这一过程像开关一样简单和独立,尽管像PlayStation TV这样的努力,Vita和微软的xboxto – windows游戏流连接的远程游戏功能。

就在绝大多数厂商苟苟蝇利时只有任天堂悄然进行着硬件的革命。[5]  任天堂在三菱的技术提携下独力完成了特制IC设计,[5]  性能都远远凌驾于同时期的主机。为了取得价格优势,山内溥亲自拜访了生产IC晶片的理光(RICON)。为压低价格他向对方提出了“两年订购三百万片”的承诺,[5]  当时业界共识是游戏机市场极限容量也不过三百万台。在社内外人士的一片惊呼声中山内溥和理光达成了每枚IC晶片2000日元的低价使得主机以14800日元的价格发售。[5]  在1983年5月召开的初心会组织新商品说明会上,广大问屋代表都对主机14800日元这个几 乎无利可图的定价表示质疑,山内溥向他们表示软件销售将会带来更大的利益。[4] 


任天堂Switch在日本地区首周3天的销量约为33万台,好于上一代家用主机Wii U的30.8万台的首周销量。[78][79][80]任天堂北美没有公开新主机的首周销量数字,但称任天堂Switch在美国的首周2天的销量是任天堂家用主机在北美有史以来首周销量最高的,甚至超过了当年Wii的成绩。[81]而任天堂欧洲也宣布任天堂Switch在欧洲的首周销量成绩超过以往任何任天堂主机在欧洲的首周销量;不过新主机在英国地区的成绩虽然是Wii U的两倍,但是并没有超过Wii当年的记录。[82]

如果一直关注任天堂,就会发现他们在如今这个网络时代到来之后,依然非常努力地推广线下Coop联机,对于他们来说,线上游戏的普及意味着游戏变得越来越个人化。而他们想让所有年龄群活跃起来,必须打造“现充”的使用环境。这并非我空穴来风(Anyway,我知道这个成语的用法很含糊), 在PS4上我们几乎找不到使用四个手柄的机会,仅有一些俯视角的小游戏可以如此游玩,而任天堂则提供了各种全价的派对游戏,甚至《马里奥3D世界》都可四人线下游玩,可见支持力度。但这些尝试在近年来已经越发微妙了。

“Switch”的英文字面解释为开关和切换,显然后者更应该是任天堂这台全新主机所想要诠释的定义。[16]  其最大 NintendoSwitch家用机+掌机形态切换 的特征就是同时具备携带和家用两种特性,同时又针对手柄控制器进行模块化设计的全新形态游戏主机。[16]  家用机和携带掌机一直是支撑任天堂经营业绩的两大支柱,NS等同于将该社过去的两条产品线合而为一。[16]  对任天堂来说,以后不再有主机和掌机两条产品线,[33]  对于开发者来说可以摆脱双线奋战的困扰,更加专注的开发游戏。主机和掌机的身份可以随时无缝切换(Switch),这正是任天堂为NS所下的定义。[33] 

任天堂Switch的处理器使用了NVIDIA定制的Tegra X1系统芯片及其内置的GeForce显卡,这是任天堂首次采用NVIDIA的处理器和显卡。此前任天堂的家用主机从任天堂GameCube到Wii U都采用了IBM的处理器以及ATI和AMD显卡。[2]根据游戏媒体的评测,任天堂Switch使用的Tegra X1处理器为20纳米制造工艺,有4核心ARM Cortex-A57架构中央处理器以及4颗ARM Cortex-A53架构处理核心;[21]图形处理器采用了基于Maxwell微架构的256核心CUDA,图形处理器会根据主机处于便携状态或插入底座的不同情况进行差异化运算,在便携状态下运算频率为307.2MHz,而插入底座后会提升至768MHz到921MHz。[22][23]主机内存为4GB LPDDR4。[24]

我见过VR、AR、iphone、智能手表、笔记本电脑和机器人。但最让我印象深刻的是任天堂的开关。这是一个熟悉的故事。任天堂有一个奇怪的、疯狂的想法。可拆卸的平板电脑控制。将手持设备变成控制台的码头。即使是小的无线小遥控器的名字也很奇怪:玩笑。任天堂的这样做过。极简主义,运动控制驱动的任天堂Wii及其解构的遥控器。这是一款怪异的双屏任天堂DS游戏机。不过,这次我做了一些准备。事实上,雷蛇在几年前就有一个非常类似于Windows电脑的想法,叫做“瑞泽边缘”(Razer Edge)。当我回顾它时,我认为它是未来的标志:它可以从手持设备转换到控制台,改变它的形式。然后是Nvidia Shield,这个开关的真正的前身,最初是一个时髦的安卓游戏,手持一个翻转屏幕,成为一个可停靠的可切换的平板电脑。我觉得那也很酷。



尽管Switch掌机主机一体定位不算是个新的理念,但不可否认在Switch之前没有任何一家厂商很好地实现过。我们的确应该为Switch鼓掌叫好,它在货源紧缺的情况下完成了与PS4同期几乎一致的销售规模,为任天堂打出了气势。WiiU纵然值得惋惜,但它确实不具备留在这个市场上的实力。或许有一天,任天堂会再度推出一台坐镇客厅的主机设备,重新践行以往过于超前的理念。笔者的小小心愿是让读过这本文的人重新看待WiiU所背负的理念,而不是像如今今们嘲笑Virtual Boy一般地以黑历史称之。

移动游戏需要在pants7中踢一脚,最近有很多非常棒的手机游戏:Fez,Inside,the Witness和Talos原则。许多游戏都是从PC和控制台移植过来的。这些小的手机是有能力的强大的图形和游戏。但在游戏控制方面,它们完全被限制了。手机和平板电脑非常适合触摸和滑动,但在移动游戏中使用联网游戏控制器的速度有所放缓。这是几年前的一种趋势,但现在已经不那么流行了。也许这是因为那些控制器从来没有像任天堂开关那样巧妙地发出隆隆的响声,完全灵活的工作。两个可以变成一个控制器,或者成为一个单独的控制器。它们在多个方向上工作。他们有很好的运动控制。他们支持各种类型的游戏。移动游戏只会和对它们的控制一样好。模块化的控制和完善的控制器配件可以帮助。因此,允许移动设备直接与电视机等电视连接,也能做到这一点。没有理由说手机或平板电脑不能像开关一样是一种控制台/移动混合设备。一些人已经玩弄它,因为游戏(Nvidia Shield)甚至是工作(微软的连续体,或者三星的Galaxy系列手机的Dex)。

第一款确认在制作的任天堂Switch游戏是史克威尔艾尼克斯的《勇者斗恶龙XI 追寻逝去的时光》,游戏在2015年7月28日正式公布,并称将计划登陆当时还被称作NX的任天堂Switch。[46]而任天堂本社第一款确认登陆新主机的游戏是《塞尔达传说 旷野之息》,游戏原先是Wii U平台独占。[47]在任天堂Switch正式公布后,育碧宣布旗下的《舞力全开2017》将会登陆任天堂Switch。[48]任天堂Switch的首部宣传片中出现了《上古卷轴V:天际》的画面,贝塞斯达表示很乐于与任天堂展开合作,但当时公司还没有确认哪款作品会登陆任天堂Switch,直到2017年1月13日的发表会才正式确认该游戏会在2017年秋季发售,这也是贝塞斯达首次在任天堂硬件平台上制作游戏。[49][50]而世嘉也确定将在2017年发售开发代号为“Project Sonic 2017”的《刺猬索尼克》系列新作也将会登陆任天堂Switch。[51]2017年5月,卡普空宣布《魔物猎人XX》正式登陆任天堂Switch平台。该作可几乎完整继承3DS版的存档。除了任天堂Switch版玩家可面连/网连之外,不同平台玩家也可以透过网连一同合作狩猎。[52][53]

自3月3日上市以来,任天堂Switch在日本市场仍供不应求,虽然都有定期出货,但只要一进货就会抢购一空,甚至还发生在Bic Camera排队的人群需要抽选购买的事件。[92]而任天堂Switch的大卖,不仅让任天堂股票大涨,其市值也超越竞争对手索尼。[93]6月25日,任天堂Switch在日本市场销售量达到101.6万台,创下本世代家用主机普及速度新纪录,但速度却比Wii要慢。(达成日本市场销售量百万的所用时长:Wii为6周、Switch为17周、Wii U为33周、PS4为46周、Xbox One截至2017年6月为止尚未达成。)[94]

In a world where console manufacturers are trying to get their systems to run games at 4K resolution, Nintendo once again pitches a curve-ball, and it seems to have worked for them. Instead of trying to be more powerful than the others, they instead went for making a gaming tablet that can really console quality games on the go. Let me preface this review by saying that I already reviewed this product once, but decided to write another one because I only reviewed it when I only had it for a few days, with the only game I had at the time being Puyo Puyo Tetris, even though Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild was the hot meal ticket at the time. Things have also came up during the first year alone that could make or break the console later on in it’s lifetime, so I thought they would be important to know.

“最好的任天堂开关充电器 最好的任天堂切换黑色星期五”

百科Nintendo 任天堂 Switch 游戏主机Switch属于任天堂(Nintendo)的继Wii U之后的一代游戏主机,产品采用了掌机/家用机二合一设计,思路有点类似Wii U的GamePad,但截然不同的是,Switch的运算核心均集中在掌机本体部分,连接电视的“主机”底座,仅起到画面输出以及充电的作用。标准套内包含:主机、底座、Joy-Con手柄一对、手柄挂座。全新设计的可拆卸手柄“Joy-Con”,可以转换为掌机手柄、主机手柄,甚至是与朋友分享游戏的两个小手柄,为一台设备带来了更多的可能。同时,Joy-Con带有体感功能,NFC感应部分内置于右侧手柄,可用于读取amiibo。任天堂本次更是针对Joy-Con的独特机能,《1、2、SWITCH》、《ARMS》等游戏,尤其适合家庭、聚会时的互动,带来了全新的游戏体验。除标配黑色之外,还有红/蓝两色可选。 值638 点评5 原创27 好价40去购买查看详情

  双Titan Z与三GTX 980显卡,这样的配置听着就很“过瘾”,当然ALIENWARE Area-51在价格方面也没有令人“失望”。处理器方面它共有两个版本,分别是i7-5820K与i7-5960X;其他方面它最高可标配32GB内存(最低16GB),需要特别注意的是,内存规格为2133MHz的DDR4;硬盘方面它共设有4个硬盘位,其中三个为3.5英寸,一个为2.5英寸,前者可以安置台式机硬盘,后者可以安置笔记本硬盘与固态硬盘。

我见过VR、AR、iphone、智能手表、笔记本电脑和机器人。但最让我印象深刻的是任天堂的开关。这是一个熟悉的故事。任天堂有一个奇怪的、疯狂的想法。可拆卸的平板电脑控制。将手持设备变成控制台的码头。即使是小的无线小遥控器的名字也很奇怪:玩笑。任天堂的这样做过。极简主义,运动控制驱动的任天堂Wii及其解构的遥控器。这是一款怪异的双屏任天堂DS游戏机。不过,这次我做了一些准备。事实上,雷蛇在几年前就有一个非常类似于Windows电脑的想法,叫做“瑞泽边缘”(Razer Edge)。当我回顾它时,我认为它是未来的标志:它可以从手持设备转换到控制台,改变它的形式。然后是Nvidia Shield,这个开关的真正的前身,最初是一个时髦的安卓游戏,手持一个翻转屏幕,成为一个可停靠的可切换的平板电脑。我觉得那也很酷。

3DS 求: Activision公司 亚马逊 Android版 刺客信条 万代南梦宫 贝塞斯达 暴风雪 CAPCOM 命运2的 DLC E3 ea 电子艺界 FINAL FANTASY 最终幻想XV 免费 炉边 iOS版 微软 怪物猎人世界 尼安蒂克 任天堂 任天堂开关 监工 我们谈论电子游戏 pc POV 玩家未知的战场 的PlayStation PlayStation 4的 口袋妖怪 宠物小精灵去 ps4 仙乐神乐 索尼 方形enix 蒸汽 开关 育碧 瓣 的Xbox XBOX 1 Xbox One X

他的多用途配件Becker说:“这可以用来在加载屏幕上观看流,打开游戏地图,访问任天堂开关在线应用程序,等等。经过一些细微的调整,3D打印设备可以制作成适合各种标准问题的智能手机,包括iPhone X,iPhone 6,iPhone 6s,iPhone 7,iPhone 7+,Pixel 2 XL,Note 8和Galaxy S8 +。以Thingiverse用户名Puglife为名的Becker已经邀请其他人加入自己的不同类型的电话的混音,并指出,他会很乐意根据要求添加更多的电话类型。

[35]  任天堂是第一个在游戏机手柄中加入震动功能的厂商,早在1997年他们曾为N64推出过手柄震动包配件, 以及对应震动功能的《超级马里奥64》。而这次Switch引入的HD震动则会再次改变游戏手柄。[35]  “HD震动”的技术原型来自日本一家名为MIRAISENS的科技公司,[35]  通过设备发送横波与竖波两种信号,经由皮肤传达至大脑后它们可以伪造出人被真实触碰的错觉——如果你闭上双眼,真的会以为是在被某种东西推揉。[35]  真实物体表面的纹理和粗糙度也能表现,就像在发布会上小泉欢晃所说,[35]  玩家可用手去感受杯子里放了几颗冰块。[35] 

数据说明:*该电视含开关机等形式的广告,开关机时的广告视频不能删除、更改,且第三方内容的广告视频无法控制;标准版配备红外遥控器,体验语音功能需要选配蓝牙语音遥控器或手机下载「 投屏神器App」;识别明星脸:视觉识别能力暂时仅支持影片《从你的全世界路过》中的部分角色;控制有线电视机顶盒:可控制部分有线电视机顶盒,目前支持341个城市819个运营商的1200款机顶盒;支持 HDR:指处理器支持HDR10;30000+电影、7200+电视剧、9000+综艺、9500+少儿动漫、6800+纪录片:该统计数据为截止2017年3月17日小米电视内容的总量统计;“2016全年票房破10亿院线大片TOP10大片覆盖80%”:指电影票房数据库网2016排行榜TOP10的电影,小米电视有8部;2016全年综艺国内收视率TOP10,小米电视覆盖 90%:指根据央视索福瑞csm52城全天段数据,2016收视率排行前10的综艺节目,小米电视有9部;2016全年播放量破百亿电视剧TOP10覆盖100%:指2016电视剧寻艺网络播放量排行榜TOP10的电视剧,小米电视全有。

自从去年3月首次上市以来,任天堂的开关就取得了巨大的成功。尽管它的在线聊天系统留下了一些不足之处,但互联网上的所有用户都对各种修改和修补有了创新。为此,我们所看到的一些油漆工作是相当令人印象深刻的,但最令人兴奋的创新,以吸引我们的眼睛是由Thingiverse制造商内森贝克尔新的3D打印配件。不仅仅是任何3D打印设备,Becker的聪明加成使得Switch与标准智能手机兼容,有效地让Switch游戏超越了任天堂以前认为的可能。根据不断增长的粉丝群体,Becker的3D打印小工具使整个设置变得更加有用。最好的部分?作为一款完全畅通无阻的Thingiverse产品,任天堂开关手机Joy Con手柄可以根据需要进行3D打印和调整,所有这一切都来自于您自己家的舒适。

底座非常轻盈,这也和游戏主机的主要部分都在平板主机里有关系,想想看这台主机的电池、处理器等绝大部分功能性元件其实都在平板主机当中,底座相当于我们熟悉的各种扩展坞,通过将平板主机放进底座来将信号传递到电视上,从而摇身一变成为一台电视主机。这样的技术并不新鲜,在实际使用过程中,任天堂Switch的切换十分顺畅,加上底座也是给平板充电的缘故,当你使用平板模式在外游戏回到家后,你都会愿意将其插回底座进行充电。另外一个不易觉察的好处就是,其实这比我们日常使用手机等物品回到家总是要去找数据线充电的方式来说,插回底座是一个更加简便舒适的操作。值得一提的是,底座是通过USB type-C 口连接平板主机,而平板上两个磁力孔的设计也令插回底座这个动作一气呵成准确到位。如果你使用自带的电源适配器其实也是type-C 接口,直接给平板充电也未尝不可,不过一般在家都不会如此舍近求远,外出旅行带上适配器随时给平板充电倒是更为合理。在type-C 接口日渐成为主流的今天,任天堂使用该接口而没有整什么自家接口标准可以说是识时务和与时俱进的。

他交换机是任天堂在不止一个方面的重要控制台. 一, 它代表游牧和定居游戏的日本公司的收敛视觉的巅峰之作, 推Wii U的概念发挥到了极致. 它有很多的后者失败后做, 它不知道如何吸引足够快速地是由第三方发布者和公众没有采集到事业的Wii放开. 任天堂纠正这一栏,并设法找到成功的方法因此,有必要, Wii和 – 在较小的范围上 – 在3DS. 一间起居室控制台,这也是便携或也连接到电视的便携式控制台: 难到交换机放置在一个特定的类别, 即使它的创作者认为这主要是作为一个产品在家里使用, 在大屏幕上.

另一个吸引我的游戏理念在《大金刚:Crash Course》中体现。这是一款2D横版的关卡游戏,也可以说是具备左右上下四方向的新型卷轴游戏。玩家使用GamePad时只能看到所操作角色近处的场景,而在电视上却可以看到整个背景关卡。记得小学时在机房里玩马里奥时有一个“向前看”的功能可将游戏的取景框向右平移,提前看到后面的一部分场景,而在这个《大金刚》内含游戏中玩家可以直接在电视上看到整个游戏场景。同样的理念也践行到了阔别多年的《皮克敏》系列中,宫本茂说:“因为皮克敏很小,所以只能把镜头拉的很近,可这样玩家又会看不到整个场景”,最后通过GamePad得到了最好的实现。


关于手柄,如果你拥有一台NS的话,还是建议购入一个Pro手柄,毕竟在主机模式时,Pro手柄的体验真的时太棒了。如果要比较一下主流手柄的话,我的感觉是Switch Pro > Xbox One > Xbox 360 > PS4。这里绝没有黑PS手柄的意思,我第一个PS4手柄用到现在出现了如下问题:R1,R2键回弹出现了问题,左摇杆的蘑菇头已经彻底磨坏;相比于我用的第二多的360手柄却没有出现如下情况。其次个人感觉Pro手柄的手感灰常不错。 


“best nintendo switch games split screen best nintendo switch games ranked”

You can always buy a nintendo product knowing its going to be good and quality made. I have no complaints at all about the system itself, there is a bit of a lack of games right now but not for long, theres a ton of amazing games coming out soon for it so im very happy with my switch. Zelda alone was worth the purchase of the system

Along with gaming, the Switch also features parental controls allowing you to customize how your family interacts with the console and an album feature allowing gamers to take screenshots and share them to their social networks.

Your hunt may not be in vain, but I also wouldn’t want to get your hopes up; Nintendo is sure to have problems meeting demand during the first day, no matter how the system does in the long term. The good news is that Nintendo is going to ship two million systems worldwide at launch, so there is always at least a slim chance you can luck into one. We’re hoping that more retailers announce availability for walk-in customers and day one allocation as we get closer to Friday’s launch.

Console bundles have been getting a lot of coverage lately, with Microsoft and Sony in particular offering major deals on Xbox One and PSVR bundles this month. The new Xbox One PUBG bundle is already discounted from $299.99 to $249, after only being on the market for a few days. An Xbox One Madden NFL 18 bundle is down to $229.99 now that football season is over. All PSVR bundles are discounted $100 until March 3. When it comes to Nintendo Switch bundles, pretty much anything you can get is better than nothing. Grab a free travel case when you pick up the Switch at Walmart.

This is a turn-based tactical game and it’s incredibly fun to play thanks to gameplay that’s satisfyingly complex and deep without being overly difficult – though the difficult increases it’s in a gradual way that doesn’t result in feelings of being overwhelmed. 

Sonic’s latest adventure feels perfectly at home on the Switch. It looks and feels just like the Genesis games you remember from your childhood, filled with tricky traps, dizzying loops that you traverse at breakneck speed, and familiar allies like Tails and Knuckles. Some of the stages even feel untouched, like Chemical Plant and Lava Reef. But there are enough surprises and extra flourishes that makes Mania feel like the perfect balance of freshness and nostalgia.

What, the three mentions in the intro weren’t enough of a giveaway? It’s true: not only is Breath of the Wild our current pick for the best game in the world right now, but it’s also the most essential game on the Switch – one that’s singlehandedly worth buying a console for.

The second Dynasty Warriors-inspired collaboration between Tecmo Koei and Nintendo, Fire Emblem Warriors adds some key elements that it a better game than its predecessor, Hyrule Warriors. From the weapons triangle to class-based powers and weaknesses to the ability to issue units combat orders right from the map, Fire Emblem’s core-franchise strategy elements make for a much more engaging action game. Here’s hoping it will get the same great post-launch support and flesh out the limited character roster to bring more of our favorites across. – Peer Schneider

Nintendo said more than 50 game software makers are developing 80 titles for the Switch. Of those, eight will be available at the time of launch in Japan, including “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.”

Retailers like Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Toys R Us, and GameStop are getting new Switch supplies in stores here and there. It’s worth popping in to see if you get lucky, and worth chatting up store managers, with the hope they’ll tip you off about an upcoming shipment. For example, this Sunday, Target is reportedly getting shipments — but how many at each store is anyone’s guess.

Why should you buy it? If you’re looking for something to play after Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you need to consider Ittle Dew 2. It follows the same gameplay format as old school Zelda titles, with a series of dungeons to conquer, puzzles to solve and people to help. But it’s got a beautifully cartoonish art style that makes colours pop from your Switch’s screen. And what’s more, the characters all talk and have brilliantly witty personalities that will have you chuckling all the way to the castle. 

Polygon’s sister site The Verge reported that the Asus Mixed Reality headset is now available for pre-order in the US. At $429, it’s definitely on the more expensive end of Windows’ VR offerings, but it does come with two motion controllers which offsets the price a little.

If you’ve ever played a Harvest Moon game, you’re already familiar with the premise of Stardew Valley. Stardew Valley is an addictive farming simulator which sees you interact with townees to the point where you can literally marry them.

No matter the platform, Minecraft still stands tall as one of the best games around. Years of updates, free DLC, and oodles of community feedback has polished it into a deep and infinitely replayable sandbox game that we’ll almost certainly still be playing for years to come. Even better, the Switch version of Minecraft can be played multiplayer cross-platform with many other versions, making it a great bridge between playing on the go and on your couch with friends. – Tom Marks

It’s not everyone that would have had the chance to enjoy Bayonetta 2 when it was first released back in 2014 thanks to its Wii U exclusivity. Fortunately, the game has finally come to Nintendo Switch alongside its fantastic predecessor, giving it the reach it deserves. 

Fast RMX’s gimmick is that at any point your craft has either an orange or a blue polarity, which match with speed power-ups that are spread around the track. By switching your polarity as you race, you can maximize the benefits these power-ups bring. 

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe packs in a staggering 48 courses and 42 playable drivers, along with an array of vehicles and equipment, and the gravity-defying tracks are some of the series’ most dazzling creations to date. Better yet, it now has a proper Battle mode like the games of old, and the entire experience is playable anywhere. It’s tremendously fun.

The Switch is an incredibly versatile console, but Nintendo Switch accessories allow you to customize the way you play even further. You can use two Joy-Con controllers independently in each hand, slip them both into a grip for a conventional controller feel, or connect a strap to one controller to use it like a Wii-mote. If you prefer a traditional controller, try a Nintendo Switch pro controller that works with any mode and includes motion controls and two analog control sticks. Get cool in-game extras with amiibo figures. Simply tap your amiibo figure to the designated spot on the controller to unlock new characters, game modes or other perks. Some games even let you level up or customize your character using an amiibo.

This Nintendo Switch bundle comes with a carry case that is ideal if you’re taking the Switch out of the home and it has space for game cartridges and accessories too. You’re also getting a play stand which will make it easier putting the console in a viewable position wherever you are. View this bundle at Amazon.

Huge levels like cities modeled after New York, vast green jungles and desolate deserts await Mario in Super Mario Odyssey; the game has so many different places to explore that you’ll always discover something new. If you happen find something interesting, Mario’s hat, Cappy, can be thrown at it and players can interact with it. The open world game encourages exploration while collecting various items and stars in order to complete objectives.

“where to buy nintendo switch super mario odyssey bundle -best nintendo switch remote”

You don’t have to be a fan of the maniacal Raving Rabbids from the Rayman universe to appreciate this game. This Super Mario and Rabbids mashup is filled with tactical turn-based battles that are surprisingly delightful and addictive. Characters like Mario and Luigi, along with Rabbids cosplaying as those familiar faces, essentially function as weaponized chess pieces during battle. To succeed, you’ll have to intelligently hop around the battlefield, finding optimal spots for dealing damage while dodging obstacles along the way. Like many games of its genre, Mario + Rabbids invites you in with levels that are easily beatable but engaging, then ratchets up the difficulty as the plot progresses.

Are you checking out Nintendo’s new console, hoping to make the “Switch”? These are the best looking games that are coming out for the Nintendo Switch – we just aren’t sure when. They don’t have to be launch titles, they just have to be coming sometime soon for Nintendo’s ambitious new handheld. Welcome to http://watchmojo.com and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Nintendo Switch Games That Look Promising!

Nintendo Switch **NEUF** Produit + taxes, garantie de 30 jours, plusieurs autres articles disponibles, plan mise de ct, possibilit d’change, envoi Postal, appelez-nous pour plus de dtails! Instant-Comptant Vanier, 85 Ave Plante, Qubec 418-780-0101 produit #F029236

Pretty good system for videogame lovers! The library available for it right now it’s fantastic like Nintendo libraries always are, and it’s only going to get bigger and better. This system is definitely not perfect by any means, there is many flaws to this such as graphics, pricing, no apps whatsoever, you will need to go spend a couple hundred dollars on other stuff for the switch directly after you buy it. I would not recommend this system for any “hard-core” gamer or somebody who is willing to spend a few hundred dollars directly after buying it. For anybody else, it’s a no-brainer, although it is definitely not the best technology wise, it is the top videogame console out right now

Need to warm up your dancing feet for an impending party or wedding? Well look no further than Just Dance 2018, which moonwalks onto Switch with official licenses (Disney anyone?), as well as all the hottest tracks and artists, including such notables as Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj. The game isn’t just for seasoned dancers either, with a top Kids Mode delivering children-friendly choreographies and a dance playground.

But there’s more than just the astonishing Breath of the Wild to enjoy on Nintendo’s home-or-handheld device, and thanks to a mix of ports and sterling new games, the Switch has a rather fantastic lineup less than a year after its release.

If you were lucky enough to snag one as a stocking filler over Xmas, here are the games you should be playing on your shiny new gaming machine. And make sure to check back for new additions to this regularly updated list.

Nintendo’s biggest Switch release of the holiday season, Super Mario Odyssey, just launched last week, though it isn’t the only major title still in store this year. Three mature titles–Doom, LA Noire, and Skyrim–all launch for the system within the span of a week in November, though as these aren’t published by Nintendo, they wouldn’t appear on these best-seller lists. The system’s next first-party title, the open-world JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles 2, releases on December 1.

The Switch isn’t just home to cutesy exclusives. For those looking for something a bit grittier outside of the Nintendo fold, there’s Bethesda’s classic open-world RPG. You play a prophesized hero tasked with battling a horde of fearsome dragons – – that’s if you don’t get distracted by the endless list of side quests.

A masterclass in 3D platforming, Super Mario Odyssey seamlessly blends the best elements from nearly every Mario game with an entire portfolio of new gameplay mechanics to create something both nostalgic and courageous. New players will adore stomping through thep vivid and vast new worlds, while seasoned veterans will stick around after the credits to unlock the hundreds of challenges that await their skill and dexterity. To put it succinctly, Super Mario Odyssey is pure, sublime joy and one of the best Super Mario games ever made. – Brian Altano

With a completely original branching storyline, LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2 introduces amazing new gameplay features, including the ability for characters to manipulate time and a four-player competitive Super Hero …

The Switch functions as both a home console and a mobile gaming system, so players can have the same experience on the go as on the couch. Thus, it’s consistently been listed as out of stock by major retailers like Best Buy, Target, and Walmart. Based on sky-high demand, Nintendo has reportedly boosted the production of Switches from 8 million to 16 million, and perhaps as high as 18 million, for the fiscal year.

Common Sense, Common Sense Media, Common Sense Education, and Common Sense Kids Action, associated names, associated trademarks, and logos are trademarks of Common Sense Media, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (FEIN 41-2024986).

Another home console classic now given a new lease of life on Switch is LA Noire. It’s unusual to see 18-rated games on Nintendo consoles but it’s exciting that the Switch is building up a more mature library.

The bundles that were available when we checked didn’t seem to pack in quite as much bang for the buck. QVC is charging $550 for a package that includes a Switch console, a carrying bag, and “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.” The game sells for $59 on its own, and the bag appears to be nothing special, so shoppers are probably paying $100 to $150 more than they should overall.

There’s a strong case to be made for why the Switch will be worth it for Nintendo devotees and casual gamers alike. The company’s long-running exclusive franchises like Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros. and The Legend of Zelda are usually enough to lure Nintendo loyalists on their own, although it’s worth noting that the new Zelda game will be available for the Wii U as well. Another bonus for Nintendo fans: those who subscribe to the company’s online service will also get to play a free NES or SNES game for a month.

Even so, shoppers shouldn’t anticipate Switches showing up in abundance on store shelves anytime soon. GameStop COO Tony Bartel recently said in an earnings call that new Switch shipments sell out as soon as they’re in stores, and he expects “to be chasing supply this entire year.” In other words, expect the Nintendo Switch demand to only get stronger in the back half of the year, especially as the holidays approach.

The adaptable Joy-Con offer multiple surprising new ways for players to have fun. Two Joy-Con can be used independently, one in each hand, or together as one game controller when attached to the Joy-Con grip. They can also attach to the main console for use in handheld mode, or be shared with friends to enjoy two-player action in supported games. Each Joy-Con has a full set of buttons and can act as a standalone controller, and each includes an accelerometer and gyroscope motion sensor, making independent left and right motion control possible.

The nintendo switch is awesome as a handheld and as a day-to-day home console. I have been playing Legend Of Zelda BOTW non-stop XD. Theswitch is godlike compared to the Wii U. Great decision. worth the price

The Nintendo Switch improves in a lot of issues that the WiiU had. It’s price is lower than other consoles in the market, but doesn’t have the a big game library yet. It functions exceptionally well as a hand-held console as well as a home console. However do not expect the graphic performance that other consoles (Ps4 pro) might give. There are some physical problems with it too. You would want to invest on a screen protector because the dock can scratch the sides of the screen if not handled with extreme care. I also recommend to read the instruction manual in this one; it is an unique console that might have problems if it is not used properly. Overall, this is a step in the right way from the WiiU but there is more improvement that can be done.

One of the main selling points of the Switch is the inclusion in its games of beloved Nintendo characters that you can’t find on any other system. Mario and Link have already made their debuts, and fan favorite faces from Metroid, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and the rest are sure to follow. But just because you know the names doesn’t mean you’ll like the games. That’s where we come in.

In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, players can do virtually anything and become anyone. The game is filled with tons of interactive characters that players can have conversations with, leading to friends, foes and even wars. Skyrim’s main story focuses on a dragon set to destroy the world, but players can take plenty of detours with side missions and subplots to gain new abilities, level up their character and postpone any obligation to save the world.

We adored Mario Kart 8 when it first came out on Wii U but noted one conspicuous absence that made many of us fall in love with the original Mario Kart on SNES to begin with: Battle Mode. Mario Kart 8’s encore on Nintendo Switch didn’t just keep the online community alive and added returning favorites like Balloon Battle and Bob-omb Blast, we also got a brand-new “cops and robbers” team mode with Renegade Roundup, all of the great DLC stages, and even some guests from the Splatoon universe. It’s not a new game, but one so good, it deserved to reach a bigger audience on Switch right away. — Peer Schneider 

bought this for myself and my for my kid, though my kid is using it almost all the time. It’s a great system when you can take it with you on the go if you want. The games are a lot more creative and interesting than those you would normally play on phones/tablets. As a dad, it really gives more time to play because of it’s portability. It would almost be impossible to sit down and be allowed to play continuously if you have a young family.

Despite the swathes of changes to the Zelda template, Breath of the Wild still feels very much like a Zelda game. It’s more challenging than ever before, putting both your combat and puzzle-solving skills to the test, and every square inch of this ruined Hyrule aches to be explored. Take it from someone who’s played over 100 hours and still not finished it, there’s plenty to see and do in Breath of the Wild that makes this an absolutely essential purchase for every Switch owner.

No matter if we’re talking about Hatchimals or Amazon Echo smart speakers, whenever there’s a consumer craze it’s nearly impossible to find an in-demand item in stores, opportunistic resellers pop up online eager to make a buck.

As much as we love Rayman, we imagine many gamers have already played it or one of the multiple remasters over the years, so perhaps some of the other Nintendo Switch deals would be a better match. This is £10 cheaper than it was last week though. You can also get the same Nintendo Switch deal with the grey version.

The Longest Five Minutes is unlike any other RPG on the list due to its risk-taking by providing a different style of gameplay. In this game, players make choices in their character’s memories that ultimately change the present, allowing multiple story paths and outcomes.

” top liste de jeux de commutateur nintendo”

Disons-le d’emblée: L’essai s’est fait à la fin de l’été. Même si j’aime bien les jeux vidéo, nous avons eu très peu de journées pluvieuses et nous avons préféré profiter à fond de la piscine et faire des sorties en plein air que d’être devant la télé au sous-sol. Toutefois, je ne vous cacherai pas qu’il nous est arrivé de sortir la SWITCH à l’extérieur pour pouvoir y jouer un peu, l’avantage principale de la console à mes yeux, peut passer d’une console de salon à une console portable en claquant des doigts.

However, streaming services appear to be last on Nintendo’s priority list. In a recent interview summarized by Nintendo Everything, Kimishima seemed to be interested in keeping the Switch a games-first machine, and noted that “such features may already exist on other devices in households.”

Le célèbre e-commerçant a été l’un des premiers à proposer la switch en précommande après son annonce. Amazon s’est aligné à de multiples reprises avec ses concurrents pour atteindre aujourd’hui le prix de 299 euros. Plusieurs packs sont proposés comme le pack avec Mario Kart 8 Deluxe à 345 euros ou le pack avec Splatoon 2 à 389 euros.

Noël est presque là, il est temps de préparer vos cadeaux ! Pourquoi ne pas offrir un jeu de Nintendo Switch ? Cette petite console hybride est idéale pour jouer dans toutes les situations, en solo ou entre amis. De nombreux jeux Switch sont d’ailleurs conçus pour s’amuser en famille, ce que ne proposent pas les consoles de salon plus classiques.

Autant de chiffres dont se réjouit la division française de Nintendo. Philippe Lavoué, son directeur, explique ainsi à Pixels qu’en neuf mois la Switch s’est mieux vendue que sa prédécesseure, la Wii U, ne l’avait fait en cinq ans.

299€ n’a jamais été le prix officiel, mais des suppositions de divers blogs et site de ventes. Je bosse dans la vente de jeux video, à 299€ la console est vendu à perte, à 329€ les commercants s’en tire avec à peine 2% de marge (brut je précise).

In January 2018, Nintendo announced Nintendo Labo, a child-oriented platform that combines games coupled with do-it-yourself cardboard projects that attach or wrap around the Switch Console and Joy-Con, effectively creating toys around the Switch to interact with games. These cardboard units, which may also include string, rubber bands, and other pieces, are referred to as Toy-Con. The game software provides instructions for the Toy-Con construction and provides the interface to control the Toy-Con. Such examples given include a remote-controlled “car”, where the two Joy-Con attach to the car and their vibration feedback provide the motion for the car, controlled from the Switch, a fishing rod where the Joy-Con are part of the reel and handle of the rod and their motion controls used to simulate the act of fishing in the mini-game, and a small toy piano.[119]

Question de point de vue, même si la technologie embarquée dans cette tablette tactile (6,2 pouces ; 1.280 x 720 pixels) est issue du monde mobile: puce Nvidia dérivée du Tegra X1 (qu’on a déjà vu dans la tablette Pixel C de Google par exemple), 4 Go de RAM, 32 Go de stockage interne flash (avec port microSD) et une batterie lithium-ion de 4.310 mAh.

Beaucoup de mes amis m’ont demandé quelle console choisir en 2017. Ils font partie de la catégorie des joueurs occasionnels, pas forcément geeks. Je leur ai tous conseillé la Nintendo Switch. Ceux qui l’ont achetée ne sont pas déçus. Ils jouent même plus souvent qu’avec leurs anciennes consoles de salon. Le concept semble donc séduire.

Nintendo Switch provides online functionality, including online multiplayer, downloading and purchasing games via regional Nintendo eShops, an online lobby service, and voice chat. Unlike previous Nintendo consoles, and in line with current Microsoft and Sony consoles, access to online multiplayer, lobby, and voice chat services will later require purchase of a paid subscription to the Nintendo Online Service program.[136][137] Until the launch of the subscription platform, which is expected to occur in 2018, these features are currently available to all users on a free preview basis.[138][139][140]

Analyst firm DFC Intelligence estimated that while the Switch might have a slow commercial start due to existing consumer trepidation toward Nintendo and Nintendo’s lack of stock, it would overcome this by the end of 2017 and sales would reach around 40 million units by 2020.[229] Analysis firm SuperData also predicted that the Switch would have a slow start due to its relatively high price, but would eventually sell about 5 million units worldwide by the end of 2017.[230] Retailer GameStop also stated it believed the Switch would be transformative in the market, as CEO Paul Reines stated that the company believes the Switch could be another “game-changer” that could “expand the audience for gaming”.[231] Most major retailers in the United States reported that they had sold out of their pre-order allotment of the Switch within a week of the January 2017 media event.[232] According to Media Create, nearly 80% of the total launch stock of the Switch for Japan was pre-ordered by consumers by the end of January 2017.[233] Shortly before release, Nintendo’s Kimishima stated that “we are seeing that launch day preorders have nearly reached the maximum available”.[15]

Nintendo Switch, la dernière console de jeu a reçu une réponse très positive. Le commutateur a attiré beaucoup d’attention, grâce à sa conception hybride innovante. Cependant, Nintendo n’a jamais eu de consoles aussi puissantes que la concurrence, et qui peut être vrai pour le commutateur aussi bien mais, Nintendo brille dans ses exclusivités de première partie. Il y a beaucoup de jeux qui sont disponibles uniquement sur le commutateur et il y a d’autres jeux tiers que vous pouvez maintenant jouer sur la route en raison de la portabilité du Switch. Donc, si vous venez d’ acheter le Switch, voici une liste des 10 meilleurs jeux Nintendo Switch vous devez jouer:

Je pense qu’il faut appréhender la console de telle manière qu’elle a été conçue pour être aussi manipulée par des enfants…et c’est pas péjoratif. Ils font partie de la cible de Nintendo et vu comme ça ils sont cohérents avec le manque de puissance de la sortie casque…ça permet aux jeunes oreilles de ne pas s’esquinter avant l’heure, les ados aussi sont concernés.

Notez qu’un total de 8 Nintendo Switch peuvent être connectées entre elles pour du multi-joueur en local. Le jeu en ligne sera payant en revanche, mais coûtera bien moins cher que chez la concurrence. En effet, le tarif se situera « entre 2000 et 3000 yens par an », soit 16 à 24€ environ (contre 60 chez Sony). Pour ce prix, les clients auront droit à un jeu et à l’accès aux parties en ligne, mais le service ne sera disponible qu’en 2018. Dernière chose, les joueurs ne pourront communiquer entre eux qu’à partir d’une application mobile dédiée. Celle-ci est d’ores et déjà disponible.

La machine embarque 32 Go de stockage interne. Toutefois, seulement 25,9 Go sont réellement disponibles, en pratique, pour le stockage des jeux et des données. On est donc loin des 500 Go ou 1 To des Xbox One et PlayStation 4. Toutefois, un port de carte microSD est présent pour étendre cette capacité franchement limitée. D’ailleurs, l’utilisation d’une carte microSD sera obligatoire pour installer certains jeux dématérialisés, comme la compilation Dragon Quest I et II. Mais rassurez-vous, selon des documents apparus sur le forum NeoGaf, un service de stockage cloud serait également en chemin.

The Nintendo Switch Online app is now available to download on iOS and Android devices. It currently only supports Splatoon 2’s online features, including voice chat. It is free to download and free to use until 2018, at which time it will cost $20 per year to use all of the included features.

^ Jump up to: a b Choudhury, Saheli Roy (January 13, 2017). “Nintendo Switch to launch globally on March 3, to cost $300 in the US”. CNBC. Archived from the original on January 14, 2017. Retrieved January 13, 2017.

300 euros une console qui est livré avec deux mini manettes (joy-con),chacune d elle faisant détecteurs de mouvement, et vibrations hd , un socle permettant la recharge de la console et de jouer sur la television, un support pour joy-con permettant de faire une manette classique (genre manette x box) avec les deux joy-con, c est un prix plutôt raisonnable…

The Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case is for when you absolutely must carry everything. It holds the entire Nintendo Switch system (you can store it with Joy-Cons attached or off), the charging cradle, AC adapter with power cord, HDMI and USB cables, four microSD cards, and eight cartridges.

Le gameplay est vraiment interactif, surtout en mode co-op. La mécanique peut être simple, mais les niveaux se plus en plus difficile qui exigent la pensée créative à résoudre. Le gameplay a la variété ainsi. Il va de puzzles simples comme la traversée d’un pont à des tâches extrêmement complexes telles que guider quelqu’un à travers les engrenages en mouvement. Le jeu est vraiment amusant à jouer et est satisfaisant quand vous battez un niveau, en particulier avec un ami.

“哪里买便宜的任天堂开关 最佳任天堂切换游戏成人”



So, despite my complaints I bit the bullet and got the Nintendo Switch, which I’ll likely be selling my WiiU to make up the difference for that mess. ANYWAY I wanted to get my thoughts out after actually getting my hands on the device.

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“Switch”的英文字面解释为开关和切换,显然后者更应该是任天堂这台全新主机所想要诠释的定义。[16]  其最大 NintendoSwitch家用机+掌机形态切换 的特征就是同时具备携带和家用两种特性,同时又针对手柄控制器进行模块化设计的全新形态游戏主机。[16]  家用机和携带掌机一直是支撑任天堂经营业绩的两大支柱,NS等同于将该社过去的两条产品线合而为一。[16]  对任天堂来说,以后不再有主机和掌机两条产品线,[33]  对于开发者来说可以摆脱双线奋战的困扰,更加专注的开发游戏。主机和掌机的身份可以随时无缝切换(Switch),这正是任天堂为NS所下的定义。[33] 




The bedtime timer is a lifesaver for our special needs kid but the play limits are not very useful. It would be awesome if you could add a “Timeout” button that could be triggered manually in the app. Basically just the same functionality as the bedtime timer (with the countdown from 5 minutes) but you can trigger it whenever you want in the app and then set how long it stays off. This would be much more useful than the play limits IMO. Thanks for considering.

他交换机是任天堂在不止一个方面的重要控制台. 一, 它代表游牧和定居游戏的日本公司的收敛视觉的巅峰之作, 推Wii U的概念发挥到了极致. 它有很多的后者失败后做, 它不知道如何吸引足够快速地是由第三方发布者和公众没有采集到事业的Wii放开. 任天堂纠正这一栏,并设法找到成功的方法因此,有必要, 因为它是用借来的DS, Wii和 – 在较小的范围上 – 在3DS. 难到交换机放置在一个特定的类别, 即使它的创作者认为这主要是作为一个产品在家里使用, 在大屏幕上.

但是现在我们在2017,2018旁边,未来的游戏是电子的,还有什么更好的机会去和马里奥派对玩。 任天堂看到我们,并发表了新的,可以这么说, 马里奥派对:顶级XN​​UMX 正如可以被标题所猜到的那样 一系列从本系列所有章节中选出的最好的一百个小游戏,从第一个为 任天堂64 最后一次 Wii的U。 这应该已经保证了高质量,因为每个马里奥党都有最好的迷你游戏,我们可以在这个集合中找到所有或几乎所有的迷你游戏。 但是当你有这么多优秀的食材,把它们全部扔进一个大锅里,菜的成功就不能保证了。




  但是有了 HD 振动的 Switch 就能够另辟蹊径,在机能不足的情况下在游戏机市场里打出一片天吗?这真心还有待观察。因为,HD 振动能不能成为一个真正出彩的卖点,有赖于开发者是否能够全身心去支持它,发掘它的潜力。众所周知,游戏开发者其实十分守旧,他们并不热衷于去开发新的玩法。索尼 DualShock 4 上的触摸板和掌机 PSV 的触摸背板,以及任天堂自己的 3DS 本该是最大卖点的裸眼 3D 功能,它们受到的冷遇就是最好的范例。

NS,全名NINTENDO SWITCH,是任天堂游戏公司于2017年3月首发的旗舰产品,主机采用家用机掌机一体化设计。新机不锁区,支持1920*1080电视输出和1280*720掌上输出。港版NS于2017年3月3日发售,台版NS于12月1日发售。[1]这是前社长岩田聪最后一部参与开发的硬件产品,该产品将成为未来任天堂娱乐事业蓝图的中心。NS首秀获得强烈反响,预告片YouTube首日播放量超一千万回,一度登顶YouTube播放榜首,风头压过美国大选。[2]


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  游戏的载体,仍然是卡带。这个也没有问题,卡带的读取速度和承载容量,比蓝光光盘只有优势而不是劣势,成本略高,但也不是决定性因素。至于主机自身的硬盘容量和内存,反而比较关键。PS4和Xbox One都是500G起,眼下Switch要做到这一点似乎比较困难,用闪存代替硬盘?——会极大地提高成本。很多第三方游戏为了游戏体验,尤其是一些有无缝大地图的游戏,都会鼓励玩家在本地安装一些游戏文件,如果Switch不能,那么又会给第三方添堵。我再强调一遍:它的比较对象一定要是主机,而不是掌机和iPad等。

  任天堂与腾讯控股有限公司(Tencent Holdings Ltd., 0700.HK, TCEHY 简称﹕腾讯)达成的协议让投资者激动不已,他们憧憬任天堂的 Switch 游戏机和智能手机游戏将在全球最大游戏市场之一的中国热销。9 月 14 日,任天堂直面会上披露了腾讯游戏《王者荣耀》(Honor of Kings)今年冬季将登陆任天堂 Switch 主机。第二天任天堂股价大涨逾 7%,创下九年新高。

  Macquarie Capital Securities 分析师 David Gibson 称,从中长期来看,任天堂与腾讯的合作将促使中国的游戏发行商支持 Switch。腾讯在游戏领域的举动能够对中国其他游戏厂商造成影响力,再加上 Switch 的门槛相对较低,广大寻求出海、寻求更多平台机会的中国游戏发行商一定不会错过这个新的主机。该公司一直寻找在中国扩张的方式,腾讯是一个可能的合作方,不过这些人士也提醒称目前还没有具体成果。任天堂曾希望在中国销售其 Wii U 游戏机,但最后放弃了该计划。

2012年的E3展前发布会上,任天堂强调了对“新游戏理念”的重视。在Nintendo Land中的《动物之森:Sweet Days》中,操纵GamePad的玩家扮演Chaser(捕者),其余操纵手柄的玩家扮演Runner(逃者)逃跑; 在《路易的鬼屋》中,需要一个玩家扮演“鬼怪”,其余玩家扮演鬼屋中的“游客”。操作WiiRemote的“游客”是不能在电视屏幕上看到“鬼怪”的,鬼却可以在GamePad上看到其他玩家并采取行动,比如在“游客”玩家必须收集的道具“电池”旁进行伏击。

This is a decent app but it could do with a bit more development to make it great. It would be good if when the days play time was up they had 5 mins to save and exit their game then it would prevent any further play rather than just running an annoying alarm. Also a manual button to stop today’s play would be good. Something’s a play ban makes for a good punishment when your child is being naughty and ignoring your warnings.

  那么,从PC“移植”过去,就意味着主机环境与PC越接近,这项工作的就越容易。越容易成本就越低,开发商通过这种做法增加用户的积极性就越高。PS4和Xbox One都采用了和PC一样的x86结构,唯独Wii U没有。再加上Wii U的机能相对很孱弱,就导致了整体的第三方把先行开发的游戏“搬运”到任天堂的平台上过于困难。再加上Wii U的硬件特殊性不是很容易让开发商诞生创意积极原创,结果大家都知道了——“三坟”(编者注:即“第三方坟场”)。你买一台主机就等于拒绝了太多你喜欢的游戏:《巫师3》《合金装备5》《刺客信条》系列……对核心玩家而言,买与否这个选择,相信就不难做了。

  第二个原因,市场营销策略。这一点是任天堂的新任CEO君岛达己提出来的。也许是旁观者清吧,财务出身的君岛达己提到对普通人而言,Wii U和Wii实在太相似了,从命名到造型到游戏到全球营销宣传,都让人觉得Wii U是Wii的一个同时代产品。大家别忘了Wii席卷全球时,很多Wii玩家都是新增长的轻度用户。他们对游戏的理解和坚持都处于一个边缘的状态,也不太会主动更新对游戏市场的认识。所以Wii U到底和Wii有什么区别,要不要再多买一些游戏去体验一下,他们就没有那么热衷了。这些轻度用户在对体感感到厌倦,又缺乏“新意硬件”刺激的情况下,不再出手购买。Wii U的销量相比Wii,自然有如潮来潮去了。这是任天堂在通过营销来制造“用户认知”上犯的一个巨大的错误。


然而,马里奥党的核心是显而易见的,一直是多人游戏,在这里,即使在这里,马里奥党也在一个基本的方面犯罪: 缺乏游戏板,几乎所有事情都发生在那里。 由于在此之上100面对上面提到的,只有迷你游戏,一个接一个,只有一种模式,具有挑战性的迷你游戏,我们有一个单板所有的非常小的发生,应采取的研究恒星和货币是他们将在板上的各个点随机产生。 太糟糕了,这是如此之小,无论它发生在哪里, 明星将永远太靠近其中一名球员 在一个回合中或者最多两个回合就能够到达他们并占有他们,而不会让他人有机会希望在迷你游戏中取得和发起挑战。 无论如何 这绝对是最有趣的模式,因为董事会打破了这个行动,虽然很小,但为了某些(少量)的策略,使用一些奖励或琐碎的物品,使我们处于有利的地位,有时会推翻游戏的命运。

1986年,任天堂在美国收3.1亿美元,这一年美国游戏产业的规模4.3亿美元,[8]  而在一年前,深陷雅达利冲击的美国游戏业的收入仅1亿美元。[8]  1988年发售的《超级马里奥兄弟3》(Super Mario Bros. 3)在美国售出700万套,在日本销量达400万,销售额5.5亿美元。[8]  1989年,任天堂的游戏机已占领美国90%和日本95%的市场,任天堂成为游戏界巨无霸。[9] 

“los mejores juegos retro de nintendo switch -los mejores juegos de interruptor de Nintendo se divierten el viernes negro”

This is essentially an all-in-one controller setup, which has never really been done well before. Joy-Cons quickly transform to meet your needs, and it’s clear the designers were trying to optimize for every possible scenario. While technically impressive, there’s an ergonomic concern with the Joy-Cons. When attached to a Joy-Con dock or the sides of the tablet, the right joystick is mounted on the bottom half of the hand grip. This is opposite the top left mount of the joystick for the left side, because when the Joy-Con halves are separate it’s important that the controller layout be identical.

Nintendo Switch es la última videoconsola desarrollada por Nintendo y la primera consola híbrida que puede usarse tanto como portátil como de sobremesa. Salió a la venta el 3 de marzo en todo el mundo, España incluida, a un precio de 299 dólares (sin contar impuestos) y 30.000 yenes. En Europa no hay precio un oficial por las directivas de la Unión Europea, pero según diferentes tiendas, el precio oscila entre 329,99 euros y 319 euros. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild acompañó a la consola como uno de los juegos de lanzamiento, para asegurar que muchos usuarios se hiciesen con ella el primer día. Todavía no se ha explicado si el dock tiene alguna función más que la de soporte y ampliación de la potencia. Entre otras cosas se ha confirmado que Nintendo Switch será region free.

En otros lanzamientos de consolas donde también se han detectado falta de unidades en el mercado español, las distribuidoras han tomado máquinas de otros mercados para traerlas a España. Sin embargo, en el caso de Nintendo Switch la falta de stock a nivel global está siendo que esta estrategia sea imposible de seguir en estos momentos.

Consola con pantalla: esta es la pieza principal con la que podremos jugar y donde conectaremos los cartuchos de los juegos. La pantalla tiene una dimensión de 6,2 pulgadas, es multitáctil y alcanza una resolución de hasta 1280×720. Respecto al disco duro de Nintendo Switch, éste tiene una memoria de 32GB, pero este espacio puede ser ampliado mediante tarjetas microSD o microSDHC hasta alcanzar 2TB (Terabytes) o lo que es lo mismo, 2.000 GB.

Naturally, when using a Pro Controller, there’s nothing for a second player unless you’ve either shelled out another $70 for another Pro Controller or brought your Joy-Cons along and decided it’s cool for Player 2 to suffer. This isn’t included in the box, most of the Nintendo Switch cases aren’t going to be built with Pro Controller storage in mind, and the gamepad itself is physically much larger than the Joy-Cons. If portability is the biggest reason to own a Switch, the Pro Controller can complicate that experience.

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Volver arriba ↑ Soble, Jonathan (21 de octubre de 2016). «Nintendo Switch Console Is Met With Skepticism From Investors». The New York Times (Tokio). ISSN 0362-4331. Consultado el 22 de octubre de 2016.

El baile es una gran manera de probar los controladores de Alegría-Con, pero también se puede utilizar el Solo baila aplicación en el teléfono inteligente para jugar a lo largo de si usted no quiere comprar los controladores adicionales. Esta edición también incluye una suscripción de tres meses a la Just Dance ilimitado servicio, lo que le permite acceder a más de 200 pistas adicionales no incluidos en el juego base.

Para la mayoría de los usuarios la conectividad también es esencial, esto tiene que ver con la calidad y la velocidad de transmisión de señal del conmutador. Un aparato sólido, robusto bien construido será más duradero y tendrá mayor y mejor conectividad.

Alta sensibilidad: Con sólo 0.24 mm de grosor, mantiene la misma sensibilidad al tacto y no interferirá al meterla en la base. Alta transparencia: 94% de penetración de luz que conserva la calidad visual original.

Una de las cualidades más interesantes de este aparato es la función PIP, que os muestra, en full HD, el contenido en pantalla de la imagen que se transmite en los cuatro dispositivos, en caso de que todos estén conectados, con una imagen grande y tres sub imágenes.

Otro juego del que no hay mucha información todavía es Fire Emblem Warriors, un juego estilo musou de los creadores de Dynasty Warriors y Hyrule Warriors, pero esta vez ambientado en el universo de Fire Emblem. Tampoco tiene fecha.

En cualquier caso, el mejor camino posible para conseguir una Nintendo Switch en la actualidad es ser paciente. Como decimos, es posible reservar la máquina en alguno de los establecimientos habituales para esperar pacientemente a que se distribuya nuevo stock. Es de esperar que este próximo mes de julio se presenten unidades de la máquina, por lo que con algo de suerte algunos compradores en espera podrán echarse partidas en verano.

Lo primero que captura a los jugadores son los niveles que se crearon para Super Mario Odyssey , descritos  por Chris Kohler de Kotaku como “increíblemente hermosos, intrincados y variados”. Los mundos, sin embargo, no solo se ven bien, ya que Kyle Orland, de Ars Technica, notó lo apretados que están  los niveles con los secretos que simplemente piden ser descubiertos.

Nintendo Switch es la primera videoconsola híbrida del mundo, lo que significa que puedes emplearla tanto con la televisión para tener una mayor resolución y calidad de imagen como de manera portátil llevándola contigo a cualquier parte.

El próximo el 28 de abril Mario Kart 8 Deluxe estará disponible para la Nintendo Switch, lleno de mejoras y de novedades para sus fans. Permitirá elegir personajes nuevos como Inkling chico e Inkling chica, de Splatoon, el Rey Boo; Huesitos y Bowsy e incluirá una batalla de globos y el Bob-ombardeo, y circuitos inéditos como el Parque Viaducto o el de Batalla.

–En su dock  o modo TV– Instala la consola Nintendo Switch en la base de Nintendo Switch, conecta el cable HDMI a tu televisor y juega en la pantalla grande como harías con cualquier otra consola doméstica. Así toda la familia puede unirse a la diversión.

Además, Nintendo anunció que The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, que será un título de lanzamiento para la Switch, será el último juego desarrollado por Nintendo que saldrá para Wii U.52​ Nintendo anticipa vender dos millones de consolas Nintendo Switch al final del primer mes de la consola, y que tendrá suficientes unidades para alcanzar la demanda, a diferencia de lo que pasó con la NES Mini a finales de 2016.53​ Nintendo no quiere vender la consola a un precio inferior al de la fabricación, como hicieron con la 3DS y la Wii U en sus lanzamientos respectivos.54​

En GAME la tienen disponible en gris y en rojo/azul neón por 329,95 euros en el ‘pack simple’, es decir, únicamente la videoconsola con dock, sus Joy Con, cable HDMI y adaptador de corriente además del soporte para mando clásico –sin carga-. Y ellos no tienen pack con videojuego, igual que Amazon, que la tiene disponible en gris y en rojo/azul neón pero por 319 euros. Es exactamente el mismo precio de Carrefour, donde también la tienen en color gris y la combinación de rojo y azul neón.

Por ese precio, y aunque sea renunciando a las pantallas más grandes de los modelos XL, tienes la posibilidad de disfrutar de todos los juegos del catálogo de Nintendo. Puedes ser ideal como puerta de entrada al universo de las consolas portátiles, o incluso para regalar a un niño como primera consola.

Al pulsar Confirmar, te comprometes a comprar este artículo al vendedor si eres el pujador ganador y reconoces que has leído y aceptas los Términos y condiciones – se abre en una nueva ventana o pestañadel Programa de envíos globales. Las tarifas de importación previamente indicadas están sujetas a posibles modificaciones si incrementas el importe de la puja máxima.

Renault CAPTUR también pensó en los pequeños pasajeros ya que todas las versiones cuentan con fijación de asiento ISOFIX así como la función de activar y desactivar la bolsa de aire del copiloto.

Los analistas financieros han tenido una respuesta mixta ante el anuncio de la Nintendo Switch. Después del poco éxito de la Wii U, los analistas esperaban que Nintendo reconocería su vulnerable posición en el mercado de los videojuegos mientras desarrollaba su próxima consola, creyendo que la compañía encontraría una manera de volver al mercado de los jugadores más expertos. Por el contrario, la promoción inicial de la Switch parecía apelar a una audiencia que era entre el mercado de los jugadores expertos y los casuales, los últimos siendo usuarios de juegos de móviles que querrían una experiencia más enriquecedora que no implique tantas horas de su tiempo, según The New York Times. Los analistas estaban inseguros sobre si existía un mercado el suficientemente grande como para justificar la Switch. Otras preocupaciones sobre el anuncio de la Switch estaban relacionados con detalles todavía para confirmar que podrían hacer grande o destrozar el sistema, como su precio comercial, si la consola tiene pantalla táctil, su batería y el tipo de juegos que los aliados de desarrollo traerían a la consola. El precio de stock de la compañía, que subió un 4% el día antes del anuncio anticipado de la Switch,119​ cayó un 7% el día siguiente debido a estos errores. Dicho esto, el analista de investigación de stock John Taylor expresó su opinión sobre si Nintendo “marcó un montón de cajas [con la Switch]”. Taylor también aprobó la decisión de la compañía de introducir la consola después del mercado de Navidades, cuando Microsoft y Sony probarían de atraer a los jugadores casuales a sus consolas. Rob Fahey, escribiendo para Gamesindustry.biz, vio que dentro de Japón, muchos adultos jóvenes no cuentan con una televisión de alta definición, lo que ha afectado las ventas de consolas recientes como la PlayStation 4, y que la Switch sería un producto atractivo para este público.120​

• HARD EXTERIOR, SOFT INTERIOR Meticulosamente diseñado para satisfacer incluso sus necesidades más exigentes, este estuche de almacenamiento es extremadamente duradero. ¡Su exterior de la cáscara dura absorberá el choque y el impacto mientras que el interior suave del terciopelo mantendrá su consola y pantalla segura!

Puedes usar accesorios amiibo en tu consola Nintendo Switch para obtener divertido contenido extra en juegos compatibles. Simplemente toca con un amiibo en la palanca derecha del control Joy-Con derecho o en el punto de contacto NFC del control Pro de Nintendo Switch.

Mario, Luigi, Peach y Yoshi se aliarán con cuatro héroes rabbids, cada uno con su personalidad única: el poderoso Rabbid Mario, el temeroso Rabbid Luigi, la coqueta Rabbid Peach y el peculiar Rabbid Yoshi

Modos de la consola: la gran novedad de Switch es que permite alternar entre 3 posiciones o modos de juego para adaptarse a las diferentes necesidades de los jugadores. Mediante el modo “tabletop” podremos simplemente utilizar la consola como una pantalla o tablet, el modo TV permite jugar cómodamente en un televisor y gracias al modo “handled” podremos jugar como si Switch fuese una consola portátil, con los mandos a los lados.

Esta bien, me gustaría que te viniera con un adaptador normal ya que tiene de dos patas rectas el cargador pero en lo general bien, no me gusto el vinilo ya que hace que se caliente mucho pero por lo demás joya.

Haz clic aquí para ver una lista de tiendas en línea que vendan nuestros más recientes productos. La mayoría de estas compañías también ofrecen ordenes por teléfono o por correo por si no deseas comprar productos en línea.

Con juegos como Super Mario Odyssey en las obras para el año 2017, somos optimistas acerca de lo que está por venir al final de carrera de este año. Revisa todo lo que necesita saber sobre el conmutador si todavía está pensando en coger la consola.Interruptor de Nintendo: Todo lo que necesita saber en este momentoInterruptor de Nintendo: Todo lo que necesita saber en este momentoEl interruptor de Nintendo, finalmente, se ha demostrado fuera para el público! ¿Quieres saber lo que Nintendo tiene en el almacén? Aquí está todo lo que necesita saber sobre el interruptor de Nintendo!Lee mas

La batería puede durar más de 6 horas, pero su duración variará según el programa y las condiciones de uso. Por ejemplo, el juego The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild se puede usar por alrededor de 3 horas con una sola carga. Cuando estés fuera de casa, la consola Nintendo Switch se puede cargar conectando el adaptador de corriente al conector USB Type-C de la consola

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