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Ideal for all ages The game takes a long time to load from when you start up the game to the start menu. But this can be avoided by loading the game up beforehand when you get into the game world and leaving it in sleep mode.

Now, nine months later, the Switch boasts an expansive roster of impressive games that range from ports of cherished third-party releases to new Nintendo titles that are bound to be remembered as classics.

With long-running series like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing, Nintendo has developed an audience for games of the life simulator variety. That’s part of the reason Chucklefish and ConcernedApe’s Stardew Valley feels like such a natural fit on the Switch. Gameplay that involves planting crops as you watch your plot of land flourish into a prosperous farm is just the type of experience that works brilliantly on mobile. And since the Switch pulls double duty as a handheld device and a console, you can get that portability without the compromises that can come with using touchscreen-only controls.

A retro-styled action-platformer inspired by the Nintendo games of its makers’ childhood, Shovel Knight is nostalgia done right. It looks and feels authentic to the period that it reveres, but it’s creative with the source material. The result is a game that feels like a forgotten classic from the early 90s, rather than one of umpteen derivative retro knock-offs.

The Nintendo Switch is approaching a year of existence and, what was once an incredibly underserved console is now overflowing with games to pick up and play. Trying to find titles on the eShop can be an absolute farce, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back with our guide to the best Nintendo Switch games around.

Much like our Yoshi pick in this list, Kirby is another fan-beloved character from Nintendo who has starred in his own video game titles for a number of years now. The Nintendo Switch will soon have its own Kirby video game title in 2018 as well with Kirby Star Allies.

Oxenfree’s “Freaks and Geeks-meets-Poltergeist” adventure is filled with memorable moments ranging from quiet and poignant character interactions to terrifying displays of the paranormal, and the Switch version might be the very best way to play. It contains the really interesting New Game + mode that was added to all versions after launch, as well as great use of the haptic feedback of the Joy-Con. There’s also both controller and touch-screen support, and as we all know, point-and-click adventure games feel great when you can actually…well…point and click on things. – Marty Sliva

The huge open world provides players with endless hours of play and exploration. The graphics are gorgeous and the world is intricately designed so it never ceases to be interesting. True to the franchise, players will encounter plenty of challenging puzzles and easter eggs along their journey.

This thing…sucks. Launching with barely any games, gimmicky, overpriced compared to considerably better console, this probably spells the beginning of the end for Nintendo in the console market. The graphics are mediocre and the controls are absolutely abysmal. We sold ours after a day, fortunately for more than we paid because of Nintendos false scarcity that they’ve created. Don’t be duped into buying this joke. You’ll regret it.


Resident Evil Revelations takes you back to what happened between Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5, revealing the truth about the virus. With limited ammo and weapons, the race to survive is on for just $14.

Teenage friends get together on a deserted island and, unsurprisingly, things get weird in this spooky, well-written adventure. Oxenfree isn’t a gruesome or stressful horror game, more a twisty supernatural yarn. Witty, believable dialogue reveals all the complex rivalries and secret desires that you’d expect from a group of small-town kids.

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the online retailer launched exclusive Nintendo Switch sales at midnight PST on March 3, for Prime members only. Stock was available as of an hour ago, but is now sold out. Keep checking for Amazon to restock the console. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is available for 20% off for Prime members.

With its birds-eye-view camera and 16-bit art direction, The Longest Five Minutes pays tribute to the 1990s RPG games of the past. The charming heartwarming story to be a practical RPG style game, filled with light-hearted comedy, unique characters and emotional storytelling that makes it an instant classic. The game makers behind The Longest Five Minutes are RPG fans themselves and have made a game specifically for fans that grew up playing them during their most prevalent decades.

Since I got this at launch I’ve already played dozens and dozens of hours. I really like this system, and the ability for it to switch from TV mode to portable mode in an instant is frankly incredible. Games are coming out at a steady clip, so just as I’m starting to get bored of one title a new one comes out that I can focus all my attention on. Accessories are really expensive, but generally high quality from what I’ve seen. Battery kind of sucks, but I have a portable battery charger that is able to provide it with several more hours of power. My left joy-con is having connectivity problems occasionally, but Nintendo apparently has a way you can send it in to get fixed. I’ve just not done it yet. If you like Nintendo games this is probably a no-brainer. I have few reservations about recommending this system. The biggest one being that if you aren’t very interested in Nintendo games you may just wanna pass this by. There are some good third party games, but if you don’t like Nintendo’s games you probably wont like the third party exclusives since they follow a similar thread of gameplay over anything else.

This is a nice add to my video game collection. I am enjoying the different modes this console can be played in and have taken on a trip already. The Switch is very comfortable and makes for a great gaming experience on the go.

The Hori Tough Pouch for Nintendo Switch protects your device between gaming sessions without much effort. A flap inside shields the console’s touchscreen. Its shell is reinforced to handle impacts from other things in your bag,

In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, players can do virtually anything and become anyone. The game is filled with tons of interactive characters that players can have conversations with, leading to friends, foes and even wars. Skyrim’s main story focuses on a dragon set to destroy the world, but players can take plenty of detours with side missions and subplots to gain new abilities, level up their character and postpone any obligation to save the world.

“最好的任天堂开关集线器 -哪里买任天堂切换游戏”

第26条   外置充电问题    千万不要用乱七八糟的国产充电宝,来历不明的充电宝,没有任天堂认证的充电宝使用,最近发现有些玩家使用国产充电宝造成了NS进入假死状态,无论什么方法都无法充电,怀疑是非任天堂认证的那种设计电压或者电流某方面不合格导致故障,而且维修是没办法的哦,只能返厂,这就很致命了,3ds之类主机都没见过这种情况,毕竟NS的电压不再是掌机那种低压电路了。    如果非得要使用充电宝,建议去日本亚马逊搜索switch之后,看下跟NS认证有关的充电宝充电器充电线之类再选择日淘或者国内电商购买,暂时比较多的就是hori认证的手柄充电底座之类比较安全。 第27条   TF卡游戏转移    已经下载了游戏的旧TF卡,想要更换新的大内存TF卡该如何操作,如同以前的3ds一样,一个新卡在机器里面会产生配置列表等文件,最保险的方法是关机拔掉下载了游戏的旧TF卡,插上准备更换的新TF卡开机,然后关机拔掉新TF卡,用电脑将旧TF卡的所有文件复制到新TF卡(记得打开隐藏文件显示选项以防万一),然后插上新TF卡开机,撸吧! 第28条   双人游戏问题    通过早期日亚1-2switch的评论发现,日本死宅评分如此低是有原因的,切身体会下他们买到1-2switch发现所有游戏全部需要两人来玩,这还不给差评!    所以还是找个可爱有趣的小女朋友吧,这样会大大提高1-2switch,马里奥,arms,justdance等等游戏的乐趣

NintendoSwitch在全球正式发售,随即在各地出现了售罄状况。[19]  NintendoSwitch主机前2日销量突破了任天 巴塞罗那队员用NS联机马力欧赛车8 堂史上最成功主机Wii在美国创造的销售纪录。[19]  发售首周,[20]  NS在北美卖出50万台,在日本卖出36万台,在法国卖出11万台,在英国卖出8.5万台。[20]  NS首周销量已达150万台。[20]  这只是上市大约一周多的零售业绩,理论上任天堂制定的本月内全球渠道出货200万的目标已完成。[21]  有多达89%的NS买家选购了首发护航的《塞尔达传说:荒野之息》,游戏一周销售额已高达1.34亿美元。[21] 


任天堂帐户用户ID: 您可以将此视为像Steam,Xbox Live或PlayStation Network等服务上的gamerag。 这是绑定到你的任天堂帐户,但奇怪的是,你不必创建一个ID,当你注册一个任天堂帐户。 由于该公司对Switch的在线功能一直保持关注,目前尚不清楚这将用于什么。 但是,与您的任天堂帐户的昵称不同,您的用户ID必须是唯一的,因此您应该在可以获得您想要的用户ID之前声明它 。 这样做的说明可以在下面找到。

2013年,前社长岩田聪、竹田玄洋(技术主管)和宫本茂(创意主管)[9]  制定了一套复兴任天堂商业的计 商务部网站报道任天堂改组 划。[9]  由于智能手机普及等因素导致竞争环境发生巨变,任天堂将调整开发体制[13]  任天堂在2013年2月16日成立“统和开发总部”,以整合原家用游戏机开发部门的约130名员工和便携式游戏机开发部门的约150名员工。[13]  此外,还将引入将家用游戏机和便携式游戏机连接起来进行游戏的机制。[13]  自2004年确立的开发体制以来,这是该公司时隔9年再次进行大规模的部门调整。[13] 

In a where console manufacturers are trying to get their systems to run games at 4K resolution, Nintendo once again pitches a curve-ball, and it seems to have worked for them. Instead of trying to be more powerful than the others, they instead went for making a gaming tablet that can really play console quality games on the go. Let me preface this review by saying that I already reviewed this product once, but decided to write another one because I only reviewed it when I only had it for a few days, with the only game I had at the time being Puyo Puyo Tetris, even though Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild was the hot meal ticket at the time. Things have also came up during the first year alone that could make or break the console later on in it’s lifetime, so I thought they would be important to know.


「Nintendo Switch Online」付费会员服务2018年推出,1个月会员定价3.99美元/300日元、3个月会员7.99美元/800日元、包年价格为19.99美元/2400日元,包年约合人民币140元。[42]  付费会员可下载游玩任天堂挑选的经典游戏,如《超级马里奥兄弟3》《气球大战》《马里奥医生》等,这些经典游戏支持网络联机。Nintendo Switch Online付费会员可以游玩“经典游戏库”中的所有游戏,只要仍处于付费期就可以无限制游玩。[42]  付费会员还能以优惠价购买NS数字版游戏。[42] 

从体系结构上来说,FC有一个伪声音处理器(pseudo-Audio Processing Unit,pAPU),在实际硬件中,这个处理器是集成在2A03 NMOS处理器中的。pAPU内置了2个几乎一样(nearly-identical)的矩形波通道,1个三角波通道,1个噪声通道和1个音频采样回放通道(DCM,增量调制方式)。其中3个模拟声道用于演奏乐音,1个杂音声道表现特殊声效(爆炸声,枪炮声等),音频采样回放通道则可以用来表现连续的背景音。

跳转 ^ Marc Sauter, Andreas Sebayang, Michael Wieczorek. Nintendo Switch im Test: Klack und los, egal wie und wo [Nintendo Switch review: Click and go, no matter how and where]. Golem Media GmbH: 7. 1 March 2017 [2 March 2017]. (原始内容存档于1 March 2017) (德语). The most interesting thing is that the operating system is not based on a classic Linux or Android, but on FreeBSD. The latter also takes Sony as the basis for the system of the Playstation. This avoids Nintendo’s licensing requirements for the Linux kernel, but can easily use Nvidia’s proprietary graphics driver.

如果一直关注任天堂,就会发现他们在如今这个网络时代到来之后,依然非常努力地推广线下Coop联机,对于他们来说,线上游戏的普及意味着游戏变得越来越个人化。而他们想让所有年龄群活跃起来,必须打造“现充”的使用环境。这并非我空穴来风(Anyway,我知道这个成语的用法很含糊), 在PS4上我们几乎找不到使用四个手柄的机会,仅有一些俯视角的小游戏可以如此游玩,而任天堂则提供了各种全价的派对游戏,甚至《马里奥3D世界》都可四人线下游玩,可见支持力度。但这些尝试在近年来已经越发微妙了。


1986年,任天堂在美国收3.1亿美元,这一年美国游戏产业的规模4.3亿美元,[8]  而在一年前,深陷雅达利冲击的美国游戏业的收入仅1亿美元。[8]  1988年发售的《超级马里奥兄弟3》(Super Mario Bros. 3)在美国售出700万套,在日本销量达400万,销售额5.5亿美元。[8]  1989年,任天堂的游戏机已占领美国90%和日本95%的市场,任天堂成为游戏界巨无霸。[9] 


6.2 英寸支持多点触控和720p显示的屏幕,从参数上并算不得有多厉害,现在若干款手机屏幕都支持4K了,Switch的屏幕只能说是任天堂家上一个产品WiiU的480p有所提升,倒是也符合任天堂“不求最好只求进步”从来不追求硬件最好的配置的一贯做法,720p的分辨率在这样一款略小于iPad mini 的6.2 寸屏幕上带给玩家的肉眼感受应该说只能是勉强及格,谈不上惊艳或者毫无瑕疵,毕竟如今的数码玩家们都被苹果一系列产品线的Retina显示标准惯得不是一年两年了。但反过头来说,如果你是一名任天堂粉丝的话,又当另讲,因为对比看任天堂自己前一代主机new 3DS或者是前面提到WiiU 那480p的屏幕体验来说,任天堂Switch的观感体验其实是明显上了一个台阶的。应该说可以让绝大部分的任天堂游戏粉丝感到满意。

进入2017年,“吃鸡”的大逃杀玩法成了源于PC平台最火热的游戏概念。在此之前,将“磁爆步兵”作为新屠夫角色的“杀鸡”游戏也曾靡一时。制作人Mathieu Cote在介绍自己的游戏时总会用“捉鬼游戏”来诠释《黎明杀机》的魅力,高端一点的说法就是“非对称游戏(Asymmetric Gameplay)”。这种游戏的魅力源头在于,如果回顾童年时后院里小伙伴们的游戏,绝大多数都是这样的“非对称游戏”,不论是“捉迷藏”还是“红灯绿灯小白灯”,玩家对多人游戏的热衷也就源于此。

弹幕网站niconico动画登陆NS平台,[39]  2017年7月13日开始配信。[39]  niconico动画是日本Dwango公 司的子公司Niwango所提供的在线弹幕视频分享网站,简称为niconico或nico等,其中“niconico”在日文中为微笑之意。[39]  动画在日文中为“视频”的意思。niconico动画与YouTube等视频共享网站相似,但niconico动画提供观赏者可在视频上留言并以弹幕的形式出在视频上的功能。[39]  NS平台的niconico视频APP可支持电视、掌机以及桌面三种模式下使用。[39] 



GamePad的存在一直被媒体理解为岩田聪“自打脸”的行为,因为在接受采访时他曾说“ iPad不过就是一个放大版的iPhone而已”,最后自己却拿着一个任天堂版的iPad站到了台前。但根据任天堂的访谈内容,硬件团队09年就已经全面投入到这款平板控制器的设计,岩田聪本人也曾说早在08年就已经完成了WiiU的整体概念设计。“不过是放大版iPhone”这句话背后他或许真正想说的是:“我们WiiU配备的GamePad,可不只是一个放大版的3DS,我们为它赋予了新的交互形式和游戏理念”。

  Switch 最为人所称道的,当然是它的多种玩法了。你可以将 Switch 的本体看成一部 6.2 英寸的平板电脑,但却又可以连接手柄当成掌机游玩。将“平板电脑”塞入底座,Switch 又实时变身成了一台 1080p 分辨率的家用机。两个小手柄 Joy-Con 本身也妙趣横生,你可以将它们插在握把上玩,插在 Switch 本体上玩,也可以一手一个,还能直接将它们中的一只当成独立手柄,而另一只递给朋友一起众乐乐。

关于手柄,如果你拥有一台NS的话,还是建议购入一个Pro手柄,毕竟在主机模式时,Pro手柄的体验真的时太棒了。如果要比较一下主流手柄的话,我的感觉是Switch Pro > Xbox One > Xbox 360 > PS4。这里绝没有黑PS手柄的意思,我第一个PS4手柄用到现在出现了如下问题:R1,R2键回弹出现了问题,左摇杆的蘑菇头已经彻底磨坏;相比于我用的第二多的360手柄却没有出现如下情况。其次个人感觉Pro手柄的手感灰常不错。 


戴尔PRECISION M4800就是一款可以选配Retina屏幕产品,最高分辨率可以达到3200×1800,PPI值为235,远超同尺寸1366×768分辨率下的PPI(100)。PPI越高则表面单位面积上的像素多,可以呈现出更为清晰细腻的图像,这恰好符合其专业工作站产品的定位。当然如果你担心常规使用时超高分辨率会降低图标、文字大小,影响你的正常使用,那么笔者可以说你的担心完全是多余的,Windows系统提供修改默认文字、图标分辨率设置,可以将其调节到合适的大小,还可保证观看电影、图片时的细腻程度。图中所示显示内容比例为Windows 7系统,当用户选择Windows 8系统时,最大显示比例可以提升到200%。

任天堂Switch的游戏载体采用了任天堂掌上游戏机系列上一直使用的卡带而非自任天堂GameCube以来家用主机一直使用的光盘;值得一提的是,为了防止婴幼儿误吞卡带,任天堂在生产卡带时加入了无毒的苦味剂苯甲地那铵。[27]任天堂Switch继续支持自家的有近场通信的玩偶Amiibo。[28]任天堂Switch主机本体内置了4310mAh的锂电池,但电池不可更换;而根据游戏的不同,主机续航时间从2.5小时至6小时不等,例如玩《塞尔达传说 旷野之息》电量最多能持续3小时。[29]

1) the screen has never gotten a scratch after hundreds of hours of use. Even with some fairly casual handling a couple of drops. Not a scratch. Maybe I’m lucky, but IMO, the plastic seems sufficiently durable.

“la meilleure mémoire de commutateur de nintendo -le multijoueur supérieur de commutateur de Nintendo”

Console de salon, console portable, rien n’est véritablement gravé dans le marbre pour la Nintendo Switch qui se positionne presque naturellement sur les deux segments. Présentée officiellement au monde entier le 20 octobre dernier, le console sortira finalement le 3 mars 2017 accompagné de son fidèle compagnon de route : Link, dans Zelda Breath of the Wild. Présentée sous forme d’une tablette, la console équipée d’une puce Tegra X1 affiche du 720p sur son écran LCD de 6.2”. A côté, la Switch s’accompagne d’un dock lui permettant d’afficher son image sur un moniteur ou une télévision grâce à sa sortie HDMI, jusqu’en 1080p cette fois.

est le père de deux garçons. Il a démarré le blogue en 2011, à la naissance de sa première petite boule d’amour. Deux ans plus tard, la vie lui en a donné un deuxième cadeau, mais ne l’avait pas averti que celui-ci viendrait avec quelques « défauts de fabrication ». En savoir plus …

Testé par deux grands webzines du le Nintendo Switch ne laisse pas insensible les gamers. En effet, Gamergen témoigne de son grand enthousiasme pour ce bijou qui le rend tout à fait sous le charme, particulièrement de par son design et sa facilité de prise en main. D’autre part, 01net, l’autre testeur de renom est tout aussi bluffé par le confort que les joy-con accusent. En tout cas, une chose est certaine, les manettes de Nintendo ne quittent plus la bouche des joueurs.

The company’s new Arctis headset uses Bluetooth to do away with all those physical complications by connecting to your phone wirelessly, meaning the only thing it needs to be plugged into is the Switch GamePad itself. Whether you want to just listen to podcasts or actually talk to your friends, you’ll be doing some serious multi-tasking. It’s still not a perfect method compared to socialising on other consoles, but the Arctis 3 is currently a far superior alternative to Nintendo’s ongoing voice chat malarkey. 

Jump up ^ Makuch, Eddie (March 8, 2017). “Nintendo Switch Is Nintendo’s Fastest-Selling Console Ever In The Americas, Europe, and Australia”. GameSpot. CBS Interactive. Archived from the original on March 18, 2017. Retrieved March 18, 2017.

The final form factor is what Nintendo calls ‘tabletop mode’. Using the kickstand that’s attached to the back of the screen you can prop the console up on a table and then detach the Joy-Cons for some semi-portable gaming. 

Fire Emblem has been a beloved series since its first installment which launched all the way back in 1990.The series has seen a number of installments since then and one of the upcoming titles to launch next year will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

You can charge the Switch by plugging the included USB-C wall adapter directly into the tablet, but you’ll more likely plug the adapter into the included Switch Dock and drop the Switch into the dock when you want to either charge the system or play with it on your TV. The Switch Dock is a block-shaped piece of black plastic measuring 4.0 by 6.8 by 1.9 inches that charges the system, provides an HDMI output so you can connect it to your TV and play games in 1080p on a big screen, and provides three USB 3.0 ports for storage and accessories. The Switch drops into the dock easily, and automatically switches the output to HDMI as soon as it connects.

Autre licence de renom : Mario. Le dernier opus Super Mario Odyssée est lui aussi une merveille. Le meilleur Mario auquel j’ai pu jouer depuis mon enfance. Mélange de nostalgie, de créativité, de modernité, cette Odyssée est formidable. Rien que pour ces deux jeux, la Switch vaut le détour.

Afin d’offrir une utilisation nomade, mais avec des manettes détachées, la Switch est équipée d’une petite béquille qui permet de la maintenir en position debout, sur sa tranche. Disons-le clairement : on ne donne pas très cher de sa résistance à moyen terme. Le plastique utilisé est très mou et le système de fixation quelque peu douteux. La stabilité est par ailleurs très moyenne et un unique angle d’inclinaison est proposé. Ce n’est donc vraiment pas le point fort du produit.

If you’re not going fully digital, you’re going to have to buy physical cartridges, and they’re tiny. To prevent loss – or carrying around those frankly ridiculously huge game boxes –  you should probably consider picking up this game card case. It stores up to 24 individual games into its thin, plastic shell, and even gives you space to store a few MicroSD memory cards, in case your digital library overflows as much as your physical one.

There’s not much we can say at this point when it comes to the untitled Yoshi game. The series is well beloved by gamers of old and new with the character featured in a number of his own video games throughout the years.

Currently, you can’t copy or transfer your save files. This means your progress in Zelda is locked to your Switch, and will remain that way. This is frustrating, and hasn’t been fixed in system update 3.0.0. Hopefully Nintendo will add some form of cloud save or file transfer feature to the Switch in the future.

Jouable en solo, ce jeu vidéo prend toute sa valeur à plusieurs. Divers modes multi sont d’ailleurs au programme pour s’amuser en famille. Ce jeu Switch est donc un incontournable qui aura toute sa place dans votre ludothèque.

Switching between Switch configurations is as easy as it looks. The system automatically turns the screen on when you remove it from the Switch Dock, and outputs video over HDMI within seconds of inserting it in the dock. The Joy-Cons wirelessly connect to the system quickly, and pair automatically by directly sliding onto the tablet. While the mechanical latches on the Joy-Cons don’t make the satisfying clicking sound the Switch commercials show, the Switch’s speaker plays that very sound effect whenever you connect a Joy-Con to the tablet’s rails when it’s out of the dock.

The success of the Switch probably isn’t surprising to anyone who owns one, or to those who’ve been following its rise. The console had a strong start thanks to flagship title The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which has been purchased by over 55 percent of Switch console owners. Also, Nintendo revealed that Super Mario Odyssey is on over 55 percent of Switch consoles, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe all has an ownership rate of more than 50 percent. Clearly, marquee first-party software is doing a lot to drive demand for Nintendo’s hybrid home/portable console.

“顶级任天堂切换游戏5岁 最好的任天堂开关区域”

1986年,任天堂在美国收3.1亿美元,这一年美国游戏产业的规模4.3亿美元,[8]  而在一年前,深陷雅达利冲击的美国游戏业的收入仅1亿美元。[8]  1988年发售的《超级马里奥兄弟3》(Super Mario Bros. 3)在美国售出700万套,在日本销量达400万,销售额5.5亿美元。[8]  1989年,任天堂的游戏机已占领美国90%和日本95%的市场,任天堂成为游戏界巨无霸。[9] 

官方频道发布了配合NS打造的用于管控孩子游戏时间与内容的应用APP『Nintendo Switch管理』。[48]  监测儿童的游玩时间,即使过度游玩而错过约定时间,也会透过闹钟通知儿童。 家长或监护人可用「Nintendo Switch管理」确认儿童有否遵守约定的时间。 在「暂停模式」里,当到了约定时间,游戏可自动暂停。[48]  该款APP还有纪录功能,用了多长时间来玩什么游戏一目了然。确认每天的游玩纪录,按月的游玩情况总表也会透过推播送出。[48] 



[35]  任天堂是第一个在游戏机手柄中加入震动功能的厂商,早在1997年他们曾为N64推出过手柄震动包配件, 以及对应震动功能的《超级马里奥64》。而这次Switch引入的HD震动则会再次改变游戏手柄。[35]  “HD震动”的技术原型来自日本一家名为MIRAISENS的科技公司,[35]  通过设备发送横波与竖波两种信号,经由皮肤传达至大脑后它们可以伪造出人被真实触碰的错觉——如果你闭上双眼,真的会以为是在被某种东西推揉。[35]  真实物体表面的纹理和粗糙度也能表现,就像在发布会上小泉欢晃所说,[35]  玩家可用手去感受杯子里放了几颗冰块。[35] 


拿主机要检查包装内各项内容否完整标准配置包括:主机、Remote控制器(右手手柄)、挂绳、Nunchuk控制器(左手手柄)、AC电源、AV线、本体支架、本体辅助托盘、信号应器、应器支架、5号干电池×2、说明书、固定用贴纸(版附图所示《Wii Sports》游戏)虽别附件(电池)缺失造少损失却能反映商家诚信问题 目前市场没PS2代泛滥翻新机现防止店铺拿二手机器鱼目混珠应检查诸外包装否完整、主机棱角位置否磨损、机身及手柄否光泽、外观否划伤磨损主机通风口否灰尘等各细节内容


关于手柄,如果你拥有一台NS的话,还是建议购入一个Pro手柄,毕竟在主机模式时,Pro手柄的体验真的时太棒了。如果要比较一下主流手柄的话,我的感觉是Switch Pro > Xbox One > Xbox 360 > PS4。这里绝没有黑PS手柄的意思,我第一个PS4手柄用到现在出现了如下问题:R1,R2键回弹出现了问题,左摇杆的蘑菇头已经彻底磨坏;相比于我用的第二多的360手柄却没有出现如下情况。其次个人感觉Pro手柄的手感灰常不错。 

QC3.0 (382)Type-C (306)USB PD (247)无线充电 (158)QC2.0 (135)FCP (132)快充 (118)ORICO (115)小米 (112)lightning (104)10000mAh (89)MFi (88)ANKER (81)公牛 (79)华为 (78)三星 (74)魅族 (73)移动电源 (72)bc1.2 (67)紫米 (59)iPhone 8 (58)USB-C (55)JDB (55)POWER-Z (52)ROMOSS (49)Qi (46)momax (44)罗马仕 (43)RAVpower (43)iPhone (42)


另一个吸引我的游戏理念在《大金刚:Crash Course》中体现。这是一款2D横版的关卡游戏,也可以说是具备左右上下四方向的新型卷轴游戏。玩家使用GamePad时只能看到所操作角色近处的场景,而在电视上却可以看到整个背景关卡。记得小学时在机房里玩马里奥时有一个“向前看”的功能可将游戏的取景框向右平移,提前看到后面的一部分场景,而在这个《大金刚》内含游戏中玩家可以直接在电视上看到整个游戏场景。同样的理念也践行到了阔别多年的《皮克敏》系列中,宫本茂说:“因为皮克敏很小,所以只能把镜头拉的很近,可这样玩家又会看不到整个场景”,最后通过GamePad得到了最好的实现。

Needs separate settings for different kids. An hour per kid is better than three total hours. If the oldest kid does not share, he will take away the other kids’ play time. Also, a default setting for new accounts should be introduced. And a distribution of play time over the day would be an improvement (as Microsoft has for the Windows platform). It makes no sense to allow a kid to resume playing at 06:00h, if you want it to only play in the afternoon.

FC最初的一年,马里奥兄弟(撞水管)突破了百万大关,[5]  次年高尔夫(203万本)、棒球(220万本)、F1赛车(148万本)三款自厂游戏获得了理想成绩并促进了主机销量。[5]  山内溥很快发现光凭自社的软件开发团队根本无法满足市场需求,[5]  因此深思熟虑后决定在街机事业中曾有过技术协作的纳姆科(NAMCO)和为FC设计过开发程序的哈德森(HUDSON)加入开发行列。[5]  当时的纳姆科主营产品还是为西武百货等提供旋转木马等免费儿童玩具、哈德森则正处于入不敷出的破产边缘,由于加入了FC软件开发使两社一举摆脱了困境。哈德森推出挖金子(LODE RUNNER)卖了一百万本,当年该社发了相当一年薪水的红利后社长携全体员工包机前往夏威夷度假;[5]  纳姆科的街机名作铁板阵热卖了一百六十万本并用了这一笔钱盖了一栋宏伟的大楼(业界称为铁板阵大楼)。[5] 



如果一直关注任天堂,就会发现他们在如今这个网络时代到来之后,依然非常努力地推广线下Coop联机,对于他们来说,线上游戏的普及意味着游戏变得越来越个人化。而他们想让所有年龄群活跃起来,必须打造“现充”的使用环境。这并非我空穴来风(Anyway,我知道这个成语的用法很含糊), 在PS4上我们几乎找不到使用四个手柄的机会,仅有一些俯视角的小游戏可以如此游玩,而任天堂则提供了各种全价的派对游戏,甚至《马里奥3D世界》都可四人线下游玩,可见支持力度。但这些尝试在近年来已经越发微妙了。

一位叫Etika的网路名人在他2016年11月14号的Youtube频道直播中,在酒醉的情况下拿出任天堂Switch主机,并能像首次预告片中一样能将Joy-Con控制器从主机两侧取出并放到Joy-Con握把内,之后Etika在推特上发布他手上拿Switch主机以及主机座的照片(但不久后被移除),因此让许多观众以为Etika已在正式发售前四个月拥有该主机,引起其他电玩媒体的讨论、解析,并发现Etika的Switch主机Joy-Con控制器上的字体跟的Switch主机官方发布照上的字体不一样,[102]Etika最后在2016年11月17日在他的Youtube频道发布一个他自己制作的任天堂Switch广告影片,并附上帮他制作假任天堂Switch主机跟稍早制作假NX控制器的网友Frank Sandqvist用3D列印技术制作假主机过程的影片连结,确定Etika手上的Switch主机为仿制品。[103]

These charges are the buyer’s responsibility. Please check with your country’s customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to buying. Customs fees are normally charged by the shipping company or collected when you pick the item up. These fees are not additional shipping charges. We won’t under-value merchandise mark the item as a gift on customs forms. Doing that is against Japanese and international laws.


戴尔PRECISION M4800就是一款可以选配Retina屏幕产品,最高分辨率可以达到3200×1800,PPI值为235,远超同尺寸1366×768分辨率下的PPI(100)。PPI越高则表面单位面积上的像素多,可以呈现出更为清晰细腻的图像,这恰好符合其专业工作站产品的定位。当然如果你担心常规使用时超高分辨率会降低图标、文字大小,影响你的正常使用,那么笔者可以说你的担心完全是多余的,Windows系统提供修改默认文字、图标分辨率设置,可以将其调节到合适的大小,还可保证观看电影、图片时的细腻程度。图中所示显示内容比例为Windows 7系统,当用户选择Windows 8系统时,最大显示比例可以提升到200%。

, or even explain items from china, thus please check out our online forum! You may register listed below absolutely free, and also i intend to see a few of you guys there certainly! Allow ´ s develop a significant neighborhood. Community Be a part! ————————————————————————————————. * links noted with” *”

任天堂Switch混合了家用主机和便携式游戏机的概念,主体为一个类似平板电脑的设备,采用了JDI生产的6.2英吋的多触点显示屏,分辨率为1280×720像素;像素密度为236.87ppi。[5][6]内置32GB储存空间,并支持Micro SD(SDHC、SDXC)储存卡作为扩充。采用了USB Type-C型接口作为充电接口,可直接插上充电器充电,也可以放入底座内充电;此外该接口也负责主机与底座之间的画面、声音的数据传输。主机内置了一个主动散热风扇和导热管,目的是使处理器不会因为过热降低性能,其出风口在主机上方。[7]


“lista de juegos de interruptor de nintendo superior _mejores juegos de lucha con conmutador nintendo”

Entre la venta de copias de prensa y la especulación con consolas agotadas, @Cex se corona como la reina del mercado negro. pic.twitter.com/x84qNLDqF1— Alejandra Pernias (@alejandrapb89) 25 de junio de 2017

Con un diseño bastante compacto y liviano, la marca AGPtek, pone a vuestra disposición este conmutador de 4 puertos de entrada con el que podéis conectar igual cantidad de dispositivos con esta salida.

Los datos publicados por el medio económico indican que la empresa de Cupertino tendría prioridad en lo que respecta a recibir las unidades de memoria, por lo que Nintendo estaría viendo cómo la producción de Nintendo Switch se ve afectada por la falta del componente, de ahí que la distribución de nuevas unidades de la máquina esté pasando por momentos complicados.

Ambos disponen de una batería interna de 525mAh para jugar durante 20 horas, aunque también se pueden cargar con baterías externas, yHD Rumble, un sistema de vibraciones muy preciso. Asimismo, están equipados con sendas cuerdas que podremos atar a nuestras muñecas para evitar que se caigan y adoptar una postura más cómoda durante el juego.

Hay un pequeño problema cuando se juega en el modo de mano. Tal como lo notamos con la versión para iPad, las fuentes aún son un poco pequeñas en el Switch. Esto es particularmente notable cuando presiona el botón ‘-‘ en el interruptor, que muestra una lista de controles. Es apenas legible gracias a la combinación de colores y los pequeños tamaños de letra, incluso en habitaciones con buena iluminación.

Por si esto fuera poco,  Nintendo Switch ofrece un tercer modo de uso adicional: la sobremesa. Tan solo tienes que utilizar el soporte que integra sobre una superficie que le sirva de punto de apoyo y podrás jugar con ella tal y como lo harías con una tablet, representando una alternativa a los dos métodos tradicionales.

Con el inmenso catálogo de juegos de móvil que podemos encontrar hoy en día tanto en la App Store de Apple como en Google Play, el móvil se puede llegar a convertir en una consola portátil en sí mismo – una que además siempre llevamos encima.

Una de las grandes novedades que incluyen los mandos Joy-Con es algo que Nintendo ha bautizado como “vibración HD” un sistema de vibración súper avanzado que permite notar hasta los movimientos más sensibles y precisos del juego, trasladandolos al mando.

En el momento de su presentación oficial, se esperaba que Nintendo anunciase alguna sorpresa secreta como decían algunas especulaciones y las numerosas patentes innovadoras registradas por la compañía, Sin embargo, no fue así, y en vez de hablar de hardware y teraflops, los mandos Joycon asumieron el mayor protagonismo: estos mandos de quita y pon a ambos lados de la consola tienen muchas más funciones de las que pensábamos y dan lugar a nuevas posibilidades. De hecho, se anunciaron dos nuevos juegos que harán uso exhaustivo de sus funciones. También se confirmó que la consola no tendrá protección regional, es decir, es region-free.

El precio en Amazon de la Nintendo Switch es el mismo para cada una de las dos versiones que se lanzarán: la versión clásica que tiene los controles en negro y la más moderna que los presenta en color azul y rojo neón.

Hemos elaborado un extenso artículo, donde te contamos cuáles serán los juegos que saldrán a la venta el mismo día de lanzamiento que Nintendo Switch y los que se irán lanzando en el mismo mes, además puedes ver el siguiente vídeo donde puedes ver una introducción de estos mismos títulos

el link del emulador http://shink.me/2F0JS este emulador se puede jugar con la pantalla completa y es el mejor para mi el desmume link de los trucos http://shink.me/3i5Es lo ponen donde dice el video metal slug 7 en español http://shink.me/oL1pU

Comprar 33,73€ Videojuegos Estuche de Transporte Nintendo Switch y Soporte 2 en 1,Estuche de Protección Shell Resistente con 20 Cartuchos de Juego,Soporte de Juego con Interruptor Ajustable Compacto,Soporte de Soporte Plegable

La última propuesta para hacernos con una Nintendo Switch es Worten, una cadena de electrónica que vende online y que también dispone de tiendas físicas en España. Sus precios son bajos, ofrece un buen servicio y dispone de bastantes tiendas, aunque no tantas como sus principales rivales. En cualquier caso, nos parece una gran opción a la hora de adquirir una Switch económica en un distribuidor fiable que lleva años establecido.

No. Se ha confirmado que la consola no será compatible con Nintendo 3DS o Wii U, o al menos no se pondrán usar ni los cartuchos de 3DS ni los discos de Wii y Wii U en la nueva consola. No se sabe si habrá retrocompatibilidad digital, es decir, que los juegos digitales que hayas comprado en Wii, Wii U y 3DS podrán usarse en Nintendo Switch.

Mientras que la mayoría de las grandes franquicias de Nintendo obtener un montón de amor – como Mario, Zelda, y pokemon – otros han estado en silencio durante años. Una vez que dicha serie es F-Zero, el juego de carreras futurista de alta velocidad. Este título, una especie de secuela NEO Racing RÁPIDO en Wii U, tiene como objetivo llenar el vacío.

Como ya se confirmó hace tiempo los juegos de Nintendo Switch se venden en formato de cartuchos dentro de unas carátulas y de aspecto transparente. El juego principal de lanzamiento fue Zelda: Breath of the Wild, pero se han anunciado muchos juegos nuevos, algunos de ellos ya rumoreados como: Splatoon 2 o The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, y el nuevo juego de Mario, que nos ha dejado a todos encantados.

Sí. Este es uno de sus grandes reclamos publicitarios y que hará muchos padres decidan comprar Nintendo Switch. Y es que mediante una aplicación móvil los padres podrán controlar cuanto tiempo juegan sus hijos y a qué clase de juegos.

Lo que es único acerca 1-2-Switch es que la mayoría de los juegos tienen los jugadores que buscan el uno al otro, no la pantalla. Los juegos incluyen Dibujo rapido donde se espera a que un sonido para llamar su “arma” y disparar a tu oponente en primer lugar, y Maquinilla de afeitar, donde los jugadores compiten para “afeitar” sus “barbas” mediante el controlador.

Esta semana se ha estrenado la Nintendo Switch en el nuestro y otros mercados, y su precio oficial de lanzamiento recomendado por el fabricante es de 329,99 en un ‘pack’ que únicamente incluye la videoconsola. Ahora bien, cuando apenas hace unos días que la nueva Switch está en el mercado, ya puedes encontrar varias ofertas y promociones con un precio más reducido tanto para el ‘pack’ con sólo la videoconsola, como también con videojuegos. Te contamos cuáles son las mejores ofertas de Nintendo Switch.

Los controladores Joy-Con disponen de NFC en el mando derecho para transferir datos de caracteres Miibo. El controlador derecho también oculta una cámara de infrarrojos (IR) que puede detectar la forma, el movimiento y la distancia a los objetos. El controlador izquierdo tiene un botón cuadrado para realizar capturas de pantalla del juego. Se pueden unir o separar.

La espera terminó y los fanáticos de Nintendo finalmente pueden comprar Switch, la nueva consola de Nintendo. En México varias tiendas la ofrecen en precios que oscilan entre 9,000 y 20,000 pesos. Enlistamos varias de ellas en orden ascendente según su precio.

Con el anuncio a finales del año pasado, Switch consiguió llamar la atención de muchísimos usuarios, pero con la presentación del pasado 13 de enero, donde se explicaron todas las claves de Nintendo Switch, la ‘Gran N’ consiguió acaparar las miradas de millones de jugadores que se abalanzaron a las tiendas para reservar la consola que llegará el próximo 3 de marzo.

Esta cualidad convierte a este dispositivo en el más apropiado para uso comercial, como monitores de seguridad, grandes comercios, salas de conferencias, centros de monitoreo y protección de datos, centros de educación, entre otros.

“meilleures poignées de commutateur nintendo -le meilleur adaptateur de télévision de commutateur de nintendo”

Before we jump in, a quick word on criteria. The primary question this top 25 list is intended to answer is simple: “What are the 25 best games we played on this platform?” How much fun we had with the games is obviously our primary concern, but we also considered elements like longevity/staying power, influence, and innovation. Also, this list consists of games released before November 1, 2017.

Systems that come with their own screens are life savers if you have a large family or often fight over the television. The Switch is also yet another Nintendo system that looks and feels like a toy … and I mean that in a positive sense.

The Nintendo Switch’s kickstand is handy in a pinch, but it’s not perfect; it’s only got the one viewing angle, and when in use, the Switch’s charging port is completely blocked. Enter the Playstand: this inexpensive bit of plastic holds your Switch in place, allows for multiple viewing angles, and gives you plenty of clearance so you can plug in your charger. It even folds up nice and flat so you can chuck it into a bag and bring it with you. 

But now that Mario, Zelda and the sheer buzz of the Switch’s launch are behind us, can the Big N keep up the momentum? Here’s what to expect from Nintendo’s hot new console in 2018, from new features and services to the system’s next crop of must-have games.

C’est le grand jour ! Ce mardi 20 février 2018, Age of Empires Definitive Edition débarque sur le Windows Store. Malheureusement, dans de nombreux cas, le jeu vidéo ne fonctionne pas ! De nombreux joueurs rapportent en effet des plantages à répétition…

Once the initial setup is complete, there are a few additional customizations and special features you should know about. If you want to share a screenshot of that moment you took down that boss, or if you want to turn down your screen brightness to save some battery juice, we’ve got everything you need to know right here.

Others saw more positive traits in the Switch. Stock research analyst John Taylor expressed the opinion that Nintendo “checked off an awful lot of boxes with [the Switch]”.[12] Taylor also approved of the company’s decision to introduce the console prior to the holiday season, when Microsoft and Sony would attempt to attract casual gamers to their consoles.[12] Rob Fahey, writing for GamesIndustry.biz, noted that within Japan, many young adults do not own a high-definition television, which had affected console sales such as the PlayStation 4, and the Switch would be an attractive product for this demographic.[211] Sam Byford for The Verge also noted that physical space is a premium in Japanese homes, and home console units there have failed to sell as well as portable game consoles, so the compact Switch unit could help revitalize the sluggish Japanese video game economy.[212]

“La clé du lancement réussi de la Switch tient au lancement de grands jeux sur notre console”, explique le directeur général France de Nintendo. Et expliqué comme cela, la recette parait simple: 512.000 exemplaires de “Super Mario Odyssey” vendus depuis fin octobre, 508.000 “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” et 410.000 unités pour “Zelda, Breath of the Wild”. “Ces grands jeux ont été unanimement reconnus par la critique, se satisfait Philippe Lavoue. Mais au-délà du succès d’estime, les jeux confirment leur potentiel de ventes dans la durée”. Splatoon 2 a réussi également un bon lancement en France avec 252.000 ventes. “Le jeu a un gros potentiel de progression explique le DG France de Nintendo. D’autant qu’il est en rupture de stock au Japon et que les deux pays sont proches en termes d’adoption de nouvelles franchises”. 

-La taille de l’écran : lorsqu’on l’utilise en mode nomade, l’écran de la console est bon. Mais c’est une autre histoire lorsqu’on l’installe sur une table pour jouer. Par exemple, l’affichage des textes dans Zelda est si petit qu’il est difficile de lire dès que l’on est à plus de 60 centimètres ;

Pas la peine de vous rassurer sur les intentions d’achats de la Scorpio et de la Pro, pas grand monde n’est intéressé par les quenelles que représentent ces consoles quand ils ont déjà une Xbox One ou une PS4 normales

-The dock does not add any special CPU or up-scaling. The dock simply provides extra power/electricity and a video out, the switch recognizes it and increases it’s own CPU/GPU clockspeed. Different games will react differently. Breath of the Wild runs at 900p in docked mode vs 720p and has slightly better texture filtering at a distance.

L’appareil hybride du groupe nippon parviendra-il, à terme, à faire mieux que la Wii et ses 6,5 millions de ventes dans l’Hexagone ? « Le chemin est encore long, mais on commence à en rêver », répond le directeur général de Nintendo France. Pour l’heure, le groupe est en avance sur ses temps de passage.

Selon la journaliste Laura Dale, le premier prix de la Nintendo Switch devait se situer aux environs des 230 euros, mais la facture est finalement plus élevée. La console est sortie le 3 mars au Japon, en Amérique du Nord et dans les principaux pays européens au tarif de 299 euros, sans jeu. Un prix parfois critiqué, mais qui s’avère pourtant proche du coût de fabrication, estimé par Fomalhaut Techno Solutions à 257 dollars. Nintendo ne ferait donc qu’une faible marge en réalité.

The development of the Switch continued Nintendo’s blue ocean approach for the competitive console marketplace. Rather than trying to compete feature-for-feature with Microsoft or Sony’s offerings, Fils-Aimé said that Nintendo’s goal for the Switch was “creating products and experiences that are unique and really can’t be copied by our competition”.[20] Takahashi said that for Nintendo, “we feel like we’re an entertainment company rather than necessarily a games or a graphics company”, and described the Switch as “a system that really has the best balance of being able to create fun and new ways to play, but doing so with the graphic quality that’s still good enough while also being one that’s easy to develop for.”[14] Miyamoto said that some broad concepts of the Switch extend from the “lateral thinking with seasoned technology” design philosophy of Gunpei Yokoi that Nintendo has used over the last couple of decades.[19]

Japanese RPG fans can look forward to Lost Sphear and Project Octopath Traveler, the latter of which is a Switch exclusive that seems aimed specifically at old-school Final Fantasy junkies. Big AAA titles such as Wolfenstein II, Payday 2, Outlast, Mega Man 11 and the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection are all set to hit the Switch this year, as are smaller titles such as Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, Dragon Quest Builders, and Shovel Knight: King of Cards.

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Mais je n’ai jamais dit que toutes les pénuries étaient provoquées de manière volontaire…Juste que je pense (et c’est mon avis), que dans le cadre de la Nes Mini il y a clairement eu la volonté de donner un intérêt pour la console en la distribuant au compte goutte avant de voir qu’au final, ils ont totalement été débordé par le succès.

Foncez si vous aimez les jeux Nintendo, la raison pour le catalogue c’est qu’Iwata a vu très juste pour cette console, en fusionnant le travail et la sortie de jeux d’habitude réparti sur 2 flux (portable et salon) en un seul flux, Nintendo a fait un coup de maître et la popularité de la console en sont la preuve 🙂

Quant aux possibilités online, Nintendo se montre une fois de plus à la traine par rapport à la concurrence, puisque le chat vocal ne sera possible que via une application dédiée sur smartphone, dont la disponibilité en version bêta est prévue pour cet été. En revanche, la compagnie se met à la page sur la question de l’abonnement : pour le moment, le jeu en ligne est gratuit, mais deviendra payant à partir de cet automne. On devrait pouvoir récupérer au passage des jeux gratuits tous les mois et accéder à du contenu exclusif.

Jump up ^ Gilbert, Ben (January 18, 2017). “I played Nintendo’s new game console, the Switch — this is what it’s like”. Business Insider. Archived from the original on January 17, 2017. Retrieved January 18, 2017.

Nintendo had seen record revenues and profits in 2009 as a result of the release of the Wii, but in its subsequent years, its revenues had declined. With the release of the Wii U in 2012, the company had posted an operating loss and continued to see declining revenues. Nintendo saw 2014 as one of its largest financial losses in its modern history, attributed to weak hardware sales against mobile gaming.[3] Previously, the company had been hesitant about this market, with then-president Satoru Iwata considering that they would “cease to be Nintendo” and lose their identity if they attempted to enter it.[4] About three years prior to the Switch’s announcement, Iwata, Tatsumi Kimishima, Genyo Takeda, and Shigeru Miyamoto crafted a strategy for revitalizing Nintendo’s business model, which included approaching the mobile market, creating new hardware, and “maximizing [their] intellectual property”.[5] Prior to his death, Iwata was able to secure a business alliance with Japanese mobile provider DeNA to develop mobile titles based on Nintendo’s first-party franchises, believing this approach would not compromise their integrity.[6][7] Following Iwata’s death in July 2015, Kimishima was named as president of Nintendo, while Miyamoto was promoted to the title of “Creative Fellow”.[5]

Jump up ^ Hester, Blake (September 19, 2017). “Nintendo’s Tencent Partnership Could Open Door to Switch In China: WSJ”. Glixel. Archived from the original on September 19, 2017. Retrieved September 20, 2017.

At times it’s hard to believe something like this is running on Nintendo’s portable console as you climb vast mountains and trawl through dark industrial cities. It’s one of Monolith Soft’s finest efforts yet, and feels right at home on Switch.

La console est branchée à votre TV, vous la sortez de sa station d’accueil et elle se transforme instantanément en console portable en utilisant son écran inclus de 6.2 pouces. L’écran de la console Nintendo Switch est un écran tactile multi-points ouvrant de nouvelles possibilités de gameplay pour les jeux compatibles.

Kimishima stated in interviews in January 2017 that the annual cost for the service in Japan would be between two and three thousand yen (between $17–27 USD); media outlets noted that should this pricing be similar in other regions, it would be approximately half the annual cost of the subscription services on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, discounting the fact that the two services include features not contained within the Switch online services.[148][149] Kimishima stated that this price point range was a subject of importance in designing the Switch’s online services, and that regardless of what competitors were doing, “it’s a matter of getting our content to the consumer at a price point that will make them happy, and then we’re willing to look at what else we can do going forward.”[15] Price details were released in June 2017, with a 1-month subscription costing $3.99, a 3-month subscription costing $7.99, or a year costing $19.99.[140]

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle est un RPG en tour par tour sur Nintendo Switch qui utilise le moteur de jeu d’Ubisoft, Snowdrop Engine. Il propose un système tour par tour, un mode co-op local, le tout sur un fond d’humour pour lequel les deux franchises sont connues. Les joueurs peuvent choisir entre personnages jouables : Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, ainsi que leurs versions Lapin Crétin.

“le meilleur nintendo switch minecraft graines _les meilleurs jeux de commutateur nintendo qui sortent”

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Bien qu’affublé d’un « 2 » dans son titre, ce Splatoon version Switch est surtout une adaptation de celui sorti sur la Nintendo Wii U. Il ne s’agit donc pas d’une suite à proprement parler, mais plutôt d’une version enrichie du premier, dans la même veine qu’un Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Si le peu de nouveautés pourra en décevoir certains, Splatoon 2 n’en reste pas moins un excellent jeu, qui s’avère incontournable pour les amateurs de TPS multijoueur qui possèdent une Switch.

La nouvelle console Nintendo arrive enfin à la Fnac ! D’abord annoncée sous le nom de Nintendo NX, la Nintendo Switch va bouleverser votre façon de jouer. En effet, c’est une console hybride : elle se branche sur votre écran de télévision comme une console de salon, puis en retirant l’unité centrale de son dock, vous la transportez partout avec vous comme une console portable, à des Nintendo 3DS. Son originalité réside aussi dans sa manette révolutionnaire, la « Joy-Con ». Celle-ci se sépare en deux, se détache et se fixe sur les côtés de l’unité centrale pour optimiser son aspect nomade. Vous pouvez l’utiliser comme une seule manette ou deux séparées, et bénéficier ainsi du mode multijoueur : jusqu’à 4 joueurs sur une seule console ! Les plus grands jeux vidéo Nintendo sont au rendez-vous avec Zelda, Mario etc. Nos experts Fnac en jeux vidéo vous dévoilent toute son actu, ses caractéristiques, son prix et leurs avis dans leur blog.

Nintendo has yet to announce how North American users will be able to use any form of voice chat with the Switch, though an upcoming Hori-manufactured headset for Splatoon 2 indicates an awkward system that uses your own mobile device in addition to the system. We’ll withhold our judgement until Nintendo of America clarifies how it will be implemented.

The biggest mistake companies could make in 2018 would be to expect that Nintendo’s formula instantly translates. I could see a lot of cracks at Switch-like hardware that would feel like duds: poor game libraries, badly-optimized software, expensive hardware or accessories that feel under-supported. For now, the Nintendo Switch nails the balance. Still, the Switch isn’t backwards-compatible with hundreds of games I already own. It doesn’t have great battery life as a handheld. It’s a little clunky to carry in a bag. And yes, my Switch has slightly warped from keeping it in the included dock.


Celle-ci rencontre un succès mondial puisqu’elle s’est écoulée à 4,8 millions d’exemplaires aux Etats-Unis. Ce qui représente aussi le meilleur démarrage de l’histoire d’une console Nintendo outre-Atlantique.

Javoue il faut avoir la console en main avant de le jugé. Perso sa fai 1semaine ke je l’ai et il est agreable a jouer… Effectivement par rapport au DOCK jtrouve aussii qu’il est fragile et je suis déçu car je pensait que le DOCK block fermement la SWITCH… Mais il bouge un peu a linterrieur. Donc komme tu l’a dit.. j’lutilise moin aussii… Plus en mode Portable..

The kickstand is useless, it’s, so, useless. I have a Surface Pro 4 and had a SP2 which yes is a more expensive device but the kickstand being my point goes across the entire back flush and shouldn’t be too hard. Also, if you want to play and charge in tablet mode? You can’t because the USB-C port is on the bottom of the unit, meaning it can’t sit while you play unless you, you guessed it, buy a stand. Or if you have a 3D printer I’m sure you can swing that.

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Jump up ^ Whitehead, Thomas (April 26, 2017). “Feature: The Growing Pains of Curation on the Nintendo Switch eShop”. Nintendo Life. Archived from the original on April 26, 2017. Retrieved April 26, 2017.

Nintendo a annoncé plusieurs licences mythiques. En tête de liste : Zelda et Mario. J’ai commencé l’aventure de la Switch avec Zelda : Breath of the Wild et je n’ai pas été déçu. Les spécialistes disent vrai : c’est l’un des meilleurs jeux de tous les temps. C’est magique, ludique. Nintendo maîtrise à merveille l’univers, la poésie, la narration. Le dernier Zelda est un chef d’oeuvre.

Mais, plus que dans n’importe quel autre Zelda, à chaque accomplissement, mon niveau d’excitation montait: Me retrouver au sommet de la tour et avoir une vue imprenable sur le royaume, voler pour la première fois, amadouer un cheval et récupérer des poules dans le magnifique Village Cocorico, etc.

Market analysts had a mixed response to the October 2016 announcement of the Nintendo Switch.[32][33] Following the financially under-performing Wii U, analysts had expected that Nintendo would recognize their vulnerable position in the console market when developing their next console, believing that the company would find a means to draw back the core gamer market. Instead, initial promotion of the Switch appeared to appeal to an audience that fell between the core gamer and casual gamer markets, the latter being mobile game players who would want a more engaging experience but would not be willing to play for hours at a time, according to The New York Times.[32] Analysts were unsure if such a market existed in large enough numbers to justify the Switch.[32] Other concerns about the Switch’s announcement were related to yet-to-be-confirmed details that could make or break the system, such as its retail price, whether the unit includes a touchscreen, the unit’s battery life, and the type of games that development partners would bring to the console.[210]

Désormais, l’autre chantier de Nintendo est plutôt à chercher du côté des jeux rétro. Dépassé en 2016 par le succès de sa version miniature de l’antique NES (Nintendo Entertainment System, 84 000 exemplaires vendus en France, immédiatement en rupture de stock), Nintendo a mis en vente 221 000 Super Nintendo Mini en 2017. Toutes vendues également. « On a d’ailleurs une réflexion pour proposer une offre permanente de rétrogaming, qui va se structurer au fur et à mesure de l’année. On a prévu de réintroduire les produits qui ont le mieux marché », explique M. Lavoué.

A key part of marketing the Switch was to be “crystal clear in our communication of what the product was and what the product could do”, according to Fils-Aimé, so as to avoid similar issues with how they presented the Wii U.[44][45][46] While the Wii U was designed as a home console unit, Nintendo’s lack of clarity on this point led to a general assumption that the unit, principally the Wii U GamePad, was more like a tablet, overshadowing the Wii U’s other features (such as dual-screen play modes). Nintendo also believed that some consumers had mistaken the Wii U GamePad as being an accessory for the existing Wii console, rather than being the flagship feature of an entirely new platform.[47] Instead, for the Switch, Fils-Aimé said the company was “very aggressive and clearly communicating the proposition that it’s a home console you can take on the go wherever and whenever you want”.[44]

Le remake sur Switch de Dragon’s Curse où Wonder Boy III fait revivre un aventurier maudit qui fait face au défi de sa vie. Trouvez un antidote à la malédiction du Meka-Dragon qui l’a métamorphosé en mi-homme et mi-lézard. Cet anti-héro mutant explore donc les dangers de Monster Land dans sa recherche. Au cours de son aventure, le joueur se transforme en lézard, souris, piranha, lion et un faucon qui lui permettent de venir à bout de ce jeu de plate-forme empli d’action et d’aventure.

That said, it would be another huge notch for Nintendo to get out such a highly anticipated game in 2018. The company has repeatedly said one of its main goals with the Switch is to keep a steady cadence of major games coming out month after month, and “Metroid Prime 4” in 2018 would be a great way to keep that up.

“最好的任天堂开关昵称 |最佳任天堂切换恐怖游戏”

弹幕网站niconico动画登陆NS平台,[39]  2017年7月13日开始配信。[39]  niconico动画是日本Dwango公 司的子公司Niwango所提供的在线弹幕视频分享网站,简称为niconico或nico等,其中“niconico”在日文中为微笑之意。[39]  动画在日文中为“视频”的意思。niconico动画与YouTube等视频共享网站相似,但niconico动画提供观赏者可在视频上留言并以弹幕的形式出在视频上的功能。[39]  NS平台的niconico视频APP可支持电视、掌机以及桌面三种模式下使用。[39] 



索尼,微软必须超越大黑盒PlayStation 4和Xbox One是值得尊敬的系统,但现在我觉得它们过时了。它们很大,扎根于一个地方。它们的图形功能强大(超过了开关),可以玩很多很棒的游戏。但这款手机在游戏机上的完美移动,是一个让人难以接受的时刻。并不是每个人都想要一个便携式游戏机,但如果它意味着可以在旅行中玩游戏或者更容易移动到其他房间或与他人联系,为什么不呢?我在手持模式下的切换比在控制台模式下要多。同时,我的儿子也在掌上游戏机上玩他最喜欢的游戏机Wii U。索尼和微软还没有找到一种方法来让这一过程像开关一样简单和独立,尽管像PlayStation TV这样的努力,Vita和微软的xboxto – windows游戏流连接的远程游戏功能。


Nintendo Switch主机上市之后,陆续传出玩家反应左手的Joy-Con控制器感应不良,有一定机率与主机配对产生错误。根据海外媒体Polygon向北美任天堂客服中心询问[119],官方证实的确有发生上述的错误,今后生产的Joy-Con控制器将修正这个问题。根据任天堂的说法,这个错误来自于硬体面,并非程式面的问题,无法透过线上更新除错。同时,配对错误并非Joy-Con控制器设计层面上的问题,是因分装工厂的离散,以致发生少数组装上的错误,目前并无进行大规模的修理和换货计画。另外,根据北美任天堂的回复,如果发生Joy-Con控制器配对错误的玩家,将可连络北美任天堂客服中心判断是否需要送修,任天堂将会免费调整,在一周内将控制器送回玩家手中。但关于日本及亚洲是否在服务范围内尚未明朗。海外媒体CNET也揭露[120],经过拆解,送修的Joy-Con控制器在送回后,控制器的右下角增设了导电泡棉(此应为普通海绵或其他绝缘体,用作隔离zl开关排线与印刷电路天线,若用导电体则完全失去隔离作用),修正后的Joy-Con控制器确认可正常与主机配对。而从Amazon新购入的Joy-Con拆解后并无看到增设的导电泡棉,但内部制造编号从“Q-1 16402”变更为“0-4 16342”,根据推测制造流程已经变更,目前新一批的Joy-Con并无发生过配对错误的问题。


官方频道发布了配合NS打造的用于管控孩子游戏时间与内容的应用APP『Nintendo Switch管理』。[48]  监测儿童的游玩时间,即使过度游玩而错过约定时间,也会透过闹钟通知儿童。 家长或监护人可用「Nintendo Switch管理」确认儿童有否遵守约定的时间。 在「暂停模式」里,当到了约定时间,游戏可自动暂停。[48]  该款APP还有纪录功能,用了多长时间来玩什么游戏一目了然。确认每天的游玩纪录,按月的游玩情况总表也会透过推播送出。[48] 

NintendoSwitch在全球正式发售,随即在各地出现了售罄状况。[19]  NintendoSwitch主机前2日销量突破了任天 巴塞罗那队员用NS联机马力欧赛车8 堂史上最成功主机Wii在美国创造的销售纪录。[19]  发售首周,[20]  NS在北美卖出50万台,在日本卖出36万台,在法国卖出11万台,在英国卖出8.5万台。[20]  NS首周销量已达150万台。[20]  这只是上市大约一周多的零售业绩,理论上任天堂制定的本月内全球渠道出货200万的目标已完成。[21]  有多达89%的NS买家选购了首发护航的《塞尔达传说:荒野之息》,游戏一周销售额已高达1.34亿美元。[21] 

游戏虽然经历了50年的发展,本质上仍然是通过“一个屏幕”和“一个控制器”去进行模拟,这一点几乎没有任何变化。如今的VR设备也一样,他们将“一个屏幕”塞进头戴设备,将“一个控制器”也塞到头戴设备里或直接通过体感设备,玩家还是需要通过控制器去操控,通过屏幕去看。这些头戴设备,在虚拟现实的理念上,甚至还没有致幻剂走得更远。“增强现实”也被机械地固化为“摄像头+虚拟图像”这样的方式。笔者认为与其用不成熟的技术强行让玩家进入虚拟世界,不如把虚拟世界从电视里拿到玩家身边来。PokemonGo的成功,便是跳出了现有设备的禁锢,利用地理定位将虚拟世界覆盖到了玩家身边,尽管它并不是一款任天堂开发的游戏。2011年,WiiU的第一个宣传视频一直在笔者脑中挥之不去:视频中的用户进行高尔夫游戏时,将GamePad放在地板上,GamePad上会显示出高尔夫球场的草坪和相应大小的高尔夫球,玩家通过Wii Remote的体感操作进行挥杆,高尔夫球就会从地板上的GamePad飞入电视画面,就像是玩家的动作让高尔夫球从地面上飞进了电视里的球场。

任天堂Switch的游戏载体采用了任天堂掌上游戏机系列上一直使用的卡带而非自任天堂GameCube以来家用主机一直使用的光盘;值得一提的是,为了防止婴幼儿误吞卡带,任天堂在生产卡带时加入了无毒的苦味剂苯甲地那铵。[27]任天堂Switch继续支持自家的有近场通信的玩偶Amiibo。[28]任天堂Switch主机本体内置了4310mAh的锂电池,但电池不可更换;而根据游戏的不同,主机续航时间从2.5小时至6小时不等,例如玩《塞尔达传说 旷野之息》电量最多能持续3小时。[29]

  那么,从PC“移植”过去,就意味着主机环境与PC越接近,这项工作的就越容易。越容易成本就越低,开发商通过这种做法增加用户的积极性就越高。PS4和Xbox One都采用了和PC一样的x86结构,唯独Wii U没有。再加上Wii U的机能相对很孱弱,就导致了整体的第三方把先行开发的游戏“搬运”到任天堂的平台上过于困难。再加上Wii U的硬件特殊性不是很容易让开发商诞生创意积极原创,结果大家都知道了——“三坟”(编者注:即“第三方坟场”)。你买一台主机就等于拒绝了太多你喜欢的游戏:《巫师3》《合金装备5》《刺客信条》系列……对核心玩家而言,买与否这个选择,相信就不难做了。

2013年,前社长岩田聪、竹田玄洋(技术主管)和宫本茂(创意主管)[9]  制定了一套复兴任天堂商业的计 商务部网站报道任天堂改组 划。[9]  由于智能手机普及等因素导致竞争环境发生巨变,任天堂将调整开发体制[13]  任天堂在2013年2月16日成立“统和开发总部”,以整合原家用游戏机开发部门的约130名员工和便携式游戏机开发部门的约150名员工。[13]  此外,还将引入将家用游戏机和便携式游戏机连接起来进行游戏的机制。[13]  自2004年确立的开发体制以来,这是该公司时隔9年再次进行大规模的部门调整。[13] 

  但是有了 HD 振动的 Switch 就能够另辟蹊径,在机能不足的情况下在游戏机市场里打出一片天吗?这真心还有待观察。因为,HD 振动能不能成为一个真正出彩的卖点,有赖于开发者是否能够全身心去支持它,发掘它的潜力。众所周知,游戏开发者其实十分守旧,他们并不热衷于去开发新的玩法。索尼 DualShock 4 上的触摸板和掌机 PSV 的触摸背板,以及任天堂自己的 3DS 本该是最大卖点的裸眼 3D 功能,它们受到的冷遇就是最好的范例。

NS,全名NINTENDO SWITCH,是任天堂游戏公司于2017年3月首发的旗舰产品,主机采用家用机掌机一体化设计。新机不锁区,支持1920*1080电视输出和1280*720掌上输出。港版NS于2017年3月3日发售,台版NS于12月1日发售。[1]  这是前社长岩田聪最后一部参与开发的硬件产品,该产品将成为未来任天堂娱乐事业蓝图的中心。NS首秀获得强烈反响,预告片YouTube首日播放量超一千万回,一度登顶YouTube播放榜首,风头压过美国大选。[2] 


任天堂Switch(日语:ニンテンドースイッチ,英语:Nintendo Switch)是任天堂出品的电子游戏机,于2017年3月3日在日本、北美、欧洲和香港发售,同年12月1日在韩国与台湾发售。拥有可拆卸控制器和可分离式主机,游戏载体使用了专用卡匣。主机处理器使用了NVIDIA定制的Tegra X1系统芯片,这是任天堂首次采用NVIDIA的系统芯片。[2]开发期中的主机于2015年3月17日以“NX”代号首次公布,在2016年10月20日首次于网路影片上公开正式名称任天堂Switch和其造型。[4]

我也试过使用市面上普通的移动电源给平板主机单独充电,使用Anker的PowerCore + 10050 QC2.0移动电源给平板充电的测试数据是:120分钟可以充入52%的电量,如果按照平板满电可以续航2个多小时的标准计算(多位玩家实际测试,日常携带游戏时间约为2-3小时)的话,相当于改款移动电源可以实现“充电两小时,游戏一小时”这样的效果,虽然算不得理想,但总归是多一个在外的充电方式。据朋友告知,网络上能够达到充电速度和平板主机耗电速度相当的移动电源都卖得很快,可见便携充电方案确实也是玩家关心的一个话题,换句话说,玩家对于任天堂Switch便携功能的需求并不小,这绝不仅仅是一台家用电视游戏主机。

然而,马里奥党的核心是显而易见的,一直是多人游戏,在这里,即使在这里,马里奥党也在一个基本的方面犯罪: 缺乏游戏板,几乎所有事情都发生在那里。 由于在此之上100面对上面提到的,只有迷你游戏,一个接一个,只有一种模式,具有挑战性的迷你游戏,我们有一个单板所有的非常小的发生,应采取的研究恒星和货币是他们将在板上的各个点随机产生。 太糟糕了,这是如此之小,无论它发生在哪里, 明星将永远太靠近其中一名球员 在一个回合中或者最多两个回合就能够到达他们并占有他们,而不会让他人有机会希望在迷你游戏中取得和发起挑战。 无论如何 这绝对是最有趣的模式,因为董事会打破了这个行动,虽然很小,但为了某些(少量)的策略,使用一些奖励或琐碎的物品,使我们处于有利的地位,有时会推翻游戏的命运。

* 凯蒂猫方块L开头游戏* LAGRANGE指* LOLO的冒险* LOLO的冒险2* LOLO的冒险3* 蓝色兄弟* 力量刀锋* 力量刀锋2* 力量小子* 领国战役* 蓝色马林鱼* 猎鸭记枪版* 鲁邦三世* 洛克人* 洛克人2* 洛克人3* 洛克人4* 洛克人5* 洛克人6*洛克人X* 篮球* 篮球全能* 列车救美* 邻家女孩* 灵幻道士* 流氓街* 兰博* 六三四之剑* 龙穴* 龙与战士* 龙战士* 龙之忍者* 龙珠神龙之谜*绿色兵团*柳传* 拉迪亚战记黎明篇* 蓝色高校* 里见八犬传* 龙战士* 龙珠2大魔王复活* 龙珠3悟空传* 龙珠Z2激神弗利萨* 龙珠Z3烈战人造人* 龙珠Z强袭!赛亚人* 龙珠Z外传赛亚人绝灭计划* 龙矛之光辉* 立体Z作战* 立体枪战* 太空立体战* 雷鸟号* 雷鸟号战机* 雷霆战机* 联合大作战* 联合大作战UFO版* 烈火战机* 龙魂*李小龙* 龙珠Z激斗天下-武道会* 蜡笔小新* 连锁方块* 连线游戏

「Nintendo Switch Online」付费会员服务2018年推出,1个月会员定价3.99美元/300日元、3个月会员7.99美元/800日元、包年价格为19.99美元/2400日元,包年约合人民币140元。[42]  付费会员可下载游玩任天堂挑选的经典游戏,如《超级马里奥兄弟3》《气球大战》《马里奥医生》等,这些经典游戏支持网络联机。Nintendo Switch Online付费会员可以游玩“经典游戏库”中的所有游戏,只要仍处于付费期就可以无限制游玩。[42]  付费会员还能以优惠价购买NS数字版游戏。[42] 

  Macquarie Capital Securities 分析师 David Gibson 称,从中长期来看,任天堂与腾讯的合作将促使中国的游戏发行商支持 Switch。腾讯在游戏领域的举动能够对中国其他游戏厂商造成影响力,再加上 Switch 的门槛相对较低,广大寻求出海、寻求更多平台机会的中国游戏发行商一定不会错过这个新的主机。该公司一直寻找在中国扩张的方式,腾讯是一个可能的合作方,不过这些人士也提醒称目前还没有具体成果。任天堂曾希望在中国销售其 Wii U 游戏机,但最后放弃了该计划。

1) the screen has never gotten a scratch after hundreds of hours of use. Even with some fairly handling a couple of drops. Not a scratch. Maybe I’m lucky, but IMO, the plastic seems sufficiently durable.

与策略, 秘籍, 如何获得肌肉与你的球员NBA 2K18, 如何在2k18得分, 如何快速大量的得分点,在NBA 2K18, 我的NBA 2K18 – 提示和技巧指南: 提示, NBA 2k18秘籍, NBA 2K18秘籍代码提示技巧毛刺秘密, NBA 2k18控制, NBA 2K18指南, NBA 2k18印象, NBA 2k18策略, NBA 2k18提示 & 技巧, NBA 2k18的技巧和窍门, NBA 2K18提示和技巧指南, 提示和技巧NBA 2K18评分


“最好的任天堂切换平台 最好的任天堂开关游戏发售”

百科Nintendo 任天堂 Switch 游戏主机Switch属于任天堂(Nintendo)的继Wii U之后的一代游戏主机,产品采用了掌机/家用机二合一设计,思路有点类似Wii U的GamePad,但截然不同的是,Switch的运算核心均集中在掌机本体部分,连接电视的“主机”底座,仅起到画面输出以及充电的作用。标准套内包含:主机、底座、Joy-Con手柄一对、手柄挂座。全新设计的可拆卸手柄“Joy-Con”,可以转换为掌机手柄、主机手柄,甚至是与朋友分享游戏的两个小手柄,为一台设备带来了更多的可能。同时,Joy-Con带有体感功能,NFC感应部分内置于右侧手柄,可用于读取amiibo。任天堂本次更是针对Joy-Con的独特机能,《1、2、SWITCH》、《ARMS》等游戏,尤其适合家庭、聚会时的互动,带来了全新的游戏体验。除标配黑色之外,还有红/蓝两色可选。 值638 点评5 原创27 好价40去购买查看详情

任天堂Switch在日本地区首周3天的销量约为33万台,好于上一代家用主机Wii U的30.8万台的首周销量。[78][79][80]任天堂北美没有公开新主机的首周销量数字,但称任天堂Switch在美国的首周2天的销量是任天堂家用主机在北美有史以来首周销量最高的,甚至超过了当年Wii的成绩。[81]而任天堂欧洲也宣布任天堂Switch在欧洲的首周销量成绩超过以往任何任天堂主机在欧洲的首周销量;不过新主机在英国地区的成绩虽然是Wii U的两倍,但是并没有超过Wii当年的记录。[82]


跳转 ^ Marc Sauter, Andreas Sebayang, Michael Wieczorek. Nintendo Switch im Test: Klack und los, egal wie und wo [Nintendo Switch review: Click and go, no matter how and where]. Golem Media GmbH: 7. 1 March 2017 [2 March 2017]. (原始内容存档于1 March 2017) (德语). The most interesting thing is that the operating system is not based on a classic Linux or Android, but on FreeBSD. The latter also takes Sony as the basis for the system of the Playstation. This avoids Nintendo’s licensing requirements for the Linux kernel, but can easily Nvidia’s proprietary graphics driver.

以日区目前发售的21款游戏来看,首发游戏我会推荐:《塞尔达:荒野之息》、《1,2,Switch》、音乐游戏《VOEZ》、最多支持8人游戏的《超级炸弹人R》、RPG 类《勇者斗恶龙HEROS 1&2》,如果你是《Just Dance》系列爱好者的话,《Just Dance》也为Switch开发了一款首发游戏,可以拿下。另外我个人还要特别推荐一下任天堂第一方此次为Switch单独订制的《SnipperClips》原创小游戏,双人配合完成各种益智闯关游戏既烧脑,又对你和2P的沟通配合有较高的要求,算是首发游戏中我个人最喜欢的一款清流了!

我也试过使用市面上普通的移动电源给平板主机单独充电,使用Anker的PowerCore + 10050 QC2.0移动电源给平板充电的测试数据是:120分钟可以充入52%的电量,如果按照平板满电可以续航2个多小时的标准计算(多位玩家实际测试,日常携带游戏时间约为2-3小时)的话,相当于改款移动电源可以实现“充电两小时,游戏一小时”这样的效果,虽然算不得理想,但总归是多一个在外的充电方式。据朋友告知,网络上能够达到充电速度和平板主机耗电速度相当的移动电源都卖得很快,可见便携充电方案确实也是玩家关心的一个话题,换句话说,玩家对于任天堂Switch便携功能的需求并不小,这绝不仅仅是一台家用电视游戏主机。

“Switch”的英文字面解释为开关和切换,显然后者更应该是任天堂这台全新主机所想要诠释的定义。[16]  其最大 NintendoSwitch家用机+掌机形态切换 的特征就是同时具备携带和家用两种特性,同时又针对手柄控制器进行模块化设计的全新形态游戏主机。[16]  家用机和携带掌机一直是支撑任天堂经营业绩的两大支柱,NS等同于将该社过去的两条产品线合而为一。[16]  对任天堂来说,以后不再有主机和掌机两条产品线,[33]  对于开发者来说可以摆脱双线奋战的困扰,更加专注的开发游戏。主机和掌机的身份可以随时无缝切换(Switch),这正是任天堂为NS所下的定义。[33] 

任天堂在4月27日的财务说明会中透露Konami社的首发游戏《超级炸弹人R》仅一个月便达成全球50万出货,这个低成本作品能取得如此佳绩实在是意外之喜[32]  。随即SNK也宣布陈年冷饭《SNK街机怀旧合集》欧美地区销量突破20万。日本一SOFT同样发表了《魔界战记5》NS版在欧美地区仅预订数便突破11万。[32]  那些独立开发游戏,许多参入者纷纷发声表示销售超出预期。[32]  许多原本冷眼作壁上观的大手厂商也竞相发声准备加大参入力度,CAPCOM在3DS版《MHXX》发售仅三个月便迫不及待地宣布了NS平台的高清版。[32]  NS中文游戏NBA2K18本地联机演示


数据说明:*该电视含开关机等形式的广告,开关机时的广告视频不能删除、更改,且第三方内容的广告视频无法控制;标准版配备红外遥控器,体验语音功能需要选配蓝牙语音遥控器或手机下载「 投屏神器App」;识别明星脸:视觉识别能力暂时仅支持影片《从你的全世界路过》中的部分角色;控制有线电视机顶盒:可控制部分有线电视机顶盒,目前支持341个城市819个运营商的1200款机顶盒;支持 HDR:指处理器支持HDR10;30000+电影、7200+电视剧、9000+综艺、9500+少儿动漫、6800+纪录片:该统计数据为截止2017年3月17日小米电视内容的总量统计;“2016全年票房破10亿院线大片TOP10大片覆盖80%”:指电影票房数据库网2016排行榜TOP10的电影,小米电视有8部;2016全年综艺国内收视率TOP10,小米电视覆盖 90%:指根据央视索福瑞csm52城全天段数据,2016收视率排行前10的综艺节目,小米电视有9部;2016全年播放量破百亿电视剧TOP10覆盖100%:指2016电视剧寻艺网络播放量排行榜TOP10的电视剧,小米电视全有。

任天堂Switch混合了家用主机和便携式游戏机的概念,主体为一个类似平板电脑的设备,采用了JDI生产的6.2英吋的多触点显示屏,分辨率为1280×720像素;像素密度为236.87ppi。[5][6]内置32GB储存空间,并支持Micro SD(SDHC、SDXC)储存卡作为扩充。采用了USB Type-C型接口作为充电接口,可直接插上充电器充电,也可以放入底座内充电;此外该接口也负责主机与底座之间的画面、声音的数据传输。主机内置了一个主动散热风扇和导热管,目的是使处理器不会因为过热降低性能,其出风口在主机上方。[7]

「Nintendo Switch Online」付费会员服务2018年推出,1个月会员定价3.99美元/300日元、3个月会员7.99美元/800日元、包年价格为19.99美元/2400日元,包年约合人民币140元。[42]  付费会员可下载游玩任天堂挑选的经典游戏,如《超级马里奥兄弟3》《气球大战》《马里奥医生》等,这些经典游戏支持网络联机。Nintendo Switch Online付费会员可以游玩“经典游戏库”中的所有游戏,只要仍处于付费期就可以无限制游玩。[42]  付费会员还能以优惠价购买NS数字版游戏。[42] 

索尼,微软必须超越大黑盒PlayStation 4和Xbox One是值得尊敬的系统,但现在我觉得它们过时了。它们很大,扎根于一个地方。它们的图形功能强大(超过了开关),可以玩很多很棒的游戏。但这款手机在游戏机上的完美移动,是一个让人难以接受的时刻。并不是每个人都想要一个便携式游戏机,但如果它意味着可以在旅行中玩游戏或者更容易移动到其他房间或与他人联系,为什么不呢?我在手持模式下的切换比在控制台模式下要多。同时,我的儿子也在掌上游戏机上玩他最喜欢的游戏机Wii U。索尼和微软还没有找到一种方法来让这一过程像开关一样简单和独立,尽管像PlayStation TV这样的努力,Vita和微软的xboxto – windows游戏流连接的远程游戏功能。

任天堂Switch的处理器使用了NVIDIA定制的Tegra X1系统芯片及其内置的GeForce显卡,这是任天堂首次采用NVIDIA的处理器和显卡。此前任天堂的家用主机从任天堂GameCube到Wii U都采用了IBM的处理器以及ATI和AMD显卡。[2]根据游戏媒体的评测,任天堂Switch使用的Tegra X1处理器为20纳米制造工艺,有4核心ARM Cortex-A57架构中央处理器以及4颗ARM Cortex-A53架构处理核心;[21]图形处理器采用了基于Maxwell微架构的256核心CUDA,图形处理器会根据主机处于便携状态或插入底座的不同情况进行差异化运算,在便携状态下运算频率为307.2MHz,而插入底座后会提升至768MHz到921MHz。[22][23]主机内存为4GB LPDDR4。[24]


底座非常轻盈,这也和游戏主机的主要部分都在平板主机里有关系,想想看这台主机的电池、处理器等绝大部分功能性元件其实都在平板主机当中,底座相当于我们熟悉的各种扩展坞,通过将平板主机放进底座来将信号传递到电视上,从而摇身一变成为一台电视主机。这样的技术并不新鲜,在实际使用过程中,任天堂Switch的切换十分顺畅,加上底座也是给平板充电的缘故,当你使用平板模式在外游戏回到家后,你都会愿意将其插回底座进行充电。另外一个不易觉察的好处就是,其实这比我们日常使用手机等物品回到家总是要去找数据线充电的方式来说,插回底座是一个更加简便舒适的操作。值得一提的是,底座是通过USB type-C 口连接平板主机,而平板上两个磁力孔的设计也令插回底座这个动作一气呵成准确到位。如果你使用自带的电源适配器其实也是type-C 接口,直接给平板充电也未尝不可,不过一般在家都不会如此舍近求远,外出旅行带上适配器随时给平板充电倒是更为合理。在type-C 接口日渐成为主流的今天,任天堂使用该接口而没有整什么自家接口标准可以说是识时务和与时俱进的。

6.2 英寸支持多点触控和720p显示的屏幕,从参数上并算不得有多厉害,现在若干款手机屏幕都支持4K了,Switch的屏幕只能说是任天堂家上一个产品WiiU的480p有所提升,倒是也符合任天堂“不求最好只求进步”从来不追求硬件最好的配置的一贯做法,720p的分辨率在这样一款略小于iPad mini 的6.2 寸屏幕上带给玩家的肉眼感受应该说只能是勉强及格,谈不上惊艳或者毫无瑕疵,毕竟如今的数码玩家们都被苹果一系列产品线的Retina显示标准惯得不是一年两年了。但反过头来说,如果你是一名任天堂粉丝的话,又当另讲,因为对比看任天堂自己前一代主机new 3DS或者是前面提到WiiU 那480p的屏幕体验来说,任天堂Switch的观感体验其实是明显上了一个台阶的。应该说可以让绝大部分的任天堂游戏粉丝感到满意。

This app would be so much better if you could have a PIN for the parents accounts and different time limits for multiple profiles. This app is kind of pointless for families with more than one child. I really need to PIN protect my account too so my kids can’t play under mine and mess with my saves.

这款游戏机名为Nintendo Switch,混合了家用游戏机和便携游戏机的特性,可在两者之间变形转换。玩家除了可在家中进行单人和多人游戏外,还可将其携带外出随时玩耍。在家中,Nintendo Switch连接底座,画面通过HDMI直接输出到电视上;如果将其从底座上取下,则直接变为手持式掌机。创新设计的可拆卸式手柄名为Joy-Con,玩家既可以单人手持两个Joy-Con,也可以双人各持一个Joy-Con,还可以多人分别持有自己的Joy-Con进行游戏操作。此外,也可选择名为Nintendo Switch Pro Controller的传统手柄。

另一个吸引我的游戏理念在《大金刚:Crash Course》中体现。这是一款2D横版的关卡游戏,也可以说是具备左右上下四方向的新型卷轴游戏。玩家使用GamePad时只能看到所操作角色近处的场景,而在电视上却可以看到整个背景关卡。记得小学时在机房里玩马里奥时有一个“向前看”的功能可将游戏的取景框向右平移,提前看到后面的一部分场景,而在这个《大金刚》内含游戏中玩家可以直接在电视上看到整个游戏场景。同样的理念也践行到了阔别多年的《皮克敏》系列中,宫本茂说:“因为皮克敏很小,所以只能把镜头拉的很近,可这样玩家又会看不到整个场景”,最后通过GamePad得到了最好的实现。





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What makes you think only “our enemies” are involved in the drug trade? The US has often found it convenient and expedient to ally with drug lords, your doubts notwithstanding. If there’s actually any eradication going on it’s not having much effect, as Afghanistan’s share of the world opium supply shot up pretty dramatically after the US invasion, just like it did after the US invasion of Vietnam.

The Nintendo Switch gaming console lets you play a large assortment of exclusive video games in a wide variety of genres. Choose from traditional platformers, open-world RPG adventures, physical interactive party games and more. Step into a world of adventure in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, race your friends in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, or experience face-to-face play with a wild-west duel or dance off in 1-2-Switch. The exciting collection of Nintendo Switch games also includes Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, Arms and more. The Nintendo Network offers even more opportunities for excitement. Purchase a Nintendo eShop prepaid card that can be used to download content such as games, videos and more in a matter of seconds.

The Nintendo Switch is approaching a year of existence and, what was once an incredibly underserved console is now overflowing with games to pick up and play. Trying to find titles on the eShop can be an absolute farce, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back with our guide to the best Nintendo Switch games around.

Convenience: Before you buy a Nintendo switch game, make sure it is handheld and can be used anywhere, at any time. In fact, most people go for these games because of their portability. Remember, fun is everywhere and so you will want to take the game with you.

If you’re a die-hard JRPG fan, then there is no better role-playing game for the Nintendo Switch out there than the Seiken Densestu Collection. The Seiken Densetsu Collection (Secret of Mana Series) is a compilation of the first three Secret of Mana games all ported to the Nintendo Switch.

Sticking with non-exclusives, we arrive at the most downloaded Nintendo Switch game of 2017. Stardew Valley is a farming simulator. Fortunately, it’s not as boring as it sounds, in part thanks to its throwback pixel art graphics and chilled-out gameplay.

Your Joy-Cons don’t have a charger outside of what you get on the actual Nintendo Switch, and that can be a problem if you’ve got multiple pairs of controllers and don’t always connect them to your console. Fortunately, Orbeet makes a nice 4-in-1 charger with 2 additional USB ports for charging Pro Controllers.

I’d like to start by saying that it’s not like anything else out there in the gaming world. Nintendo has once again paved the way with a unique and fun ideas and executes it well. For people that are worried by the Wii U like tablet…there are no left-over ghosts of the Wii U here. The entire console is inside the tablet itself, which has a intensely powerful battery which gives you hours of gameplay on a high-definition screen. It’s very easy to set up the dock, which allows you to charge the tablet, but also play on a TV screen, just like any other console on the market. The beauty lies in being able to play a triple-A full console game on the TV, and then take it with you to bed, or out on the bus, or in the car etc. and still be able to continue your progress seamlessly. The Joycon Controllers are small and light, but very precise and provide excellent control. They’re unbelievably ergonomic and just feel right in your hands. They clip onto the sides of the tablet screen for off-screen play, but can easily be removed and used on their own for on-TV play.

The Hori Tough Pouch for Nintendo Switch protects your device between gaming sessions without much effort. A flap inside shields the console’s touchscreen. Its shell is reinforced to handle impacts from other things in your bag,

You’ll see mainstays like the absolutely incredible Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild make our roundup, but there’s lots more to play besides that and Super Mario Odyssey. Instead of listing each and every game we love here, we’ve put together a list below for your perusing pleasure. To keep it at a manageable number, we’ve had to kick some games we love to the curb, but you should totally still go and find them and play them – we’ve included past entrants in a tidy list at the end too.

Even so, shoppers shouldn’t anticipate Switches showing up in abundance on store shelves anytime soon. GameStop COO Tony Bartel recently said in an earnings call that new Switch shipments sell out as soon as they’re in stores, and he expects “to be chasing supply this entire year.” In other words, expect the Nintendo Switch demand to only get stronger in the back half of the year, especially as the holidays approach.

Shovel Knight is not a new game. It saw its first release way back in 2014 on the PC after it was funded on Kickstarter, and since then versions have appeared on everything from the Vita to the PS4, the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U. 

The Nintendo Switch’s popularity and portability have made it an attractive home for indie games, and there are more than 400 now available. Guardian video games editor Keza MacDonald and Nintendo expert Chris Scullion recommend the best

So you’re one of the lucky gamers to get your hands on a Nintendo Switch. Like any other new gaming setup, you’ll probably want to grab some accessories to go along with it. Whether it’s a case, controller, or stand, you’ll find that just the right addition can make your Switch setup more complete.

GameStop often sells custom Switch bundles of its own, many of which toss in extra games and accessories for the same price as buying them all separately. On the plus side, these bundles tend to be more readily available than the console by itself. But if you just want the console and a game, also check to make sure the game you want isn’t on sale. For instance, one of the Switch’s most iconic games — Super Mario Odyssey — is currently on sale for $54.98 at Amazon.

It’s a pricey investment at $110, but it is a perfect accessory for the Switch gamer on the go that also has style. It comes in black ballistic nylon with black leather, black ballistic nylon with chocolate leather, and my personal favorite, waxed canvas with chocolate leather.

Give in to more third-person paintball chaos with the second iteration of Nintendo’s turf war shooter. Play as an Inkling, spraying flurries of coloured globs to take control of the battlefield and swim through ink as a squid to reload. Enter four-on-four competitive multiplayer matches with all new weapons, modes and kit and get splatting. This is a family friendly shooter is still, refreshingly, completely blood-free. And this time, it’s got jetpacks. If you’re looking for a party game and you’re all Mario Kart-ed out, this is it.

This version includes improved graphics, new courses, new characters, and some clever new functions made to help out younger or less experienced players such as “smart steering.” The game also includes an online play mode and updated battle modes.

All of which is to say one thing: This thing isn’t meant to sit casually in a bag. It needs protection! It’s got a large screen. It’s got a ton of nooks and crannies where various detritus can get lodged. It’s got two tiny gamepad attachments (the Joy-Con) that could accidentally come off and get loose in your bag.

We’re not quite sure how the Nintendo Switch has managed it, but we’re not even getting started with all the games that the console has on offer. Overwhelming much? To help you decide what to buy for your brand spankin’ new console, we’ve listed the best titles available on the switch in ascending order from 25 to the hallowed number one spot. Oh, plus if even Bowser can’t hold back your excitement for Nintendo’s newest console, you’ll want to take a look at our upcoming Nintendo Switch games to see just what’s on the horizon.

Mario is also featured prominently in the top 10. Mario Kart 7 remains 3DS’s second-best-selling game, with 15.95 million copies sold. New Super Mario Bros. 2 caps off the top five at 11.73 million, while Super Mario 3D Land trails behind it slightly at 11.40 million.

Why should you buy it? It’s not often that you have a blind protagonist in a game, but that’s exactly what Perception has done. You play as a young girl called Cassie, who’s trying to explain her nightmares by exploring a rather sinister mansion using echolocation and a useful text-to-speech app. As you solve the mansion’s various mysteries, it transforms and presents even more to uncover. Its narrative constantly keeps you feeling tense as you play, and despite the fact your playable character is blind, the experience is very visual. Put on some headphones immerse yourself in this excellent psychological thriller ASAP. 

The official Nintendo-made case lets you store a Switch with a Joy-Con and offers a 3DS-style elastic holster that stores up to 14 game cards. It also comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth, which probably has the Switch logo on it somewhere. For $15, you can’t ask for much more.